AG Jeff Sessions Addressed Pedogate. It’s No “Conspiracy Theory.” It’s real. And it’s worse than we thought.

During a speech at a training seminar in Atlanta, GA Jeff Sessions addressed pedogate. The event was organized by the Justice Department’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The law enforcement officials who attended specialize in busting pedophiles and sex traffickers.  He spoke about the increasingly vile incidents of pedophilia and today’s technology that makes it easier to produce, to distribute and to access.

His full speech can be seen on the Department of Justice website.

Some of Session’s statements:

“All of our citizens deserve to live free from the threat of harm — especially our young people.   So our efforts to improve public safety will make the fight against child exploitation and human trafficking a top priority.”

“Almost everyone who works in law enforcement sees bad things…. But few confront evil as terrible as what you face every day. You stand up to predators who think nothing of destroying the souls of children just to make a buck or fulfill their own twisted fantasies.”

“You also have my commitment that as long as I am Attorney General, the Department of Justice will continue to strongly support your work.”

“Since its beginning almost two decades ago, the ICAC program [ Internet Crimes Against Children task force program] has grown into a network of 61 coordinated task forces.   They represent more than 4,500 federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies that combat computer-enabled child exploitation.”  

“By all accounts, the scourge of child exploitation is getting worse.”  

“We know that just here in the United States, many thousands of criminals are involved in this exploitation. Many millions of vile images and videos now circulate the globe, just a few clicks away for anyone who seeks them out.”  

“Investigations and prosecutions of child exploitation are increasing, while the victims are getting even younger.”

The term “Pizzagate” has morphed into “Pedogate.”

Partly because indie journalists, citizen investigators and even mainstream anchor, Ben Swan, were being shut down on their platforms and ridiculed by MSM.

But another reason is that the Pizza establishments that brought the story to national attention are only a part of a much bigger picture.

Pizzagate was much more DC-specific. Wikileaks emails that largely were sourced from Podesta’s account revealed a disturbing amount of images, vocabulary and allusions to pedophilia. Politicians involved included Podesta, Obama, and Hillary.

Pizzagate’s alarming connection of pedophilia to top politicians suggested that there may be an enormous pedophile ring operating out of the DC area and catering to Washington elites.

Pedogate refers to the problem internationally, but also involves high ranking politicians and business moguls.

Jeff Sessions addressed Pedogate squarely and laid to rest any doubts that it is no  “conspiracy theory,” but all too real.

The question about the mere existence of Pedogate has been answered.

Questions that remain are:

  • Why did MSM scramble to shut down the earth shaking story of Pizzagate? Why did they  “debunk” it without investigating? Surely they wouldn’t go to so much trouble for the local perv who lives across the street from  a schoolyard.
  • Why did scoffers buy into MSM’s ridicule when this stuff has been going on for years? Examples include the Catholic Church, Jimmy Savile, the Elm Guest House and Boy’s Town.
  • For what reason did Hillary and Bill Clinton bail out Laura Silsby, a woman who was  convicted of child sex trafficking in Haiti? Who does that?
  • In spite of her conviction, why does Laura Silsby work for Alert Sense, a company that provides technology for Amber Alert?
  • Why didn’t Obama’s DOJ crack down to the degree that the Trump administration already has?
  • Why was pedophilia  allowed to flourish under Obama’s watch?

The questions are as endless as the evidence that was collected by indie journalists and citizen investigators ever since the story broke.

Pervy politicians hail from both sides of the political aisle.

In spite of an overwhelming history of elites and politicians engaging in these twisted activities, some people still find it hard to believe that wealthy politicians could be pedophiles. Yet they have no problem believing they’re promiscuous or corrupt in other ways.

Just a few examples:

  •  Anthony Wiener( texting to a minor while lying next to his toddler son)
  • Bill DeBlasio’s sick staffer whose  sick “entertainment” included infants.
  • Senator Ralph Shortey found in a motel with an underage boy.
  • Obama bundler Terrence Bean and his boyfriend raped an underage boy.
  • State House of Reps coordinator Michael Chmielewski arrested in part of a sting. He left his son home alone to meet (he thought) a 14 year old girl.
  • Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert-a serial sex offender of young boys.

Yup. Politicians are as sick and skeevy as as the sleezeball waiting at the next highway rest stop. But no one should get away with preying on innocent children.

Jeff Sessions addressed Pedogate. He knows this evil exists.

Not only is he well aware of it due to his experience in the field, but through the Washington scum he’s forced to rub elbows with.

In case you missed it, there are a LOT of videos showing “Creepy Joe Biden” fondling children in public. This video shows Jeff Sessions smacking Biden’s hand away from his little granddaughter.  Sorry I couldn’t find a shorter one with good quality. Headsup-there’s  bit of bad language…

President Trump vowed to put an end to the evil of child sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. 

Since President Trump took office there has been an unprecedented amount of pedophile arrests. MSM has been suspiciously silent about that as well.

It makes you wonder if Pedogate and/or Pizzagate is why Jeff Sessions had such a hard time being confirmed for AG in spite of his stellar experience.

What did you think of Session’s hand swat?  Do you think  videos of “creepy Joe Biden” will interfere with his run in 2020? Comment below!