Ted Cruz is gaining new fans

After his shenanigans during the campaign, many Americans were hoping he’d be benched for life. But he’s making a comeback and scoring points-BIGLY!

Here’s 9 seriously epic Cruz-moves since the election:

1.  Calling out Castro. When Castro died Obama and the other leftist fascists gave him a glowing eulogy. But Cruz called the dictator a ” murderous tyrant and thug.” He also called out our “leaders’ for being overly cozy with Castro.  Especially powerful statements given his Cuban heritage.

2. Kate’s Law. His bill would impose a mandatory 5 year sentence for any illegal entry offense. The bill was named for Kate Steinle, who was shot and killed by an illegal who had several felony convictions and had been deported from the US five times.

3. Introduced the Obamacare Repeal Act. He wasted no time in repealing Obama’s signature disaster. No elaboration needed.

4. Praising School Choice. Yes! Drain the public school swamps! While they’re at it, it’d be nice if they could refuse to back student loans for colleges whose coursework is focused on promoting “Liberal” fascism and the destruction of the US. If parents want their kids to lose their minds, let ’em put the tuition on their card.

5. Bill to defund the UN. Kerry and Powers stabbed Israel in the back . Muslim sympathizer Barrack Obama gave the orders while he and his family enjoyed another gluttonous vaca in Hawaii.  Trump vowed to have Israel’s back. It was no doubt the last straw. Fed up with the UN the timing was perfect. Sen. Cruz quickly introduced a bill that will cut off UN funding.

6. The ” Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act.”  Sen. Cruz and Rep. Diaz-Balar introduced this bill that officially designates the  Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.  We’re not alone. Precedents have been set in the UK, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

7. Terrorism history on Gitmo detainees to be declassified . Obama arrogantly flaunted his love affair with terrorists by transferring, releasing and pardoning known terrorists from Guantanamo. Several were close associates of Osama Bin Laden. Senator Cruz responded with a bill that would disclose to the public the same information that the Defense Department and White House use to determine whether a detainee should be transferred or released.

8. “The State Refugee Security Act.” Crafted by both Sen. Cruz and Rep. Ted Poe empowers states to decide if they should accept “refugees”  They will be able to block the federal government from force feeding migrant settlements into their state if they’re not assured of their safety. Hopefully the state governments will carry out the will of the majority of the residents who voted for them.

9. Term limits on congress. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis introduced a constitutional amendment that would impose term limits on members of Congress. Come on! If that doesn’t make people from both sides of the aisle happy then we know they’re just addicted to hate!

10. Cruz tweeted a slam dunk with unexpected awesomeness.  Hater Deadspin  offered his Twitter followers a prize for sending him a pic of Ted Cruz playing basketball. Cruz quickly countered, including a pic of his doppelganger Grayson Allen “What do I win?” Deadspin dissolved with a typically lame “liberal” comeback. “Go eat shit.” Check out the tweets here…

So instead of pulling a Hillary by pouting, snarling, sleeping, seething and allegedly boozing, Cruz has not just emerged as a team player, but a superstar!

Gotta say that even though he was pummeled in the election, he’s a sharp contrast to Hillary, the sore loser lefties and the sulking RINOs.  They’re all behaving decidedly  UNpresidential since they lost.

No doubt that Ted Cruz is winning over a lot of new fans. And a special shout out to President Trump for encouraging others to share in the spotlight.

Ted Cruz gives us hope. He changed our minds.  Maybe he can help to change the minds of some on the left who are still capable of rational thought.  Maybe they’ll stop crying and start cheering our new administration.

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 What do you think of all the progress Ted Cruz is bringing to the table?
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