It’s been more than three months since the Las Vegas Massacre and Americans are still in the dark.

MSM “Journalists” who report on the Las Vegas Massacre ridicule “conspiracy theories” that continue to swirl about on the internet because many Americans suspect that investigators are hiding something.

However, given law enforcement’s avoidance of press conferences-having gone downright dark-they offer little to assure us that they’re not hiding quite a lot. Only fakestream media zombies would not question the narrative and/or the secrecy.

The horrific Las Vegas massacre at the Mandalay Bay Hotel last October shocked the nation. A shaken Sheriff Lombardo of the LVPD backtracked on some initial comments. He offered conflicting statements once the intimidating FBI agent Aaron Rouse started to breathe down his neck. After more than 3 months, law enforcement claims to have no clue as to the shooter’s motive.

Stephen Paddock allegedly killed 58 people and wounded more than 500. I will use the word allegedly describing Paddock as the shooter because we have yet to see proof positive that he was the mass murderer.

We have yet to see footage of Paddock schlepping up firearms and camera equipment into his room, even though Las Vegas is notorious for having video footage everywhere. For that matter we have yet to see footage of Stephen Paddock frequenting casinos despite the claim that he was a professional gambler.

It seems that law enforcement, MSM, and our government’s lead investigative agencies are hoping that the public will forget all about the incident. Perhaps they hope that a vague promise of an upcoming indictment-while sticking to their story of Paddock being the only shooter- will appease the public and they’ll just go away.

However, concerned Americans will not forget and suspect that the evidence trail and the media coverage will continue to grow whiskers.

IMOwired promise of transparency~#4 and #5 of the updates below are not from mainstream media sources, but IMO Laura Loomer is far more credible and trustworthy than most of MSM has proven to be.

The 7 latest updates:

1) It was all “normal”

Fox News reported,

“MGM Resorts is focused on supporting the health and welfare of our guests,” the company said in the statement put out last week. “Importantly, as it relates to the terrible tragedy on October 1, there were numerous interactions with Stephen Paddock every day at the resort, including a room service delivery and a call with housekeeping on October 1, all of which were normal in nature. As a result of these interactions, there was no need to conduct a welfare check.”

Naturally their vague account of what is “normal” is being met with skepticism. Beyond that, IMO any official statement should be met with skepticism. MGM Resorts/Mandalay Bay is fending off massive lawsuits from victims’ families. We don’t seriously believe they will be forthcoming, do we?

2) Lone Wolf theory busted

The official narrative quickly pointed to a Lone Wolf theory.

  • Initially Sheriff Lombardo openly scoffed at the idea that Paddock had no help. “Do you think this was all accomplished on his own? You’ve got to make the assumption he had to have some help at some point.”
  • However, once the glaring FBI agent Aaron Rouse entered the scene, the story immediately changed to “Lone Wolf.”
  • Newly released information indicates that Stephen Paddock had 7 cell phones and a slew of electronic devices. That doesn’t exactly sound like a “lone wolf.”
  • Also, emails have been recovered that point to his having an accomplice. The emails are a back-and-forth chain regarding the purchase of assault weapons. Investigators claim that it is not clear if the communications were from someone else, or if he send the info to himself from another email account. However, given the style of communication-such as “for a thrill try out bumpfire AR15 with 100 round magazine,” it sure sounds more like an outside recommendation than a note to self type thing.

CBS News reported,

“Las Vegas police Officer Aden Ocampo Gomez and FBI spokeswoman Sandra Breault said Friday that they had no update about Paddock’s motive. Both called it an ongoing investigation.

Investigators have said that Paddock meticulously planned his attack and intentionally concealed his actions. He modified assault-style rifles to shoot rapidly, set up cameras to watch for police outside his hotel room and wounded a security guard in the hotel hallway.

Investigators found no evidence that Paddock had help carrying out the attack.”

However, those statements contradict other observations-such as why Paddock would have had 7 cell phones if he was working alone. Also-since there were conveniently no videos that prove Paddock schlepped all that equipment and heavy arsenal up to his room, “no evidence” doesn’t mean that he didn’t have help. To word it that way implies they’re still pushing the Lone Wolf theory.

It’s one thing for law enforcement to be noncommittal, but to declare that it was a Lone Wolf or had nothing to do with ISIS before conducting a full investigation and/or contradicting their own evidence is highly suspect. Especially since we’ve since been told that although he was “the only shooter,” and his gal pal Marilou Danley will not be arrested, there are indictments on the way.

There is still no official response as to why everyone who was a witness to the shooting claims that they saw and heard multiple shooters. Plenty of videos with clear audio back up that claim. Witnesses who handed over their mobile devices to the FBI had them returned-scrubbed.

3) Search warrants unsealed

14 search warrants were unsealed Friday. The warrants allow detectives to examine the last year of Stephen Paddock’s life. They can thoroughly comb through the 2 Mandalay Bay Hotel rooms that Paddock rented. Additionally they can examine Paddock’s 7 cell phones as well as text messages, emails and pictures on various electronic devices.

It is media lawyers who demanded access to the sealed warrants in order to properly provide the public with updates about the massacre as well as the government’s response. The last official update was close to 90 days ago. They are still withholding 10 pages.

4) Laura Loomer-shocker!

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer was, and continues to be, on the front-lines of this whole story. Her recent breaking news should raise the hackles on your neck.

She tweeted, “Trauma surgeons in Las Vegas hospitals were ordered to discard all bullets and fragments recovered from victim’s bodies despite hospital chain of custody protocols.”

Alarming, to say the least. But shame on “conspiracy theorists” who question the process and/or transparency of this investigation.

5) Only half the victims received full autopsies

Laura Loomer revealed another interesting detail-only half of the victims received full autopsies.

Perhaps it seems understandable. We might guess that the coroner’s office must have been overwhelmed. However, in situations like this coroners from other counties are called in to assist.

They were all at the same place, same time, riddled with bullets. However, that flies in the face of protocol which demands that murder victims must receive a full autopsy. Autopsies of all the bodies could have revealed the use of different bullets and/or trajectories, proving the existence of more than one shooter.

6) Odd couple

The unsealed documents revealed that Paddock’s Phillapino-born sweetheart, Marilou Danley, is cooperating with agents. Agents sought her email, Instagram and Facebook accounts. They have tested her DNA and she told them not to be surprised if they found her fingerprints all over bullets because she regularly helped him to load ammunition magazines.

Yeah. That’s normal.

She originally claimed to have no idea that he was up to no good. Women tend to ignore red flags, but come on.

7) Child Porn

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department just released a report that Stephen Paddock had a massive child porn collection on his computer. While most people settle for legal, normal pornographic content such as what you can find on https://www.fuckedtube.xxx/, it seems as though that just wasn’t enough for this sick individual.

His brother Bruce was arrested for having child porn on his computer shortly after the incident, so this wouldn’t be a surprise. Overwatching porn of any nature can have a debilitating effect on the brain which is why books on porn addiction should be offered to people looking to overcome this problem. Nonetheless, child pornography should not be tolerated in any way at all.

However, as disgusting as this charge is, because the FBI has been so corrupted under Obama, and this whole investigation has been mired in secrecy and mixed messages from the get-go, I’m not just going to take their word that this is true and wasn’t planted.

Three things they want us to forget…

1) That Stephen Paddock supposedly (conveniently) removed the hard drive from his computer. Yet there were no headlines (that I saw) celebrating, “We found it!”

2) That security guard Jesus Campos was supposedly a hero. But then he went missing. That they allowed him to travel out of the country in the aftermath of the worst mass shooting in US history. That he reappeared one time on “Ellen” to make a carefully scripted statement and told us he wasn’t gonna talk about it anymore. BTW-let’s not forget that as a gift for appearing on her show, he received free NFL tickets. Tickets for the kneeling, America- hating, flag-hating, national anthem-hating NFL was a reward for his part in the anti-MAGA massacre.

3) Most importantly, that MGM CEO Jim Murren dumped his stocks in the weeks leading up to the massacre and George Soros suddenly became interested in MGM stocks-making millions by shorting them.

Yeah well, pretty sure that we’re not gonna forget about the Vegas Massacre any more than we’re gonna forget about Seth Rich or Obama and Hillary’s treasonous crimes against the USA.

Your thoughts? Do you intend to forget? Comment below!


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