“Bombshell! “”This is it!””The Dems just announced the Unthinkable!” Not all headlines lead to cardiac arrest.

Some news is actually pretty awesome. Here’s 10 recent smileworthy Headlines:

  1. Kansas State University gives a green light to free speech. They’re hoping to become the leader in championing the free speech rights of its students and faculty. Hopefully the other College Swamps follow suit.
  2. “Pepperballs” is the cute new nickname for an idiot Antifa protester who assaulted cops. The police shot him in the groin (hadn’t cut his * off in protest yet) AND he was arrested on multiple assault charges. Go cry to Momma ya pissed-off pajama boy!
  3. A male student gets 750,000 for being molested by skeevy female teacher. The 35 year old predator preyed on a 16 year old male student. Nothin’ cool about being a “cougar.” Someone please tell Demi.
  4. President Trump signed a bill banning transgender recruits in  the military. That’ll save us the hefty price tag to purposely weaken our military. Sorry Obama. You lost another piece of your “legacy.”
  5. Sheriff Joe  was pardoned! It caused a UGE RINO stampede as politicians seized the opportunity to criticize the President. Traitor McCain led the herd, resulting in his record of having received a pardon from Nixon flooding the net. Sheriff Joe must have sent shivers up McCain’s spineless spine  when he announced, “I’m going to be very active.” Hmmm.
  6. Good news if you were betting on Floyd Mayweather- he retained a perfect record of 50-0 when he defeated Conor McGregor with a TKO in the 10th round. Bad news for McGregor, but since he was paid 100M he’s only gettin’ tiny tears. Good News for MMA fans as it really upped the status of that sport. BONUS round-Floyd Mayweather, the greatest boxer of all time- supports President Trump-the greatest fighter of all time!
  7. Backlash at the box office! Summer movie $$$ record low called a “historic decline.” That’s what happens when snotty elitist celebs trash the very people who paid for their mansion, gates and walls.
  8. Trump gave the Left a new reason to be outraged. He had the audacity to praise Sheriff Clarke’s new book, “Cops Under Fire” on Twitter! The fangs and claws came out and judging by the long string of toxic comments from the same Tweeters, they really don’t have anything else to do. Libtards are in a rotten mood. IMO we should consider re-opening the discos.
  9. There is hope in this world. Not all Dems are wicked, evil Globalists. Senator Chris Murphy stated that President Trump cannot be impeached for fulfilling his campaign promises. Wow! He really gets it! He also said that President Trump is NOT mentally unfit for office. He observed that the President’s behavior is exactly as it was on the campaign trail. He still doesn’t side with President Trump’s policies, but at least he sides with integrity. Let’s pray for his safety.
  10. Best for last? It depends on how much you’ve been hoping that Michael a.k.a. Michelle Obama will be outted for being a trannie. There’s a video making the rounds called “Is This Final Proof That Michelle Obama is a Man?” It’s being censored and removed so watch it while you can. Do NOT watch it if you’re easily offended. Or convinced that the snarling, hulking lunch-ruining race-baiter is a woman. To watch, click this link here…..

What headline made you happiest? Comment below!

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