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Alert: The Left Could Weaponize Sandy Hook Against President Trump

Sandy Hook could be used as a weapon aimed at President Trump

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The Alex Jones/Megyn Kelly interview has reopened old Sandy Hook wounds. It has also had an unfortunate side effect of turning some  conservatives against each other.

Some conservatives believe that the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was an elaborate hoax to wage war on our second amendment.  Others say “truthers” are unconscionable idiots.

One thing is certain.The Left could weaponize Sandy Hook against our President.

The Kelly/Jones interview is reviving the issue.

See “Megyn Kelly Alex Jones  interview reopens Sandy Hook Wounds.”

Sandy Hook victims are threatening to sue NBC for airing the interview. They claim the “show legitimizes claim that the shooting was faked.”  There are already signs that President Trump will be roped into the ugly mess.

The last thing we need is for the Right to be divided. 

Some are divided due to their opinion of Alex Jones. Others are horrified that some “truthers” claim that the Sandy Hook massacre never happened.

Click here for official narrative of Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

The subversive Globalist Left has thus far been unsuccessful in their attempts to launch a coup. But the Kelly/Jones interview and the renewal of interest in Sandy Hook “truthers” calling the incident a hoax offers another way for the Left to overturn our election and take our President down.

With so much going on, it’s understandable that the ploy to weaponize Sandy Hook slipped under the radar.

Last April CBS News published an article with the headline, “Newton Leaders Call on President Trump to Denounce Sandy Hook Conspiracies.” 

The story is crafted in a way as to fully discredit Alex Jones and simultaneously paint a picture of our President as a fan who also embraces “conspiracy theories.”

Most importantly the article employs a guilt by association tactic. CBS  implies that since President Trump has watched Infowars and spoken to Alex Jones, he must also believe that the Sandy Hook massacre that claimed the lives of 20 children and 6 school staffers never happened. (Jones denies that statement)

CBS apparently strives for readers to conclude that if President Trump doesn’t meet the parents’ demands to denounce as instructed, that he, like Jones, is a kook.

An excerpt from the April 18th CBS story,

“Members of the Newtown Board of Education hoped a newly elected President Donald Trump would speak out against a famous conspiracy theorist and others who question the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. Two months later, they have yet to receive a response. …

The letter singled out Alex Jones, a radio host whose “Infowars” programming has alleged the massacre was a hoax. As a candidate, Trump voiced admiration for Jones during a December 2015 interview, telling Jones: “Your reputation is amazing. I will not let you down.”

The school board wrote to Trump: “We are asking you to intervene to try to stop Jones and other hoaxers like him,” urging him to “clearly and unequivocally” recognize that 20 children and six adults were killed at the school more than four years ago.

In response to questions from The Associated Press about the school board’s letter, the White House said: “President Trump has been quite clear that we, as a nation, are united in condemning hate and evil in all its forms.” …

In the days following the mass shooting, Trump used Twitter to express condolences to the Newtown families, saying it was “heartbreaking “ to see the photos of the young Sandy Hook victims and saying “it was a horrible day for Newtown, CT and our country.”

Clearly Sandy Hook is another weapon aimed at our President.

Sandy Hook victims have called upon President Trump to renounce the hoax. But how can he do that  if he hasn’t seen all the evidence? After seeing how polluted and politicized our DOJ and Intel agencies became under Obama, should he just take their word for it?

It’s vital that we find common ground to unite and to shield the President.

We can fully expect that we will have to make arguments on social media, so it’s best to prepare and organize our debate points now.

Even if you thing that  the “Sandy Hook was an elaborate hoax”  theory is vile, unconscionable hogwash, we can probably still agree on these three points.

And these three points are enough: 

1)  We all have a right to ask questions.

2)  There has been an ongoing pattern of our government carrying  out unthinkable crimes and lying about it. So “truthers” have understandably lost their confidence in the government to tell us the truth.  A natural response from having been betrayed.

3)  The government also has a track record of exploiting tragedies to take away our second amendment rights and disarm the population.

Know that there are two distinctly different truther views.

1) It never happened-it was all staged using “crisis actors.”

2) It did happen. Children and staffers were brutally murdered. But they claim that the government exploited the tragedy to take away our 2nd amendment rights.

IMO #2 is undeniable. 

It seems that #2 is a fact. We’ve seen the Democrats howl for gun control immediately after every tragedy.  Sandy Hook provided the perfect opportunity.

The problem is their gun control argument always falls flat.

  • We’re seeing this MO in action right now in response to the GOP shooting. Only in the mind of a “Liberal” does it make sense for conservatives, who were shot by a Liberal terrorist, to be denied the right to carry a weapon to protect themselves against Liberal terrorists. It was only because some good people had guns at the scene that the entire baseball field did not become a blood bath. But the Dems, who by and large seem happy that the conservative was almost murdered, are calling for  gun control.
  • Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, opened fire at a Christmas party in San Bernadino, Ca. It was easy for them to kill 14 unarmed people and injure 22 others. If a good guy with a gun had been present, they would have been stopped in their tracks. Many lives would have been saved, not taken. But Obama called for gun control.
  • Omar Mateen  was allowed to open fire on a defenseless, unarmed crowd at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. He killed  49 people and wounded 58 others. Obama immediately cited guns, not terrorists, as the problem.
  • How many children in Newtown Ct would be alive today, had some good guys with guns been present? As the nation was struck with grief and horror, Obama called for gun control.

As nut jobs and radical Islamic and Liberal terrorists kill people in cold blood with guns, the Left twists the the idea that that is the way all gun owners behave.

Common ground.

1) We all have the right to ask questions.

2) We may not all agree that Sandy Hook could have been an elaborate hoax. But we can agree that their rush to disarm citizens in response to the tragedy is part of the Globalist Left’s MO. As their darling national traitor Mayor of Chicago Rham Emmanuel said, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

Ridicule is the first and last argument of a fool. ~Charles Simmons.

We all have the right to ask questions. Even if we have to face ridicule.

We all deserve proper investigations and disclosure. Until those rights are respected, until faith in our government and intelligence agencies is fully restored, there will always be conspiracy theorists.

President Trump cannot debunk Sandy Hook at this time. Demanding that of him is just a trap. Until there is a proper investigation he cannot reach a conclusion. Only Democrats are allowed to reach conclusions without evidence.

Leonard Pozner lost his 6 year old son, Noah who was murdered by gunman Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook. He was interviewed in the CBS story. His quote sums it up.

“Pozner said he doubts the school board’s appeal to Trump will do much to sway anybody who believes the shooting that killed his son was some kind of hoax.

I don’t think the president can do anything about this conspiracy theory, even if he wanted to. The origin of conspiracy theories is a mistrust of government.

Do you agree that the Sandy Hook conspiracy theory issue could be weaponized against our President? Comment below!


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  1. I think this is a far reach to stir up trouble for Trump. Trump is way too smart to fall for this game. Don’t think he’s going to jump in like Obama did with Trayvon Martin and make it personal by saying something stupid like Obama did. Totally different situations. As a matter of fact, good guys with the guns won this time. The left would be stupid to bring this up because most of the mass murders have been by democrats and/or democrat raised offspring in gun free zones. I can’t see that this would work to their advantage.

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