Mark Zuckerberg has sure gotten his fair share of angry emojis over the last year.

Most people who clicked on the angry face are not fond of globalists, even young shiny faced ones. MZ clearly  aligns himself with the most elite globalist scum on the planet who only have their own best interests at heart. They do glitzy charitable PR work while throwing  the people who created their wealth by buying their products and services under the bus. It ‘s no big deal to them that countries are destroyed. Not when there’s so much profit to be made from a one world government.

Z did not win a lot of hearts after guilt tripping  Americans on how they ought to gleefully allow fellow globalists to destroy our country with open borders.

Vanity Fair reported,

Last year, onstage at Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference, Zuckerberg decried the isolationism sweeping the country, taking an unsubtle jab at a certain presidential candidate’s plan to wall off Mexico from the United States. “I hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others,” he intoned. “Instead of building walls, we can build bridges.”

His hypocrisy was outed when he had totally pissed off his neighbors in Hawaii because of his 6 foot high stone wall of selfishness that destroyed their view.

Another a-hole alert.

He inspired a lot of users to find a new platform when he  joined Twitter and Google to crack down on the first amendment. The “Fake News” Force became the globalist-anointed “truth” police. Oddly enough, their idea of “fake news” always seems to target conservative voices or anyone who mentions Pizzagate.

They also crack down on “hate speech” but allow terrorists groups to party all over their pages. Twitter even allows feminazis a  #killallmen account. There’s no shortage of hate from the left, but their useful “liberal” idiots get a free pass.

If The International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) determines posts to be “fake” Facebook will flag it. It probably took  all of 2 seconds to link George Soros to the  crack-down on the free flow of information. A globalist’s worst nightmare.

Anyway, credit where credit is due.

Although it’s impossible to believe that he did it for humanitarian reasons, a new platform he’s rolling out on Facebook could help millions of people to find work or be recruited for a better opportunity.

Breaking911 reported,

Starting this week, Facebook users in the United States and Canada can search and apply for jobs directly from the social-media platform. It’s one more way Facebook is trying to expand its reach, particularly among low-wage, hourly workers who may not have profiles on job-search sites such as LinkedIn or Monster.com.

…Businesses can post jobs free through their profile pages. Users, meanwhile, can search for nearby listings and quickly apply for jobs by clicking an “Apply now” button. Facebook automatically fills in basic information, such as a user’s name, location and photo, into the application, which is sent to the business via Facebook Messenger.

This could be awesome for the 94 million that are out of work in this country.

Aside from the disastrous unemployment from the last 8 years, the online job search is a nightmare that only job seekers understand. Bogus job boards and scams abound.  Job seekers spend countless hours in vain combing through listings that often don’t actually exist. They tweak their resumes and cover letters and fill out lengthy applications. The send button is clicked and it all disappears into cyberspace. There’s rarely a response. Getting an interview is like winning the lottery. So this approach could clearly cut out a lot of the corruption of the “middle men”  and create a more seamless approach.

What funny timing.

Just as trump is proving the MSM to be irrelevant and bringing his message directly to the people, this new platform could likewise bridge the gap between HR and potential hires. The corrupted middle men aka job boards may join the MSM as being exposed for the parasitic phony purveyors of information that they are and find their revenue stream tanking. Won’t feel sorry for either of them.

However, Breaking911 also mentioned a couple of red flags.

Analysts say the new jobs feature is yet another way the social media site is testing how much privacy its 1.86 billion users are willing to sacrifice for the sake of convenience.

That’s just creepy. They continue…

…But not everyone is convinced the plan will work in the long run. Jan Dawson, chief analyst at Jackdaw Research in Provo, Utah, says users are likely to be wary of combining their personal profiles with professional pursuits. Although most applicants know potential employers may look through their social media accounts, he said that’s different from linking a user’s Facebook profile to their job application.

Privacy concerns are troubling when it comes to applying for jobs.  Most people now know not to give out their social security number until they’re filling out the new hire paperwork. But there’s a lot of information on a resume that could be used for identity theft. In addition there’s a lot of fake facebook pages out there. Ironically, the “fake news” cop Zuckerberg ought to clean his own house first. Estimates vary, but Mashable reported that 83 million facebook accounts are fake!

Have you ever used facebook to recruit or look for employment? Comment below!

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