An update to this article-Betsy DeVos was confirmed 51-50  on Tuesday, February 7th as Mike Pence cast the tie-breaking vote. 

Drain the Indoctrination Camp Swamps! (AKA Schools)

Feminazi Fraudster Elizabeth Warren is  leading the warpath against Betsy Devos’ confirmation  for Education Secretary. The rest of the sore loser NeverTrump Tribe are following suit. They’ll postpone their vote until February 6th. None of this comes as a surprise. The new wrinkle is that there are some Republicans who’ll be resisting her confirmation. Senator Susan Collins of Maine and Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

Two problems.


If they have a valid concern regarding Betsy Devos’ credentials, it’s important for us all to be aware of them.

Even leftist rag, Washington Post brought up some embarrassing moments at her confirmation hearing that might give a rational person pause. Funny that the WaPo didn’t even mention that DeVos wants to bring prayer back to public schools. That’s  a biggie. Because while the sentiment is a noble one, it opens a Pandora’s Box to allowing Islamic prayer and After School Satan’s Clubs. And yes, that’s a real thing.

But they’ve made it impossible to take them seriously.

The Dems have made it clear that they’re  Hell bent on sabotaging President Trump every step of the way.  Their answer to divisiveness is to push for more divisiveness. Their whole “Love Trumps Hate” is a worn out mantra, given that they’ve succeeded in morphing into the party of hatred and violence. Their Day One main priority was not to move the country forward, but to de-legitimize and/or topple our fairly elected President.

They’re unhinged and incapable of   performing  their jobs with any objectivity or concern for the American people. Sometimes they abandon their constituents altogether and don’t even show up for work to vote or state their case, as they did with the nomination of Jeff Sessions.

So if they have any valid points, who would listen to these childish fools? It all looks like politicized pushback and nothing more.


They had 8 long years to improve education in this country and they failed miserably.

Breitbart reports,

One of the Obama administration’s signature efforts in education, which pumped billions of federal dollars into overhauling the nation’s worst schools, failed to produce meaningful results, according to a federal analysis.

Test scores, graduation rates and college enrollment were no different in schools that received money through the School Improvement Grants program — the largest federal investment ever targeted to failing schools — than in schools that did not.

The Education Department published the findings on the website of its research division on Wednesday, hours before President Obama’s political appointees walked out the door.

“We’re talking about millions of kids who are assigned to these failing schools, and we just spent several billion dollars promising them things were going to get better,” said Andy Smarick, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute who has long been skeptical that the Obama administration’s strategy would work. “Think of what all that money could have been spent on instead.”

Of course we don’t need lengthy reports to tell us that our schools are cesspools.

Our kids are pushed into a spoon fed, robotic soul crushing experience of memorization and regurgitation to pass standardized test scores.

The emphasis in younger grades is to push inappropriate sexual education on kids at younger and younger ages and instructing them on who to vote for. And bullying them for having an opinion that doesn’t fly with their agenda. (of course at that age, it’s really not their opinion) Math and English take a back seat.

Kids who do well move on through this elitist system. Somewhere along the line, parents were told that if their kids were to succeed in school. “parental involvement” is key.  Funny.  Years ago, teachers taught and parents parented. Now families are side-railed as kids and parents bicker over homework and stay up way too late finishing assignments. (Why don’t’ child labor laws apply to kids in school?) Anyway, it’s clear that if you want your kid to win the science project, you’ll have to do it for them. Teachers happily turn a blind eye to the obvious advantage.

Other kids aren’t so “lucky” and slip through the cracks. They feel stupid,  hopeless and give up. It’s heartbreaking.

The end goal is to be accepted to colleges that have become communist indoctrination camps. They’re more concerned with sculpting snowflakes that can further the globalist agenda than challenging them to be rational thinkers or outstanding contributors to civilization.  Again, free thought and speech is discouraged in these fascist environments. Just ask Milo Yiannopoulos.

It’s hard to understand why any parent would send their kids to a public school.

There are other options. Like home school, charter schools, private schools and religious schools. Betsy Devos is a Charter School advocate.  That will mess with the status quo and their backers in the Teachers Unions. Plus the Dems don’t want to admit that they’ve failed this country in education. We have the highest cost per student in the world, yet we continually place far below other countries.

As for college, this election cycle has driven home that parents need to look at their kids’ choice for college from a different perspective.

Tangent Alert!

Teachers need to stop complaining about their pay.  And maybe they’d be alot happier if they supported Trump.

They need to shut up about their pay. Their pay is awesome. They enjoy summers off and their pension plan would be envied by most of us.

The problem isn’t that they aren’t paid enough. The problem is that they hate their jobs. The joy of teaching-bringing an individual’s creative edge and passion to the classroom has been squashed in favor of expectations for Common Core.  And no one can deny that teaching is a brutal job. So brutal that they probably wouldn’t  be happy even if they had a 500% pay raise.

So maybe President Trump can drain these swamps by bringing in an “outsider.”

It couldn’t get any worse for our kids.  And a lot of burnt out teachers (many of whom are also parents) are fed up. The  establishment Teachers Union was dumbfounded by how many  teachers voted for Trump!

What are your thoughts about Betsy DeVos? Please comment below…