They just don’t get it.

They think they’re so  “cool” and cutting edge. But these Woodstock Wannabes are more like bad sequels to movies like “Clueless” or “Mean Girls.”  Or a creepy “Snapped” rerun.

Here’s 20 ways they shamed ALL women, including themselves:

1-Hypocrites. The “pussy” hats BS to push the 11 year old Trump locker room banter is as worn out as Madonnas veejay.  Yet they’re still harping on it because now they won’t have their serial raping, misogynistic, women exploiting  Bill Clinton  in the White House. They keep feigning outrage about Trump objectifying women, while their Hollywood idols earn their living doing just that to themselves. Even when their “stuff” is so old that no one wants to even think about it anymore. EW.

2-Bimbos. Most of these under informed showoffs don’t understand that their “health care” fears are not based on facts. The de-funding of Planned Parenthood doesn’t mean that “women’s health needs” will be ignored. The money will be directed elsewhere to organizations who can actually offer those services. We all know that they use that term to refer to abortion.  Planned Parenthood pulled their own plug on federal funding when they profited from the highly lucrative  trade of selling baby hearts, brains, kidneys, skin and other spoils of war.  Are they really worried that there won’t be enough “liberals” to donate to their worthy cause of infanticide? Chillax!

3. Trailer Trash. They really outdid themselves by showcasing how some women have contributed to the degradation of our society.  These gross “women” represent the worst of the worst. Even Pro-Lifers have to wonder if they really would want these vile creatures to reproduce. They obviously could care less about the well being of children. If they did, they wouldn’t subject them to wild displays of gratuitous nudity, obscene language and porno-props. There’s  no shortage of unfit mothers on radical left. Teaching their kids to be confused about their gender, or to proudly light fires to protest Trump. Or playing “dress up” with little girls by outfitting them  in an f-bomb infused sign. Not to mention the toxic hatred and political hysteria that they’re instilling into their kids. The ones that they magnanimously chose not to kill that is.

4. Snobs. They  hijacked the term ” womens” for their march while dis-inviting women with different viewpoints. Pro-Life women were not invited into their hysterical  clique.   And they certainly don’t represent all women -certainly not those who represent the greatest quality in women-compassion, nurturing, introspection, grace, love, spirituality, dignity and  humanity.

5. Cop-“P” Cats- They actually  think they’re being clever when they rip off the idea that caught on fire for Trumpers during the election. When Hillary called us all deplorables we took that badge  and wore it proudly. It backfired against her BIGLY. They think they can pull it off with their copycat “nasty woman” badge. But it doesn’t work. Because President Trump never said that all women or all Hillary supporters were nasty. Just Hillary. Because she is. And their dialogue that backs up this “brand” of theirs makes no sense. Unless they want to be truthful. They accuse Trump of being nasty by pushing false narratives. That’s some seriously nasty gossip, ladies. They are nasty when they spit and snarl and hope that all men will die.  And what could be more nasty than cyber bullying  a 10 year old innocent child. They’re nasty alright, but not in a cool way.

6. Self Centered. For all these years they’ve turned their backs on all the women and children affected by Sharia Law. They could care less if they have no rights, are subjected to rape, torture, genital mutilation, honor killing and stoning. Or that little girls are used as child brides and raped in the name of Allah. Or that children are used as suicide bombers. They choose to remain ignorant about Sharia Law. They snarl at the facts and stupidly promote it. They’re still crying because Hillary couldn’t “win” the election even though woman and gay  hating  hating countries gave her millions. Sharia Law was most definitely on Hillary’s agenda as it had been with Barrack. BTW- how is that not interfering with our elections? Oh yeah- they don’t care. Let’s stick with the blaming Russia ploy.

7. Airheads. Proving that women are bimbos and can’t think for themselves. They need mainstream media and washed up celebs to tell them how to think and feel. Instead of educating themselves they choose to watch state sponsored  soap operas featuring  hack-stars like Rachael Maddow.

8. Dishonest. They’ll never admit that the march was really about protesting the results of a fair election. The other priority was their “right” to kill their unborn children. The only “health issues” they care about is their own. Fetuses are trash compared to their own needs. At one time women at least knew enough to be ashamed about making that choice. Now they shout it from the rooftops with deafening applause from the rest of the coven. Sick. Their Luciferian goddess Hillary was promoting infanticide even up to the day of delivery. Just a matter of time until Susan Smith would be considered a trailblazing shero!

9. Narcissistic. Vanity was on full display with their pathetic cries for attention. “Fabulous” vagina costumes, band-aided sagging boobs and  rampant nudity.  This is what turns people turned off to flamboyant parades. It’s painful to watch empty people craving so much attention. The world revolves around them with zero consideration for kids and the elderly. It’s a shame that they don’t have the mental capacity to promote their cause in  a more constructive way.

10. Confused. They keep pushing the pussy and misogyny  narrative while furiously fighting for First Hubby Bill Clinton to light up his cigars in the White House again. . He was still ogling and drooling at the inauguration-right next to his sore loser wife. (video below in case you missed it) Like it wasn’t already the worst day of her life!They’re also confused when they say Trump doesn’t behave in a presidential way. Why are they still yearning for Hillary who has been crying and pouting and boozing and seething since she lost? Not exactly presidential behavior. But it is a  first In history.  Just not the good kind.

11. Catty.  They’re not about standing up for women-unless they’re leftist women.  They never say anything nice about the beautiful, powerful and intelligent woman who are conservative. And there’s too many to list here. But a shout out to Kellyanne Conway, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Mia Love, Laura Ingraham to name just a few. (add more in the comments below!) And we KNOW that Melania will be the new target of their green eyes . Watch out for those pussycat claws! Rrreeerrr!

12. Divorced from reality. Most of what they were whining about has either already been resolved a long time ago or left unresolved over the last 8 years. Where was their outrage toward Obama? Why was Michelle focused on hating whitey and the cops and ruining kids’s lunches instead of one of solving some important “women’s issue?” Trump had nothing to do with it but they’re blaming him for everything.

13. Dummies for History.  There’s zero acknowledgement about the strides that have been made for women, They refuse to do their homework. If they did they’d realize that they’re aligned with THE most racist party in our country-the Democrats. If they think all that has changed because BHO was in the White House, they’ve been played. He was put there precisely to play on people’s stereotypes. Just like Hillary was chosen to play the gender card. BHO’s and Hillary’s speeches directed toward minority groups were crafted to appeal to those groups. It reveals their true opiniong of them. They appealed through pandering ,  speaking  in” Brutha” and  stealthily promoting embarrassing stereotypes. And by feeding into heartache and dependency instead of offering real hope and respectful expectations.  Anyway, Wikileaks blew the covers off how the Hillary and her camp really feels about minorities.

14. PMS heads. They seem unable to craft any rational thought without bursting into some overemotional, melodramatic hissy fit..  They’re addicted to outrage instead of research.  They collectively gasp  about Trump’s one word and accuse him of objectifying women while they’re just  hormone addled exhibitionists. That’s another not so great female quality they portray-holding grudges.

15. Hypersensitive. But only for themselves of course. No one else’s feelings matter. With no ability to think or reason or investigate facts, they resort to props, aggression, name calling and violence. Their “safe spaces” exist to coddle their hypocritical insanity. If someone should enter the room with a different opinion they’ll stab ’em in the eye with one of their safety pins.

16) Vulgar. Feminazis are aggressive, snarling unreasonable bullies. Their war club is very exclusive. Their “health issues” are focused on their right to be as promiscuous as they wish without regard for consequences. They can’t disappear like a “dog” when the pee stick reads positive, so they just make the baby disappear. Funny how they choose to emulate the very qualities they claim to hate in men.

17) Pouty. They claim to be strong, but it’s somehow OK that they’re too upset to work or attend class because they’re not happy with the election results. This poutiness is also forgiven in their globalist goddess Hillary. She’s seriously having a hard time getting her sh*t together. Imagine if she had her crooked finger on the red button? Talk about temperament issues!

18) Dependent. They want the government to do all the heavy lifting while they show up for a narcissistic photo op.  How many have actually volunteered at a women’s shelter or mentored a young girl?  Or showed up in DC without cameras to present a bill before congress?

19. Subservient prostitutes.   Strength and independence is a joke when they bow to their globalist masters. They don’t even  realize or care that their “causes” were weaponized by their Pimp George Soros. He funded 50 Out of the 83 events! Talk about being on the wrong side of history! Looking back on this day may prove to be as embarrasing as an old prom photo.

20- Math challenged. They can’t seem to grasp the whole “2 plus 2 =4” thing .The   march was organized by  Linda Sarsour. Ironically a Jew-hating pro Palestinian Muslim woman  who actively promotes Sharia law in the US! She also has family ties to Hamas.  By donning their sympathetic hijabs and colluding with her, they’re being expoited for the globalist agenda. By doing so, they’re ironically demanding that all  women’s rights will be taken away! They get a big  fat red “F” for that equation.

So “ladies,” as for threatening to cut your ladystuff  off-go right ahead.

It’s obviously what you really want if you’re promoting  genital mutilating Sharia Law.  So you’re not punishing anyone. As for you “men” who’ve threatened to cut your parts off,  Walmart has some pretty good prices on cuticle scissors. ‘Cause that’s about all you’ve got left  from prostrating yourself before these castrating man hating feminazis.

This post was gonna be “10 Reasons Why… “but there’s so many! Do you have more you’d like to add? ? Please comment below!

And feel free to share! Left-leaning women need to get a dose of reality asap!

PS. Here’s that video of misogynistic, women objectifying shake you to the core Bill at the inauguration. Comments welcome on that too!