The following 2017 state by state list of sexual abuse by school staff is just the tippety-tip of the tip of the iceberg.

Sadly this is the short list of sexual abuse by school staff. When googling “teacher sex offense” then add a state, some results will appear for that state. Digging deeper, by adding the county or a specific city reveals many more. Digging even deeper by entering “teacher’s aide” or “principal” yields even more.

If you guessed South Dakota for the state having zero offenses so far his year, you would be correct. However, a couple from 2016 were noteworthy enough to add.

Not all incidents occurred within the school, but all reflect incidents of sex offenses by teachers, principals and other school staff. Some pervs on the list were not arrested in 2017 but were sentenced this year. Of course, 2017 still has 3 more months left. Lets not forget about the great legal content online similar to Tube V.

If parents breathe a sigh of relief knowing their kids are at school they might want to take a deep breath and re-think their options. Not only are schools a hotbed for inappropriate sexual indoctrination, but they’re also a hotbed for actual sexual predators.

One would think a teacher would express their sexual urges in a safe and legal environment such as with their own spouses, or perhaps even an internet pornographic service where they can watch the free feed in the comfort of their own home. Unfortunately, they do not. They prefer to ruin the lives of young people, and there simply is no excuse.

An alarming amount of them are women.

Some are married with kids and grandkids.

The mother of the victim of female public school perv Tonie Ann Reiboldt said it perfectly as she choked back tears during Reibolt’s hearing.

“As a parent you tell your kids, ‘Be open…You’re supposed to trust your teachers. Your teachers are there for help,'” the mother said while choking back tears. “And I can’t even say that anymore … because their teacher hurt them.”

School Sexual Predators get the same EZ Pass that Pedo-Priests do.

Sex offenses within the school system are out of control. What’s worse, is that there is currently no database for specifically reporting teachers who are sex offenders, making it easy for them to get a teaching position elsewhere.

USA Today reported,

“A year-long USA TODAY Network investigation found that education officials put children in harm’s way by covering up evidence of abuse, keeping allegations secret and making it easy for abusive teachers to find jobs elsewhere.

As a result, schoolchildren across the nation continue to be beaten, raped and harassed by their teachers while government officials at every level stand by and do nothing. The investigation uncovered more than 100 teachers who lost their licenses but are still working with children or young adults today.”

State by State list of sex offenders

Links to news sources are at the end of each entry


A 51 year old woman-married with 2 kids and 2 grandkids-was arrested for having sex with a student. Charges included rape and sodomy. There was no mention of the gender or age of the victim. Apparently she groomed the student by sending sexually-explicit photos of herself. AL.com


37 year old John Paul Donald Douglas, a 7th grade teacher, was arrested in the Southwest Alaska village of Tuluksak on child pornography charges. Charges involved distributing child pornography, possessing child pornography, and using a “peer-to-peer file-sharing software to possess and download videos involving prepubescent female children engaged in sex acts.” Alaska Dispatch News

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59 year old Karl Judd Waggoner of Apache Junction was about to begin a stint as an elementary school principal. His career was cut short as he was busted for allegedly posting online ads for teenage girls to go skinny dipping. In response to one of the ads, a sex crime investigator posed as a 14-year-old girl. Waggoner allegedly engaged in sexually inappropriate conversations, discussed engaging in sexual acts with the undercover detective and provided sexually explicit photos.Daily Caller


44 year old David Yates, a math teacher, was arrested for having an inappropriate relationship with a 14 year old student. Although no sexual charges were filed the two had engaged in romantic conversations and made plans to move out of state together when she graduated. Arkansas Online


• TrevorJack Trathen, a 26 year old a substitute teacher in San Bernadino was arrested for having sex with a 14 year old student back in 2014 when he was a coach. Charges involved oral copulation and penetration with foreign object. CBSNewslocal

• Pricey tuition in a Los Angeles private school- packed with celebrities’ children- didn’t prevent biology teacher, Dr. Aimee Palmitessa from preying on a 16 year old student. The 45 year old taught in the very upscale private school, Brentwood School. This predator has a PHD in biology and molecular biology. Fox News

• 30 year old music teacher Christian Hernandez of Orange County was arrested for sexually molesting minors while giving music lessons in their homes. ABC7


• 24 year old teacher’s aide Jerica Enriquez of Greeley, CO was arrested for two incidents in 2015 and 2016. One involved having sex with a 14 year old student, then sending him explicit nude pics of herself as well as a photo of a negative home pregnancy test. The other incident involved her preying on a 12 year old by kissing him and promising him sex. She sent him one nude pic of herself and one in underwear. Fortunately the boy contacted the police. Fox News

• 34 year old middle school teacher Brian Vasquez of Aurora was charged with 31 counts of sexual misconduct, including assault, exploitation, sending nude photos of himself and internet luring. No exact number was reported, but there were multiple victims. Aurora Sentinel


31 year old Laura Ramos, a special ed teacher from Bridgeport was arrested for having sex with her 18 year old special need student in her car a “handful” of times. A witness came forth because not only had he witnessed inappropriate behavior between the two, she had also sent the witness texts that were sexually charged. Texts also showed her asking him to buy weed for her. KTLA5 Since then she has been charged with having sex with at least 4 more victims who were special ed students. CTPost


38 year old Karen Brooks of Dover was arrested for preying on a 17 year old male student. She had sex with him on multiple occasions off school property. USANews


• 33 year old Pamela Stigger of Broward County was arrested for having sex with a 15 year old student in her car. The cops arrived shortly after they had sex. She denied the activity, then threw the kid under the bus by blaming him for trying to “seduce” her. “The defendant said she was only trying to mentor him while they were both occupying the back seat of her vehicle,” the arrest report states. People

• 41 year old married creative writing teacher Jason Edward Meyers is facing charges this year for sexual offenses dating back to 2008. He allegedly had groomed and sexually molested at last 8 of his female students, calling them “Jason’s girls.” He asked them to read sexually explicit books like Lolita. He asked one of them to break up with her boyfriend, wear provocative clothes in class and write a poem called “C*me Inside Me. ” His wife argued with him about his relationship with one of the girls. The suit claims that the Miami-Dade school system knew he was high risk but did nothing to protect the students. Instead, administrators shuffled him from one school to another. Oxygen Crime Time


• 54 year old music teacher of Gwinett, GA, Theresa Gun, ployed her 17 year old victim by offering him and two of his female friends marijuana at her home. After she was arrested for sexually abusing him she blamed the victim. She claimed he was like a “used car salesman” pursuing her. She had carried on with him for 3 years at her home, at the school and at a park. Fox News

• The Gwinett public schools system is a cesspool of predators. In addition to the above incident a May 20th report stated that within the past 30 days of that report there were more than 5 arrests of Gwinett teachers who were charged with sexually molesting students. For more details…11Alive


High school counselor Kendrick Padilla was indicted for soliciting sex online from minors. A 15 year old girl showed up at his house and he asked if she recognized him. He informed her that he was her former counselor. He proceeded to engage in sexual acts with the vulnerable runaway. HawaiiNewsNow


Culinary arts teacher Nichole Thiel of Coeur d’Alene was was charged with sexual battery of a minor. Thiel had sex with her male student at a condo in 2015. At the time she was 46 and the student was 16. Q13Fox


• 51 year old Lemuel Elechicon who taught Bible-based science at a Christian school was charged with “grooming” because he was sexting a 13 year old girl. Inquirer.net

• 53 year old Anthony Frontera of the Chicago Military Academy was arrested for having a 6 month sexual relationship with his 16 year old student. She may have been 15 when the sexual assaults began. He had sex with her at school in his office. Chicago Tribune


38 year old algebra teacher Kathryn Hagan didn’t stop at sex. She provided a gun to one of her victims to commit a robbery. Hagan obtained a handgun, providing it to a 16-year-old student so that he could commit armed robbery of a cell phone. She engaged in sexual conduct with another 17-year-old male student at her home. She gave him a “headache pill” which she told him afterwards was actually Xanex. Another student said that he had seen a video of her and a student engaging in sex. Charges included child seduction, sexual conduct with minor, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, providing a firearm to a child and dealing in a controlled substance. WishTV.com8


29 year old Kevin Muehlenthaler of North Polk was arrested for carrying on a sexual relationship with a female who was his student helper. The victim was 16 and 17 at the time. “The victim told police that before the two engaged in sexual activity, he shared stories with her about his sex life, talked about his relationship with his wife and they would meet outside of school hours.[ She] reported engaging in sexual acts with Muehlenthaler at two of his residences, once at his friend’s home and once at a Super 8,” as reported in the Des Moines Register.


42 year old Michael Jasiczek, a social science teacher and assistant football coach, was charged with having a “consensual” sexual relationship with a student who was over 16. The age of consent is 16 in Kansas, but “state law prohibits schoolteachers and other authority figures from having sexual relationships with students at the same school.” This predator had been awarded the Fox 4 Crystal Apple Award for Teaching Excellence in March 2013. KansasCity.com


Married 27 year old Lindsey Jarvis of Woodford County was arrested for having sex with a student under the age of 16. She was charged with rape, sodomy and unlawful transaction with a minor. Fox News


Not one, but two female teachers, Shelley Dufresne and Rachel Respess, were arrested in a New Orleans suburb for having a three-way with a 16 year old male student. The student said that the sexual relationship began when Dufresne communicated with him on facebook and it escalated from there. The romps took place in her home, in parking lots and in a shed behind a friend’s house. Eventually Respress entered the scene and in her apartment the 3 of them engaged in sex. He took a video of Respress sleeping after the 3-way with his genitals in the pic for “proof”to show his football team. The teen was later attacked by their lawyer for his motives and for the recording. New York Post


29 year old married and mother of two, Jill Lamontagne, preyed on a 17 year old male student. He was so emotionally distraught from his experience that he attempted suicide by ingesting a cocktail of ibuprofen, Tylenol, cold medicine and warfarin. He said they engaged in “oral sex and other stuff” numerous times-in the classroom, her house and her car. The boy said he felt “used” by her but loved her and wanted to carry on the relationship. He was worried about her going to prison. Daily Mail UK


HIV positive Carlos Deangelo Bell of Charles County was arrested for abusing as many as 24 male students and attempting to infect them with HIV. The 30 year old instructional assistant was also charged with production of child pornography. One video in his possession appeared to have been produced on school grounds, as it takes place inside a classroom. Others show him assaulting children inside his home. An odd note-he was an aspiring fashion stylist who appeared on a reality TV show, “The Job.” NBC


37 year old Blake Rider, a substitute teacher on Cape Cod, was arraigned on multiple charges of assault and battery of a child under 14 along with reckless endangerment of a child. The counts involved three children. The incidents took place from 2010 to 2015. Cape Cod Times


43 year old Jason Ferrell was arrested for his relationship with a 15 year old girl. He and the girl had sex multiple times. The investigation that followed ended up ensnaring three other individuals-the Superintendent, the Principal and the Business Manager. The Superintendent and Principal were charged for not reporting suspected child abuse withing within 93 days. Also, because they paid Ferrell after he resigned, the Superintendent and Business Manager (Ferrell’s mother-in-law) were charged with “using public money for a purpose other than allowed.” Sadly, by not responding to students who warned them of the relationship, it could have been halted in the grooming stages before becoming sexual. The Daily Reporter


31 year old Christine Lee Funk of New Hope was charged for her sexual relationship with a 17 year old student that took place at her home, her car and at the school. The music teacher had also sexted him and sent him partially nude photos of herself. She was also charged last February with possessing child pornography. TwinCities. com


23 year old substitute teacher Christopher Lewis of Biloxi was arrested for having sex with a 15 year old male student. The student stated that the sex was consensual. However, state law dictates it as a crime, since the student is a minor. The incidents occurred in a car outside of school grounds. USNews


24 year old substitute teacher Loryn Barclay was arrested for engaging in a sexual relationship with a 17 year old student. The incidents took place in a car and at the boy’s home. Fox News


38 year old Melissa Bonkoski was charged for carrying on a sexual relationship with a 16 year old male student. The student filed a report with Detectives that he was being harassed via text messages by his former science teacher. She used a burner phone to communicate with him. She admitted to having sex with him at her residence. The student claims he went along with it because he was afraid she wouldn’t give him rides home anymore. He decided to break it off, which is when the harassment began. At that point she became ‘obsessed” with him, bombarding his phone with texts and begging him not to shut her out. NYDailyNews


27 year old married language arts teacher Emily Lofing arranged to have “birthday sex” with a student on his 16th birthday. It occurred after Bible School. She blamed her behavior on mental illness and depression. The judge noted that she was “less than 24 hours away from committing a felony.” NYPost


40 year old married and mother of two Elementary School teacher Tennille Whitaker was arrested for having sex with two male students. They were between 16 and 18 at the time. Some of the incidents took place on the school grounds. It is suspected that there may have been more victims. The Daily Caller

New Hampshire

63 year old Todd Wiley taught high school English in Merrimack. He was arrested last year for sending sexually explicit photographs and videos to a student. He had enticed her to send him nude pictures of herself and he sent her porn videos. Charges included 14 misdemeanor charges that were later ramped up to include “a felony count of obscene matter. The count alleged that he sent emails to the student, which depict “graphic sexual conduct between (the girl) and Todd Wiley….He was indicted last month on a separate felony count of solicitation and distribution of child sexual abuse images.” UnionLeader.com

New Jersey

• 43 year old Rayna Culver of Trenton was charged with molesting a 15 year old boy. Worse yet-she had taken him into her home when he was kicked out of his house. The boy claims she became his legal guardian so she could have sex with him “almost every day.” She met the victim when he was in Middle School. Once he lived in her home the abuse began. He claims that he was afraid to say no to her because she might get mad and kick him out of the house. She is allowing her lawyer to throw the kid under the bus by accusing him of lying and being a “very troubled young man.” This case hasn’t been brought to trial, so there is no way to know who is telling the truth. However, he did gave his phone to authorities so that they could examine sexually charged conversations. Fox News

• 33 year old gym teacher William Jacobs had sex with a 17 year old female student in his car resulting from direct messages via Twitter. Based upon a tip authorities got involved and questioned the girl. She didn’t say anything initially out of fear for her grades. Jacobs offered her money and drugs to keep quiet about it. resulting in drugs in a school zone. The girl was so harassed because of the experience that she was forced to withdraw, become home-schooled and missed out on prom and her graduation. Oxygen Crime Time

New Mexico

31 year old high hchool math teacher Tiana Sanchez was arrested for having sex with a 17 year old male student four times. The student’s Mom was concerned that something was going on so she contacted the police. She then gave police her son’s cellphone and they found sexual text messages and photographs that were sent between the boy and the teacher. Sanchez is charged with 4 counts of criminal penetration of a child Fox News.

New York

24 year old special ed teacher Alexandra Culhane was charged with having sex with one of her special needs students. She was charged with rape and a criminal sexual act. She had sex with her 15 year old special ed student in Central Park. KTLA5

North Carolina

25 year old math teacher Erin Elizabeth McAuliffe was arrested last June for having sex with 3 students. Two were 17, one was 16. The school she taught in, Rocky Mountain Prep, is a charter school. CBS News North Carolina

North Dakota

43 year old James Whalen of Grand Forks faces 4 felony charges for his ongoing sexual relationship with a student when she was 16 and 17. Incidents took place in classrooms, his home and in his car. His car was fitted with pillows and blankets so he could have sex with her on rural roads. His lawyer told the judge she may have been “asking for it.” Maybe the bold move paid off. After going for a plea deal the charges were dropped. Grand Forks Herald


29 year old substitute teacher and married mother of two, Jessica Storer, had a tryst with an 18 year old student in her home. She had help. Her husband supplied him with booze multiple times before the socializing evolved into sex. It would be easy to dismiss his experience as a right of passage for an 18 year old. However, female sex predators do cause harm. The victim’s father addressed the court and revealed “that his son has tried to commit suicide twice since his teacher took advantage of him….A representative of Crime Victim’s Services said Jessica manipulated the teen while allowing him to discuss a recent breakup with her. Since the incident, the victim said he’s been bullied online and harassed at school.“Jessica Storer has really made the last six months a living Hell for me, I hated it and I hated myself for doing it.”NYDailyNews


31 year old Jennifer Caswell is not only doing prison time but will owe her then-15 year old victim a lot of money. The victim’s Dad sued her for sexually abusing his son. He and his son were awarded one million dollars. They also sued the school for covering it up. The school settled for 125K. Although they can’t collect a penny from her while she’s in prison, their attorney said his clients did it to call attention to this widespread problem. The teacher was charged with rape, enticing a child and forcible sodomy. Caswell had sex with the boy in the classroom, at her house, his father’s house and in a car. She would often visit the boy and the father, talking and watching movies in their home. She said the father was unaware that she was having sex with his son. She blamed the victim for being the pursuer. The boy had been sent to Mississippi after the incidents to live with his Mom. He apparently became alarmed when the teacher followed him there, so he became more cooperative with authorities. Fox News and Daily Mail UK


40 year old phys ed teacher Shane Ross was arrested last year for sexually abusing a student over a span of 6 years. She was under 14 when the abuse began. This year he was charged for sexually abusing another girl under the age of 14. Statesman Journal


44 year old Nikki Varney, mother and science, chemistry and physics teacher, was arrested for engaging in sex with one of her students. According to the 15 year old boy it started when they were at her home swimming in the pool, then evolved into the hot tub. When they walked her dogs later they had sex on a park bench. CBS

Rhode Island

54 year old phys ed teacher James Duffy is facing charges of molesting 3 girls at the elementary school in Providence where he worked. He’s been accused of molesting several 10 and 11 year old girls in the last year. The school is being scrutinized for not reporting the incidents to DCYF within the mandated time frame. NBC10

South Carolina

46 year old Sean Maly, a 6th grade science teacher in Richmond County busted himself. He accidentally forwarded child porn to one of his coworkers, using his work-issued laptop and email account. He was charged with sexual exploitation of a minor. Investigators will be searching his laptop and other electronic devices, so other charges are possible. The State

South Dakota

South Dakota was the only state with no stains on its record for 2017. (Unless I didn’t look hard enough) But it was not so squeaky clean in 2016.

• 39 year old teacher’s assistant and divorced mother of three, Michelle Felkey, received national attention for her breach of trust. She had sexted, solicited sex and sent nude photos of herself to 2 students, one of whom was 15. One boy has been bullied so much from the incident that he wanted to leave town. His father says the boy no longer trusts authority figures. Felkey has blamed the victims. Rapid City Journal

• 29 year old special ed Teacher Kari Boil was arrested and sentenced last September on 21 counts of rape and sexual contact with a child under 16. She had an ongoing predatory relationship with a 15 year old student. Keloland.com


Kidnapped! 50 year old health sciences teacher Tad Cummins kidnapped a 15 year old student. He had transported her from Tennessee to a cabin in a remote area in California. The girl was missing for a month. Fortunately he was apprehended. What is troubling is that it had been reported to the school that he was kissing the girl, but because the two of them denied it, the school didn’t fire him. He remained on board with restrictions until the day after the state issued an Amber Alert for the missing girl. Cummins is a father of two. His wife divorced him after this incident. Chicago Tribune


• 52 year old Alberta Fern Padilla was arrested for engaging in sex with a 17 year old student. She began by giving him tutoring lessons, then let him move in with her. One of her sexual trysts involved having sex with him outdoors in a park. She was actually turned into police by her daughter. MySanAntonio

• 35 year old Garret Hunter, a high school teacher in Lancaster was arrested for preying on several 16 year old male students. He tried (unsuccessfully) to make physical contact with them. He also offered them extra credit for sex acts, sexting them his “wish list” for performing specific sexual favors. Fox4


• 27 year old Sarah Lewis, a social studies teacher and dance instructor at Landmark High School faced charges for supplying a 17 year old student with vodka and sex. Her attorney utilized a loophole, so she got a get-out-of-jail-free card. Fox News

• 36 year old Brianne Altice, a high school English teacher and mother of two was charged with having sex with three underage male students. One encounter was in a church parking lot during lunch hour. People


Jodie Spears, a paraeducator from St. Albans Vermont was charged for sexting and sending nude photos of herself to a 10 year old student. His mother was horrified when she saw the messages on her son’s cell phone. Spears claimed to “love” the boy and spoke to him as though he were a peer-promising hugs and a gift for Valentine’s Day. In one communication she told the boy he should come over to her house because her boyfriend was out snow plowing for the night. Fox6


• 31 year old married high school history teacher Ashley Leigh Lewis Weber was charged for having sex with a 16 year old male student. Fox News

• 24 year old middle school teacher Christopher Jordan of Fairfax County was arrested for possession of child pornography. NBC

• 59 year old phys ed teacher Clyde Timothy Smith of Franklin County was arrested for sexually assaulting a student younger than 13 years old. Roanoke.com


44 year old phys ed teacher Tonie Ann Reiboldt sent 4 male victims under the age of 16 a sexually explicit video through Snapchat. The boys recognized that it was Reiboldt in the video.These types of communications with the boys continued for 10 months. She also asked them to send her their own nude pictures. She tried to meet up with at least two of them to have sex. One teen refused and another teen said he made up an excuse to get out of it as Reiboldt waited at a park near his home. One of the teens confessed to having sex with her. IMO it’s odd that charges didn’t include solicitation for child pornography and stalking. Yakima Herald

West Virginia

34 year old phys ed teacher and married father of three, Josh Nicewarner was arrested on sex charges involving a 14 year old female student. He’s been accused of ” distributing obscene matter” (a video of himself) to the girl and encouraging the victim to “send photos of herself in various stages of undress and/or simulating sexual acts.”” WVMetroNews


23 year old teacher’s aide Kimberly Gersonde faced charges of enticing two 16 year old boys to have sex with her. One of them said that they began their sexual relationship after watching “Finding Nemo” together in her apartment. Evidence of their relationship was found on her cellphone. One text read, “You were really scared though the first time weren’t you.” Another read “maybe jail isn’t the worst thing in the world.” In court a prosecutor said, “The victim’s father told the defendant not to come around his son any longer. The defendant continued with her behavior and had sexual intercourse with him on about nine different occasions.” ABC12WISN


34 year old junior high school math teacher Joseph Meza of Cheyenne is faced with criminal charges for an ongoing sexual relationship with a female student. The charges include “digital and vaginal intercourse.” The abuse began when she was 14 years old. He actually became her legal guardian when she was between 15 and 16 years old. Idaho State Journal

Sexual abuse by school staff is a silent epidemic.

This list, as mentioned before, is a short list- the tip of the tip of the iceberg spanning just the last 9 and a half months of 2017. The list reflects actual police records and newspaper reports. This is no so-called “conspiracy theory.”

The Association of American Educators Code of Conduct states that educators must make “a constructive effort to protect the student from conditions detrimental to learning, health, or safety.” Maybe school staff is having issues with reading comprehension.

Just who are the teachers, coaches and school administrators who have access to, and control over our children for the greater part of the day? Thanks to homework and “must have” sports and extracurricular activities, strangers spend more waking hours with kids than their parents do.

Many of the sick individuals in the school system legally betray our trust through political indoctrination and the psycho-sexual abuse of pushing the transgender agenda and the radical LGBTQI agenda on students as young as preschool.

But others don’t stop there.

They are actual sexual predators whose actions will leave a scar on students for the rest of their lives. Some kids have been bullied unmercifully. Others have tried to commit suicide. James Whalen of North Dakota regularly took his 16 year old victim out on rural roads for sex. Tad Cummins of Tennessee kidnapped a student and took her out of state to a remote cabin in the California woods for a month.

It’s just a matter of time until something even worse happens.

Those in charge of the school system purposely ignore the rampant threat imposed by their own predatory staff. There are no “health and safety” classes offered for kids to protect themselves from the sexual predators who wear the badge of authority and trust within the school system.

Part of the problem could be the push to normalize pedophilia. In the case of women, that pedophilia has been glamorized as being a “cougar.”

Schools sexualize students by teaching them sexual activities- including anal and oral sex at increasingly younger ages. That may send the message to perverted teachers that “they’re all doing it anyway.”

Your thoughts? Comment below!


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