We need a breather from all the horror we experienced last week. For comic relief look no further than Twitter. And Mike Huckabee.

Kathy Griffin.

It was a rough week all right. We had to deal with the collective outrage from Kathy Griffin’s photo shoot featuring the fake, bloody, severed head of our President. Because there was more backlash than she anticipated (even from the Left) we were subjected to her obnoxious fake apology. She followed up that act by further victimizing the First Family and the nation by filing a lawsuit against the Trumps.

The President stood up for Pittsburgh, not Paris. 

President Trump exploded the questionable contents of Leftie-heads everywhere by keeping another campaign promise. He withdrew from the  Paris Climate Change Accord farce, sparking more outrage, rebellion and anarchy from the Left.

A cannibalistic CNN host called our President a piece of shit. 

All that would have been bad enough. But CNN reached a new low. Their host Reza Aslan called our President a “piece of shit.” He criticized President Trump’s response to the latest terror attack in the UK by tweeting,

“This piece of sh#@! is not just an embarrassment to America and a stain on the Presidency. He’s an embarrassment to humankind.”

Not only does his tweet highlight his inability to self-reflect, it makes no sense. But that could be said of all “Liberals.” As Mike Huckabee said in one of his tweets, “I can only explain it to you . If you’re a leftist,  I can’t understand it for you.”

Here’s 7 hilarious tweets from Gov. Mike Huckabee 

1.First-Luciferian witch Kathy Griffin.

2.Kathy Griffin isn’t off the hook yet.

3. Kathy Griffin hogged alot of attention last week.

4. Wait-there’s more on the “comedian” who bullies children …

5.Best Kathy Griffin Tweet yet?

6.In response to cannibal Reza Aslan calling our President a POS

7. Huckabee’s take on global warming.

Mike Huckabee is a lot funnier than most “comedians” out there. Comedy has withered under the stoked fires of Trump-hate.

For the record, Rob Schneider comes out with some gems. Good to know we can still enjoy him. Hopefully a new entertainment and news industry will spring up that will embrace conservative values and offer a balance to the Globalist propaganda and promotion of cultural degradation.

Speaking of that idea, there is good news. Gov. Mike Huckabee will  have his own show this fall on TBN.

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