BLM is irrelevant and bogus.

They already exposed  themselves as a Soros-funded subversive tool to interfere with our election. BLM focuses strictly on problems with the police. Race-baiting is destructive and does nothing to raise the quality of life for the black community.

Their focus on issues with the police may make sense to them, but they need to understand that others view them differently.  If they wanted to focus solely on police issues, they should have chosen a different moniker.

That’s why people hold them to a different standard. A standard that they don’t even try to live up to.

3 recent events show how much “Black Lives Matter” to BLM.

1)  FB live stream murder.  Also known as the “Easter Day Slaughter.”

Robert Godwin was a a kind man and father of 10 children. In a despicable act of violence, Steve Stephens shot the poor man as he was minding his own business collecting cans. It seems that it was an act of revenge for some woman who (wisely) rejected him. The monster streamed it on live FB. He’s still at large. Where is BLM? A statement of outrage? A donation to Godwin’s family?

2) Chicago’s Easter Weekend.

Two people were murdered and 43 wounded in Chicago over the holiday weekend. This year to date  the statistics are grim. So far 160 people have been shot and killed and 758 people shot and wounded. It’s numbers like this that turn people off to BLM. If there had been one incident in the entire country of a black suspect being shot by a white police officer, all Hell would have broken loose.  But for these victims and their families, there is callous indifference. BLM’s beloved Barrack turned his back on this ongoing crisis for 8 years.  As Democrats, they support Mayor Rahm Emanuel who ignores the plight of Chicagoans. Instead, he stubbornly remains committed to declaring Chicago a sanctuary city.  Blood is on all their hands. BLM really needs to re-brand their organization.

3) Headlines about the UN pedo ring bust in Haiti. 

The  UN “Peacekeepers” pedo ring in Haiti dominated many headlines over the last week. There were over 2,000 allegations of Haitian  children being sexually  molested. Their young lives have been crushed. But not one word from BLM. Their allegiance to Hillary Clinton  was always puzzling anyway. She  exploited, abused and financially raped the people of Haiti. Who happen to be black.

BLM has as much relevance as today’s  Soros-funded “feminists.”

“Feminists” are deaf to the cries of women and children who are brutalized by Sharia Law.  Instead, they align themselves with terrorists. Their hijab sporting leader is a vocal Sharia Law proponent.  One of their featured speakers, Donna Hylton, raped, tortured and murdered a gay man. Today’s “feminists” are insane, irrelevant , cruel and subversive.

Soros funded groups are poisoned by his dirty money. 

Every single organization that has accepted Soros money has become tainted, compromised and subversive. Some might argue-possessed. 

As people in the black and minority communities continue to wake up and see how they’ve been exploited and manipulated, they will break free of the pervasive and powerful subliminal racism perpetrated by the Left.

Many minority voices are rising up in favor of conservatism and common sense. It takes a lot of courage to do that. They do so at their own peril. Because Black Lives Don’t Matter to  “Liberals”  if you’re a conservative.

Thank God for Sheriff David Clarke. He has no problem calling them out for what they are. In addition to referring to them as “Black Lies Matter,” he said the group is dangerous and hateful. He wishes that ” the Southern Poverty Law Center would add them to the list of hate groups in America.”

Praying for the people of Chicago, Haiti and the family of Robert Godwin, Sr..

BTW-There’s plenty of scum out there. Godwin’s family had to issue a notice that people are setting up fake GoFundMe pages to profit from this tragedy. 

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