McCain dead.

RINO John McCain

“Liberals” Mourn Deceased “Hero” John McCain By Attacking Trump

John McCain is dying anyway

Politics/OpEd, RINO John McCain

McCain is “Dying Anway.” Left Unglued Over Diss of Favorite RINO

Songbird John McCain

Politics/OpEd, RINO John McCain

Fox Ousted McInerney for Outing “Songbird” McCain

Omnibus Bill


Omnibus: Dems Suffer from Premature Celebration.


Omar Navarro’s Running Mad Maxine Out of the Swamp


The Immeasurable Value of Bernie Sanders

Politics/OpEd, Racist Nazi Democrats

Democrats Came Out of the Nazi Closet

#StopTheHoaxNow, conspiracy, Politics/OpEd, Seth Rich

Orchestrated Chaos: Twitter, Mueller and the Parkland Shooting

homeless on democrats heads


Massive Coverup! “Compassionate” Democrats Shoo Homeless Out of View

anti-rape shorts Germany

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Solving Germany’s Migrant Rape Epidemic: Anti-Rape Shorts

democrat Nazis

Politics/OpEd, Racist Nazi Democrats, Today's Crazy

Traitor John Kerry & Kids Playing “Stab the Jews.” Beware the Democrat Nazis.

2 African Presidents don't care about Trump's shitholes remark

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

“Shitholes” Shock Backfires: 2 African Presidents Praise Trump

DACA path to citizenship

Politics/OpEd, Uncategorized

Why President Trump’s “Pathway to Citizenship” for DACAs is a Brilliant Move

Las Vegas Massacre conspiracy theories

conspiracy, Las Vegas Shooting, Politics/OpEd

Examining 5 “Conspiracy Theories” About the Las Vegas Shooting…

Vegas Massacre

Las Vegas Shooting, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

7 Las Vegas Massacre Updates. #4 Will Raise the Hackles on Your Neck


Politics/OpEd, Racist Nazi Democrats, Today's Crazy

DACA & Merit: Democrats Prove They’re Insufferable Racists

Martin Luther King

Holidays, Politics/OpEd, Racist Nazi Democrats, Today's Crazy

Martin Luther King Day: Yet Racist Democrats Haven’t Changed

Haiti is one of the shitholes.

Politics/OpEd, Racist Nazi Democrats, Today's Crazy

Racist Democrats Create Shitholes-Then Point the Blame At Others

environmentalists should love President Trump

Environment, Politics/OpEd

17 Reasons Why President Trump is Not the Planet’s Enemy

Information., Politics/OpEd

Special Message to Readers-Finally Out of Fascistbook Jail

Christopher Steele to be investigated

conspiracy, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

FBI to Investigate Christopher Steele. Will They Solve This Related Mystery?

Hillary's emails investigation

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Great News! DOJ to Reinvestigate Hillary’s Emails. The Bad News…

Trumps fires HIV/AIDS Council

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy, Transgender Agenda

You’re Fired! Trump Drains the Entire HIV/AIDS Council Outta the DC Swamp

FBI won't get involved in Baltimore cop murder

conspiracy, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Cop Murdered Before Testifying Against Dirty Cops: FBI Refuses to Investigate

oregon bakery fined

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy, Transgender Agenda

Oregon Court Rules: Lesbian Rights Supersedes Bakery Owner’s Rights

Good News, Politics/OpEd, Racist Nazi Democrats, Today's Crazy

Huge Honor! Israel to Have It’s Own Trump Train…Station

Andrew Did McCabe FBI bury Seth Rich

#StopTheHoaxNow, conspiracy, Politics/OpEd, Seth Rich

Did Andrew McCabe or Others at the FBI Bury the Seth Rich Files?

Sessions opened 3 investigations targeting Obama and Hillary

#StopTheHoaxNow, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Sessions to Obama & Hillary: Un-Merry Christmas and a Crappy New Year

Information., Politics/OpEd

Imam Tawhidi to Start Independent Media Platform to Fight Radical Islam

Hillary uranium and Bundy Standoff

Animals, Backstories, conspiracy, Environment, Politics/OpEd

Link Between Hillary’s Uranium Deal and the & Bundy Standoff?

#StopTheHoaxNow, Breaking News, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Investigation of Awan Car Dealership Reveals More Obama Help for Hezbollah

Linda Sarsour

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Feminazi Idol Linda Sarsour Busted as Sexual Assaulter-by-Proxy

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Obama Squashed Major Hezbollah Cocaine Bust on Behalf of Iran

since Obama left office

#StopTheHoaxNow, Politics/OpEd

Hmmmm. 3 Odd “Coincidences” Regarding ISIS Since Obama Left Office

Official White House Christmas portrait

Backstories, conspiracy, Holidays, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Michelle’s Grinchy Groupies DYING With Jealousy Over Melania’s Christmas Portrait

CIA could be involved in forging Obama's birth certificate

conspiracy, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Breaking: New Evidence Points to CIA Involvement With Birth Certificate

Backstories, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

1 Simple Reason Why Using Trump Accusers for a Pink Hat Coup Won’t Work

Obama showing his junk

Backstories, conspiracy, media, Pizzagate, Politics/OpEd

Dems Would Hate It If This Video of Obama Showing His Junk Were Shared…

Image AP

media, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

President Trump SLAMS WaPo Fake Pensacola Rally Pic-MSM Freaks

Moore's accuser Beverly Young forged yearbook

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Moore Accuser Confesses to Forging Yearbook: 8 Takeaways…

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