5 recent psycho-sexual attacks on our children sound the alarm. We cannot afford to look away or be silent.

The war on our children is has become increasingly more aggressive and widespread. It’s no longer limited to physical and sexual abuse. Children are suffering psycho-sexual abuse at the hands of “Liberal” parents, school swamps and pop culture.

It’s time to take the gloves off.

I must warn you. This post contains disturbing content.

I am literally sick from all this. I want it to go away. I want to scrub it from my mind. I don’t want to have to repeat certain words and information.

But our children are being abused and we are being bullied to shut up about it. We’re being bullied into sacrificing our children on the Globalist altar of rampant pedophilia and the trans-worship culture.

The latest examples are so sick and disturbing that I have to apologize for posting it.

Yet I would have to apologize to God for doing nothing.

And that’s exactly what the Left and RINO creeps want us to do. Nothing.

I will say as little as possible about these vile things and if you want more information you can look it up on the sources that were cited.

5 Recent Psycho-Sexual Attacks on Our Children

1) Teen Vogue article teaching young girls how to have anal sex.

I won’t drive traffic to their site by offering a link. But you can look it up. Teen Vogue “A Guide to Anal Sex. What you need to know.”

Teen Vogue decided that a minor needs know how to engage in the act. Not that they need to know anything about health hazards. Or that they need to know that it would not win the respect of a young man to be used this way. I would never advise anybody, not even a professional porn star from hdtubemovies.xxx, to engage in anal sex, nevermind the readership of TEEN Vogue.

Teen Vogue can’t offer any instruction about the hazards these acts do on a soul level because they have no clue about spirituality or the long term impacts that our behavior and choices have on the soul.

Parents better wake up and realize what’s in these teen magazines. They’re not fashion mags, they’re junior pornography. They’re hardly any different to the sort of thing you’d see on somewhere like https://www.hdmmovies.xxx/, and they’re reaching out to young girls to corrupt them. They’re also grabbing them politically and indoctrinating them into Leftist ideology. Even a member of the Hearst family (Hearst Publications owns Cosmo) is concerned about Cosmo getting into the hands of children.

So much for laws against contributing to the delinquency of a minor. School swamps and magazines such as Teen Vogue and CosmoGirl deliver pornography in the clever brown wrapper of “health.”

2) A You Tube video of parents teaching their kids to masturbate.

PJ Media reported on the video. In the privacy of their own homes, these parents’ “advice” and “instruction” is questionable enough. But humiliating them at a tender age by blasting such an intimate and embarrassing “discussion” in front of the entire world is nothing short of child abuse.

I couldn’t find the exact video mentioned in the article but there were plenty of others showing parents talking to their kids about sex for public entertainment. Some said these videos showed demonstrations using a Silicone Sex Doll. All I can say is at least it wasn’t a real person who was flashing their explicit areas to our children.

Another video was about showing a little girl who looked to be about 10 being taught how to use sex toys. The one I was unfortunate enough to click on was 2 gay “co-parents” who were teaching their little boy (guessing he was 6 years old?) about sex.

The little boy was clearly feeling overwhelmed with the information. He cringed and covered his ears repeatedly, but they kept forcing it on him. They also taught him that he got into this world through a turkey baster, compliments of his biological father. One of the 2 mommies also told the little boy that “sperm smells really bad.”

I left a long comment and I’m bracing myself for unrelenting, unbridled hatred. Why can’t these parents just let their kids be kids without forcing their liberal agenda upon them? All kids will discover sites such as https://www.videoshd.xxx/ at some point during their adolescence, but until then, just let the damn kids be.

“Liberal” parents such as the 2 mommies gleefully film their kids being mortified and overwhelmed by forcing a graphic sexual discussion on their children. These narcissistic parents are oblivious to the concept of age-appropriate information. But let’s bet that the same Leftie parents won’t let their kid watch a movie that they think is too violent. They’ll encourage them to play with a sex toy but not a toy rifle.

The kids are obviously saying “no” in their own way. The parents forcing the conversation on them constitutes sexual harassment and psycho-sexual abuse.

3) A family posts a pic of their “rainbow” son at a Pride Parade.

A couple of Liberal parents not only took their 8 year old kid to a gay pride parade they posted a pic showing off signs that read “I [heart] my gender creative son” and “My son wears dresses & makeup…Get over it!” (featured image)

Actor James Woods posted it and shot back with a Tweet, “This is sweet. Wait until this poor kid grows up, realizes what you’ve done, and stuffs both of you dismembered into a freezer in the garage.”

He was barraged with hate and criticism but he refused to back down.

Coincidentally, Mom Lori Duron is the author of “Raising My Rainbow” with the tagline “Adventures in Raising a Fabulous Gender Creative Son.” She also has a blog-raisingmyrainbow.com.

It’s safe to say that her photo-op “controversy” drew a lot of traffic her way. Unlike start-up IMOwired, her blog seems to be the profitable kind. lol/col.

When that much time and effort is spent on building up a blog focused on raising a “creatively gendered” son, it begs the question-how invested will this Mom be in ensuring that little C.J. grows out of it?

4) Bill Nye the Science Guy’s “My Sex Junk” nominated for an Emmy.

Now we know that the Emmys are as much of a fraud as Bill Nye the Science Guy.

The music video that originally aired on Netflix, features Rachel Bloom singing a raunchy song about how anything goes. Be gay, be transgender-whatever you feel like. And be it a lot. And there was the trendy promo of “butt sex.”

Obviously the only reason this was nominated for an Emmy is because it promotes the agenda of corrupting and confusing our youth. It certainly wasn’t because of her singing or awkward dancing. “My Sex Junk” is in the first 2:28 of the video below. It may end up being taken down by You Tube, but others will post it.

5) Dems block criminalizing female genital mutilation (FGM)

In Maine, Democratic lawmakers blocked a bill that would criminalize the Muslim “tradition” of performing female genital mutilation on little girls.

State Representative Heather Sirocki proposed Bill LD745 “An Act to Prohibit Female Genital Mutilation.” Specifically it would safeguard minors from parents, guardians and caretakers.

State Rep. Sirocki said, “We know that FGM has been treated here in the state of Maine because I have the MaineCare billing codes and information to prove it.”

The ACLU ( an organization funded by George Soros) strongly objected on grounds that it was discriminatory. The Democrats sided with the ACLU and betrayed helpless little girls with a defeating vote of 74-73.

What is puzzling is why these lawmakers and law enforcement agencies ignore laws that are already in place. Federal law-18 U.S. Code § 116-was enacted in 1996 and criminalizes Female Genital Mutilation on minors.

Once again the Left betrays women and little girls as they embrace Islam on the one hand yet on the other call themselves “feminists” who claim that a woman should have control of her own body.

It takes a village

Failed career criminal candidate Hillary Clinton wrote a book about raising children called “It Takes a Village.” But sinister motives lurked beneath the poetic title that Barbara Feinman Todd Hillary penned.

Hillary and the rest of the Globalists don’t actually mean they’ll give parents a helping hand with their kids. They want total control over their children.

Our kids need a village to save these them from their sick agenda.

The conservative village needs to speak up about “liberal” parents who are exploiting their own children to feed their egos in order to appear hip.

Their sick need for attention is a trendy form of Munchhausen-by-proxy. But instead of lacing their kids’ food with anti-freeze they’re poisoning them with rainbow sickness.

If we saw someone beating up or raping their kid, we’d yell at them to stop. This is exactly what they are doing. Not physically, but on a mind and soul level.

Folks if all this doesn’t convince us that we are embroiled in the epic battle between good vs evil, nothing will. We have to be strong. Speak up. And pray a lot.

What do you think we can do to stop this raging war on our children? Comment below!


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