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Alan Dershowitz Schools Berkeley on the First Amendment.

Alan Dershowitz may sue Berkeley

Alan Dershowitz may sue Berkeley for violating his First Amendment rights. He’d be representing us all.

Renowned legal scholar and Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz has been an amazing example of what a Democrat should be-someone who cares about all Americans and our constitution.

A frequent guest on Fox News, he has spoken up in a bipartisan way as this country and our constitution is being destroyed by the enemy within.

He spoke up about the 9th Circuit blocking President Trump’s travel ban, citing it as being politically motivated and said it “was not a solid decision.”

When he spoke up to support President Trump’s right to fire James Comey he was punished by the New York Times. He said The New York Times is ignoring me because “I don’t have the right point of view.”

By saying that the Mueller investigation “endangers democracy” he has received intense backlash from those who would love to overturn our election. He nailed the witch hunt as a holdover from the Stalin era when “Lavrentiy Beria, the head of the KGB, said to Stalin. “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.” His concern is that we are becoming too quick to criminalize people who are political opponents.

Now he’s going after Berkeley.

He’s challenging their guidelines for speakers.

The Daily Caller reports,

“There is an eight-week delay for speakers the school deems “high profile,” but Dershowitz claimed on “Fox and Friends” they get around this rule by issuing a department invite to certain speakers.

“So we have the eight week barrier. Whereas anti-Israel speakers don’t have the eight-week barrier, and I’m going to sue Berkeley if they don’t allow me to speak. They may make me wait eight weeks and allow anti-Israel speakers to come within three or four days. That’s a lawsuit,” he said.”

His other points nailed Berkeley’s  attack on the First Amendment:
  • Berkely is a public university. Therefore they must abide by the First Amendment and give equal opportunity to all speakers.
  • Berkeley cannot impose one rule on pro-Israel speakers and one rule on anti-Israel speakers.
  • If the school were hosting a famous progressive actor they would never make them wait eight weeks.
  • If they do not honor the first amendment they should not receive federal funds.
  • Protests have nothing to do with the content of a speaker’s arguments but are strictly meant to “shout down” speakers.
His well publicized threat to Berkeley offers other speakers , such as Ann Coulter and MILO a path to follow.

Of course due to Soros-funded student protests, what could end up happening is that it will cost universities so much in security to host a “controversial” aka conservative speaker that they may be forced to shut all speakers down.

Recently Ben Shapiro spoke there and the cost for security was through the roof. He tweeted, “Free speech isn’t free. It costs over $600,000 thanks to Antifa.”

If Universities continue along this path, they should definitely be cut off from Federal support. Why should taxpayers have to foot the bill for their own demise?

This could be a truly epic lawsuit that will benefit all Americans-even angry students who #resist  being educated. We couldn’t ask for a better lawyer to represent us.

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  1. This is exactly what needs to be done. By pulling the Rug out from under their ridicules claims and shining the Light of truth upon it, their true intentions will be laid bare. The Left cannot hide from the Truth, they can only try to suppress it !

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