Two major storm clouds for Brietbart.

One. Loss of revenue. Steve Bannon branded the publication as alt-right. But the left translated that to mean that the publication is anti-Semitic and racist, which is absurd, as anyone who actually reads Breitbart knows.

Just the same, the label stuck. And that’s good for the Left because it allows them to keep their followers from reading it. The globalist’s worst nightmare would be if their naive followers woke up to the leftist agenda. Best to call the publication racist and control the stream of information.

At any rate,  this “alt-right”  controversy caused Brietbart to lose millions in advertising.  And while people may rejoice that boycotts can create a vengeful loss of revenue for companies like Kellogg’s, the loss of ad revenue still hurts. It would be nice if boy-cotters would donate their Pop Tarts budget to Breitbart.

Two. By now most of the free world has heard about Milo Yiannopoulos.  His remarks about pedophilia were unearthed through Twitter and brought him to his knees. OK, bad choice of words. He gracefully resigned, but between no longer working there and losing a lucrative book deal, he will be at the very least, uncomfortable for a while.

There’s no excuse for pedophilia and it’s not a joke.

But hypocritical liberals still revere Michael Jackson and Woody Allen. Thing is, those two were deniers. MILO was a victim of sexual abuse as a child and has fought against it. He also ripped an ugly scab off the homosexual community by exposing pedophilia as a rampant problem in the community. The truth hurts. MILO’s statement on facebook is well worth the read.

Rush Limbaugh made a brilliant statement. “If MILO were a liberal he’d be emceeing the Oscars.” So true. Especially since hypocritical Hollywood bears a huge responsibility for promoting pedophilia in our culture.

Another loss for MILO is that he was about to have a bill named after him. In response to the Berkeley riots a Tennessean lawmaker crafted  “The MILO Bill”  to prevent persecution from practicing free speech. It’s uncertain if, even with a different name that the bill will go forward.

Still, his resignation presents a challenge because no doubt he created a lot of traffic for Breitbart. The Right was happy to have him on board. He was a mouthpiece to show that the Right is not anti-LGBT and also to warn the LGBT community about the very real threat that Radical Islam poses to their safety.

The left was cheering that they took MILO down.

In spite of their professed love for the LBGT community, their visceral hatred of MILO was puzzling. OK not really. It’s actually typical because leftist love and inclusiveness for all minorities turns to hatred and violence (and ironically- racist name-calling)  if a person who is a minority is also a Conservative.

They burned his books and stormed his speaking engagements on campus. Some engagements were cancelled.  No doubt not a single one of the protesters read so much as a paragraph, but programmed hate wins over rational thought.

It’ll be interesting if they notice that the Right will not be looting or setting fires because they took MILO down.

“Liberals” create and feed on sh*t-storms.

But there are silver linings in these clouds that will blind the radicalized lefties. But moderate left-leaners who haven’t totally lost their minds may appreciate them.

Silver Linings

To shake off their reputation for being a fringe alt-right publication, Breitbart has been in the process of recruiting talent from mainstream media.

January 24th Politico reported,

Sam Chi, a senior editor at RealClearPolitics, will be an editor. Kristina Wong, previously from The Hill, will cover the Pentagon and Department of Defense. Sean Moran, a policy analyst for Americans for Prosperity and the Chamber of Digital Commerce will be a policy reporter…John Carney from The Wall Street Journal was hired earlier this month to lead a new finance and economics section.

They’re taking it a step further. Their intention now is to focus less on commentary and more on reporting news in an objective fashion.

Fox Business reports,

People at the news outlet say that an effort is underway to make Breitbart more mainstream, by hiring reporters to cover news and devote less space to political commentary that has been its forte, particularly during the course of the long and contentious 2016 political year where Breitbart openly sided with President Donald Trump.

The people, who spoke to FOX Business on the condition of anonymity, say the changes won’t be overly dramatic and concede that editors for the publication are walking a fine line: Breitbart’s brand of conservative commentary, particularly on controversial cultural issues such as immigration, as well as its almost manic support of Trump, has brought it a huge following among aspects of the conservative movement.

They may initially lose some readership, since their fans are accustomed to their style. But that will probably be a short-lived growing pain. People who love alternative media love it because it uncovers the truth.  We don’t just need truthful information, we need a credible source that will back up our arguments.  Something that will stand up to stubborn resistance and ridicule from the Left.

Sadly, there’s no shortage of  “fake news” fringe sites. The Right is no exception.

Silver Lining One. Breitbart will become a more credible news source, which will make it easier to craft an argument to any left-leaner who stubbornly clings to MSM.  President Trump won because of the free flow of information. Those who were informed about globalism and Sharia Law voted for Trump.

Information blew Hillary’s rigged election. In response, the leftist Establishment waged war on information that they did not control. Their war cry of “fake news” is something they would quickly regret. Breitbart and other right-leaning sources began to unravel MSM’s credibility, calling them out on their lies at every opportunity. And there were no shortage of opportunities.

They also cracked down on social media and the internet through censorship. Those who led the charge included Facebook, Twitter and Google.  And yes, George Soros is in the ugly mix.

Lefties who have been successfully programmed to burn books instead of reading them and to cause riots at a MILO rally instead of listening to him will continue to be willfully ignorant. They’ve become addicted to their outrage and hate.

But not everyone on the left has lost their minds. In fact, the left should be angry with MSM too. Not just because they were misinformed and under-informed during the election. But also because MSM is so obsessed with  pushing the idea that half of America is so angry about the victory of our fairly elected President that they’re all a bunch of nut jobs who become unglued at the slightest provocation.

If we were to believe MSM we’d think that everyone on the left is irrational, violent and vulgar. We’d believe that every time they get angry they strip off their tops or their bottoms. Loot stores. Break windows. Stop traffic. Set fires.  Due to the degradation of the radicalized left culture, we’d also believe that everyone on the left either promotes pedophilia or doesn’t care about it.

Silver Lining Two. Now that they’re collective panties are in a bunch about MILO’s remarks, it appears that there are still some who don’t condone pedophilia. Whew!

So apparently that means that we’re free to investigate and arrest anyone who may be involved in a child trafficking ring. They’ll be OK with that. Even if it’s some of their beloved politicians. However, that would be the logical conclusion, so….

Silver Lining Three.  If Breitbart does become more mainstream it will fill a huge void. While it was initially created by Andrew Breitbart to counter leftist media/propaganda, it only created a balance because it was an either/or situation. If they become truly objective, they will stand alone as an objective and informative news source. It will fill an incredible void and be free of competition.

Silver Lining  Four. It could become a bridge. Most of us are guilty of clinging to whatever publication reflects our own opinions and ideas, we  can also become programmed and brittle-minded.

We see the division clearly on social media where friends and family no longer “follow” us or “unfriend” us if our views are different. But there’s a huge danger there. If we’re shouting out and trying to warn people that they’ve been hoodwinked into supporting their own doom, they’re not going to hear us because they’re no longer there.

Surely if we all had access to the same information most people would never have supported a career criminal candidate in the first place. Let alone someone who was pushing for a nuclear war with Russia, an invading army of “refugees,” and the TPP to demolish our borders. Basically someone who would annihilate our country for her own personal gain.

As the saying goes, “If you control information you control their minds.”

This explains the mind control that has the radicalized left in its grip.

So if Breitbart would set the standard for journalism that both the Left and Right could respect, perhaps a bridge could be built. The followers of the leftist globalist agenda could wake up and walk on the Right side. It wouldn’t change those that are too far gone, but it would decrease their numbers.

Hopefully President Trump will take his pen to Obama’s legalization of  Operation Mockingbird and repeal the decision to remove our anti-propaganda laws.

Ideally, rational minded lefties should start their own party.

The Democratic Party has been hijacked by globalist interests.The Party died with JFK. The difference between the Left and the Right is that those of us on the Right are more apt to admit when we have traitors in our midst. We even gave them a cute nickname-RINOs. The Right created their own Party-The Tea Party. Lefties gave it a shot with the Green Party, but it lacks leadership. Especially since the face of The Green Party was greedy Jill Stein who colluded with Hillary. Might want to scrap that one and start all over again.

Point is, we need each other. Having different points of view creates a system of checks and balances. What we don’t need is for our minds to be manipulated so that we become irrational, hateful and violent. Or tune each other out.

What’s your opinion? Is it possible for journalism to ever be truly objective?

Comment below!