None of us should rest until these questions are answered.

Please pose more questions that you’d like answered in the comments below.

Here goes..

1) Is Julian Assange still alive? Or did Kerry have him permanently silenced?

2) Where is Eric Braverman? The missing CEO and alleged mole of the Clinton Foundation. He disappeared shortly before the election and rumors were that he was seeking assylum in Russia.

3) Why was Seth Richards murdered? He was theDNC staffer thought to be behind the DNC Wikileaks. His name was later blasphemed by Hillary Clinton to further her gun control agenda. Sub question-why did Wikileaks seem more interested in solving this crime by offering a $20,000 reward than anyone in the administration, the DNC or the press?

4) Why has the press and this administration not investigated Pizzagate? Instead, their mains concern is shutting down anyone who talks about it. It’s that kind of complicity that led to the ruined lives of the victims of the Catholic Church, Jimmy Savile,  The Elm Guest House, and Boy’s Town.

5) How did the FBI go through 650,000 emails in just 8 days? It took them almost a year to go through 55,000. A small percentage of efficiency is to be expected, but come on!

So yeah, plenty of mysteries to unravel. And surely more will be revealed.

Let’s remain diligent and refuse to succumb to amnesia.

Wishing all Americans and friends of Americans around the globe a Happy New Year!