The pink hat feminazi coup won’t work. There’s one simple reason why Trump’s accusers can return to the Hillbot oblivion from whence they came. 

The American Globalist Party (Dems and RINOs) are banking on chaos to blind Americans to 1 simple reason why sexual harassment charges levied by Trump accusers will not bring  our fairly elected President down-and America with him. 

There’s no law against him holding office for bragging, groping, kissing or asking for a phone number. And there it is. 

They’ve gone to a whole lotta trouble to interfere with the 2016 election. They’ve been exposed as criminal frauds in their filthy Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax that has divided our country, sparked violence,  and ruined the lives of exploited, mentally challenged Hillbots.

Harvey Weinstein Hollywood hysteria was simply a trap laid for our President. 

The highly paid traitors that were elected into government positions want to convince us that all that drama stretching from Hollywood to Congress supplants our nation’s laws. The Left became emboldened when they saw that news anchors would lose their jobs if women charged them with harassment. They baited us by throwing their own-including their revered Clintons- into the sacrificial fires. 

They are praying to their god Lucifer that this orchestrated chaos and the new trend of believe the accuser with no proof, no evidence and declare the accused guilty as charged with no proof, no evidence will become the new norm. 

As these words are being typed, Alabama voters are deciding if  Roy Moore will be the first to fall under the sword of the Left’s new norm- trial by media. 

The Allred presstitutes were rolled out again to re-launch the Pink Hat Coup.  Ratings-starved Megyn Kelly gave them airtime. She’ll do anything for ratings and  to save her 23 million dollar a year gig. Revenge on Trump is pure gravy.

The presstitutes have inspired a host of Senators to  call for the President to resign. Current coup-meisters include Democrats Kirsten Gillibrand, Jeff Merkley, Ron Wyden, Cory Booker, and Mazie Hirono. Their calls are all based on their sacrificial lamb Al Franken and unfounded allegations. 

There’s just one little problem….

Even if President Trump were guilty there is no law that says he cannot continue in his position anyway.  Even if President Trump decided to have a fling today there is no law that says he cannot continue in his position.

That’s all folks. 

Former Presidents as precedents.

However, if we want to elaborate-there have been scores of sexual scandals from previous Presidents while they were in office. Allegations against President Trump go back decades and don’t even involve any actual sex-just some bragging, looking, groping, kissing and asking for a phone number.

No doubt the Dems will howl that this list is irrelevant. Yet it reflects the very same ammunition that they used to defend Bill Clinton.

Barrack Obama

There is more evidence that Barrack Obama cheated while in office than these accusations about President Trump.

He humiliated the US by flirting with a leggy blond Danish Prime Minister at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. He showed of an erection (or a prop) to a plane load of interns and reporters. He is rumored to be a member of the gay “Down Low Club” and is a lifetime member of the same gay bathhouse that Rahm Emmanuel belongs to. 

For a full list of Obama’s scandals-that-never-were, see yesterday’s post “Dems Would Hate it If This Video of Obama Showing His Junk Were Shared. “

George W. Bush.

Allegations made by a former stripper and Playboy model, Tammy Phillips were debunked. W. survived the wolf-bullet, as Phillips’ story fell apart. Yet a sketchy story isn’t stopping the Dems and their Trump accusers.

Another woman whose claims were dismissed was Margie Schoedinger, an African-American woman who filed a lawsuit against 43. She claimed that George W. raped her and her husband. Her story involves abduction and rape by members of the FBI as well. She also said he dated her when she was a minor.  We’ll never know if she was simply mentally unstable because as “Clinton luck” would have it, her ability to smear W. was stopped in its tracks. She committed suicide-shotgun to the head. 

Bill Clinton

It’s common knowledge that on his best day he was a cheating man-whore. On his worst- an actual rapist. He was not impeached for that though. He was impeached for perjury and obstructing justice.

Given that flight logs show he made 26 trips to Jeffrey Espstein’s Orgy Island it’s likely he’s a pedophile too. Thanks to his Oval Office shenanigans with starry-eyed intern Monica Lewinsky, cigars and blue dresses will live in infamy forever. 

George H. W. Bush

While not proven, there were serious allegations (oh wait-according to the Dems that’s proof enough) that while serving as Vice President, ol’keester claws had a long term affair with Jennifer Fitzgerald.

The Franklin Cover Up.

Larry E. King, was a major Republican fundraiser based in Omaha and sang the national anthem at both the 1984 and 1988 Republican conventions. He ran the now defunct Franklin Community Federal Credit Union. It was also alleged that King  operated a major pedophile ring for the elite. 

As a ripple effect into the investigation of Larry King’s fraud, witnesses came forward that accused King of operating  pedo-ring that procured children, including young boys from Boy’s Town for elite politicians and businessmen. This scandal ensnared both Reagan and H. W. Bush because victims stated that they were flown and bused to parties for wealthy pedophiles-and some parties were inside the White House.  It became known as the “Franklin Scandal.”

A documentary about the pedo ring, “Conspiracy of Silence” was about to be aired when Discovery Channel withdrew its support for the film. Congressmen threatened cable companies with harsh legislation. A private party bought all the rights and had all tapes destroyed.

One tape that survived was anonymously given to Senator John DeCamp who handed it over to FBI agent Ted L. Gunderson who brought it to the public. 

Ronald Reagan

Although Reagan’s history is pretty squeaky clean, Selene Walters claimed that he showed up at her door at 3 AM and raped her. Most people never bought her story, but to weaponize charges against then-Candidate Trump, Newsweek mentioned that she should be as believed as Juanita Brodderick. 

Richard Nixon

While in the  White House, it was claimed that Nixon was a “bumbling ladies man” who made unwanted sexual advances towards multiple women. In one incident he touched his secretary’s bare legs. “out of the blue.”

Perhaps he was a bumbler because in spite of being vocally homophobic, it is rumored that he had a decades-long love affair with a mobster-his pal Charles (Bebe) Rebozo. In  “Nixon’s Darkest Secrets: the Inside Story of America’s most troubled President” it is alleged that Nixon was a drunkard who beat his wife Pat. 

The book also alleges that he and Bebe enjoyed men’s only  vacations together and were caught holding hands under the table. The NY Daily News reported, “Another Washington reporter told Fulsom that he once spotted a boozy Nixon nuzzling Rebozo “the way you’d cuddle your senior prom date.”

Lyndon Baines Johnson

Listverse writes “…LBJ didn’t limit himself to only one affair, once bragging that he’d “had more women by accident than Kennedy ever had on purpose.”

After Lady Bird walked in on her husband having sex with one of his secretaries in the Oval Office, the Secret Service installed a buzzer system to alert the President whenever his wife was nearby.”

His wife Lady Byrd not only knew about his multiple affairs  but blamed herself for not being pretty enough. 

Rumor has it that LBJ’s nickname was “jumbo” and he had a habit of pulling out his “jumbo” to face off with other nation’s leaders, or to simply punctuate a sentence. 

John F. Kennedy

JFK’s womanizing is legendary and has filled many books. He cheated on Jackie with many famous actresses,including Angie Dickinson and Jayne Mansfield. Of course, the one that stands out in our minds the most was Marilyn Monroe.

However, actresses were not the only target of his affection.  According to Mimi Alford, she had an affair with JFK when she was just 18 years old. Worse yet- he guided her to “Mrs. Kennedy’s room” to take her virginity.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Eisenhower had a long term emotional affair with his secretary Capt. Kate Summersby.  When they finally decided to consummate their feelings he blamed his impotence on his wife Mamie. When Dwight D. expressed his love for Summersby and his desire to divorce Mamie to marry her, General of the Army George C. Marshall threatened to run him out of he army and “prevent him from ever drawing a peaceful breath.” He was not the only politician to choose career over love. 

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

FDR was a major philanderer. His wife Eleanor was initially furious, but as she hung around Lesbian couples she carved out a different path for herself. Eventually the First couple each had their own live-in lovers in the White House. His was Missy LeHand and Eleanor’s was reporter Lorena Hickock. 

Warren G. Harding

Harding was a major womanizer. He had a fling with a married woman and got a woman 30 years his junior pregnant. He also got other women pregnant. 

Woodrow Wilson

Wilson had an affair with Mary Peck.

Grover Cleveland

Roy Moore’s got nothing on Grover. He not only married  Frances Folsom, a woman 27 years his junior, he had bought her baby carriage. When her father died, he became her guardian.  

Prior to that and pre-Gloria Allred days a Maria Halpin claimed that he raped her-“took her by force” and she became pregnant. Instead of cutting her a check he not only smeared her name, he had her arrested and committed to an insane asylum and his baby was placed into an orphanage. 

James Garfield

Garfield was “obsessed with sex, masturbation and homosexuality. ” While in the White House, Garfield had affairs with many women, including an 18 year old and a New Orleans Prostitute.

James Buchanan

Before entering the White House he was fooling around on his girlfriend. When she found out she was distraught, so her family blamed her early demise on Buchanan breaking her heart. He never married.

The bachelor was so “close” to Alabama Senator Rufus King  that Andrew Jackson called them “Miss Nancy and Aunt Fancy.” When King went abroad Buchanan was heartbroken. He wrote to a friend, “I am now ‘solitary and alone,’ having no companion in the house with me. I have gone a-wooing to several gentlemen, but have not succeeded with any one of them.”

Abe Lincoln

Let’s just say that if a President today were to have slept in the same bed with a man for four years, that would be some mighty lucrative click-bait. Abe shaed a bed with Joshua Fry Speed for 4 years and while President, shared a bed with Captain David Derickson. 

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson married a woman who was not yet divorced from her husband, making her a bigamist.

Thomas Jefferson

His affair with his slave Sally Hemmings is legendary, although today it is being viewed more as ongoing rape than an affair. He fathered six children with her.  

George Washington

While married he wrote a flirtatious letter to Sally Fairfax. Although it did not bring about an affair, it would be more proof of wrongdoing than anything Trump’s accusers have offered. 

There is no law. There is no precedent. They have no case.

The Democrats are sore losers. They want to change the electoral college because it didn’t suit them in 2016. Now they want to change our laws and our right to a free election after Hillary’s crushing defeat. 

Historically, Democrats don’t care if elected officials have affairs or are guilty of sexual assault or harassment. They created laws with a slush fund to protect them. 

So if President Trump wanted to, G-d forbid, start cheating on Melania while in the White House right now, legally he would be free to do so. 

Of course that sounds absurd to anyone because no one can imagine him doing that (aside from his most rabid MSM programmed zombies who believe he’s capable of anything.) But basically the  Left knows he would never do that-which underscores what we all know- his rock-star, player businessman persona is long gone. 

Just because the vulgar, degenerate, pedophile-loving, hard-porn Left suddenly claims to have new prudish Victorian standards, it doesn’t mean that we can suddenly punish people based on standards of behavior that were common decades ago. Chances are, no matter what germophobe Trump did as a businessman paled in comparison to the average politician in those days-or even now. 

If they thought it was so important they should have made it a law a long time ago. Judging by the list of Presidential scandals,they’ve had plenty of reasons to do so.

Let’em go ahead and try to make a new law now.  But they won’t because they know that their pool of Presidential candidates will shrink to zero.

One thing for sure-they can’t yank President Trump out of the Oval Office without due process afforded to Americans and based on imaginary rules that they just invented a few months ago  with no laws in place to back it up. 

Your thoughts? Comment below!


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