Friends tell friends when they’ve got spinach on their teeth.

Some friends, ignorant celebs and fake mainstream news outlets are  determined  to cling to Trump hate which is a right according to the Constitution. Thanks to the repeal of our propaganda laws in 2013 it’s even legal to push false narratives.

But do yourselves a favor. Drop the Hitler dump.

Here’s 6 reasons why it makes you look pitifully stupid:

1. Newsflash. It’s actually the “liberal”  Democrats that are being Hitlarian. Look it up-Hitler hated Jews! It was just a few weeks ago that Obama and Kerry proved to the world that they’re enemies of Israel. Your pouty, seething goddess Hillary would have represented more of the same. The Democratic globalists are all in  for backing the UN agenda to steal  Jerusalem  from Jews and Christians and hand the city and all it’s holy sites over to the Palestinians. They push to de-legitimize the state of Israel and say it has no right to exist. Seems pretty darn Hitlarian, doncha think?

2. There has not been one single peep of outcry from the left against the actual genocide against Christians. Actual genocide.  Seems that Democrats are very Hitlarian. Hitler-look it up-loved genocide. He’s kind of the poster child for genocide.

3. Trump, on the other hand, vowed to undo the Obama-ordered damage done by the US  and to protect Israel.  Trump vowed to not only protect Jerusalem and its holy sites for Jews  but also to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem. Come on! Do you honestly believe Hitler would do that?

4. President Trump’s beloved daughter Ivanka is an Orthodox Jew.  She converted when she married her husband, Jared Kushner. President Trump  has tapped her  husband to be Senior Adviser to the President. BTW for those who have completely lost the ability to connect dots- that would make Ivanka’s children-let’s clarify-Trump’s grandchildren-Jewish.

5. ALL of his kids (except Barron of course) are married to Jews! And Tiffany is dating a Jew! So dot time again-ALL his grandkids are Jewish.

6. Rabbi Marvin Hier, the founder and dean of the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center accepted an invitation to say a prayer at President Trump’s Inauguration. That should be enough in itself. But the capper is that this was the first rabbi to be invited to the inauguration in 32 years! What does that say about your anti-Semitic Democratic Party?

Radicalized lefties will insist on pushing  the narrative.

They’ll justify it as a metaphor regarding President Trump’s  approach to importing hoards of unvetted “refugees. Or building a wall like Hillary and Obama had once suggested. (politicians love amnesia and hate the flow of actual information)  But even left leaning HuffPost blows holes through all that.

So do yourself a big favor and do a little homework. Stop being a fool by trusting the mainstream media. The very media that allows the CIA to pose as journalists. Obama just legalized Project Mockingbird. Educate yourself.

You’re being fed some really toxic misinformation by our state controlled media. It’s keeping you aligned with the party that seeks to destroy Israel. It’s putting you and your loved ones in danger because it suppresses vital information about Sharia Law and the destruction that this war by stealth via fake “refugees” has caused Germany and a host of other European countries.

And it makes you look really really stupid.

Please share this to wake people up and stop  with the hate already!