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The Alpha Male is Back! Rex Tillerson Rode With Rolling Thunder!

Rex Tillerson Rode With Rolling Thunder!

Image Conservative Treehouse

MAKAA-Make America Kick Ass Again! Rex Tillerson rode with Rolling Thunder to honor vets on Memorial Day!

In a glorious moment our Secretary of State Rex Tillerson rode with Rolling Thunder to ride through the streets of DC to honor our vets on Memorial Day.

This marked the 30th year of The Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom  annual event. Bikers take to the streets to honor POW’s and MIA’s. Their mission is to raise awareness and not give up until every last POW and MIA is found.

Yeah, sane Americans are getting fed up with beta males, pajama boys and therapy-starved souls who suffer from gender dysphoria.

We’re sick of the war on men. The Globalists want to shame them and take away their power.  Not only to reason, to speak, to worship,  to fight insanity with reason to enjoy free press, to enjoy their right to bear arms….

the vampires also want to suck the testosterone-driven life force out of them. 

The media is complicit as always. If it weren’t for Twitter and the alternative news source, Conservative Treehouse, you wouldn’t be reading this post. it wasn’t easy finding  stories that included T-Rex.

The last image the Globalist Left wants burned in your mind is the pride and awe you’ll feel when you see our Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with Rolling Thunder.


Finally I located the story in Reuters.

But they made no mention of Rex Tillerson at the Rolling Thunder event.

Reuters reported,

“The streets of Washington and the surrounding area echoed with the rumble of thousands of motorcycles on Sunday as veterans and their supporters gathered for the main events of the annual Rolling Thunder rally.

The Rolling Thunder organization — which emphasizes prisoner of war and missing in action issues but also supports various efforts to aid veterans — expected hundreds of thousands of participants for its 24th annual event.

They didn’t mention T-Rex but..

They did make sure to mention one political figure  who attended. Sarah Palin. Apparently not everyone was happy to see her there because they felt she was using the event for political gain.  But apparently  it was a good opportunity for Reuters to mention her for the Left’s political gain.

Maybe T-Rex was low key because while he honored the Rolling Thunder bikers he didn’t want to steal the spotlight from their organization or their mission.

Class act all the way.

Many thanks to Rolling Thunder and all the Vets who served our country.

Prayers for those still missing.

If you have a family member you’d like to honor, put their name or names in the comment section below!

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  1. I’m commenting to honor my Dad, Richard O’Donnell.He served in World War ll. ~Diane IMOwired.

  2. Grace

    I wish I could share this post but FB blocks my posts.

    Thank you for your fascinating post.

    • Thank you so much! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with facebook. We’re all going to have to find an alternative and commit to it.

  3. Mary Jean Martin-Van Deusen

    I honor my dad, Donald W. Martin who is 95 years, lives in California with my sister. He served in WWII and was actually spared by a dud Schindler shell–because I wouldn’t be here now if he had not been. Love you, Daddy!!

  4. Anita

    Commenting here in honor of another brave Alpha Male, my dad, Ervin James Thomson, who served as a lead land mine-sweeper in WWII.

  5. mary jolley-letempt

    For my dad Joel B Jolley, WWII, member of the SRI.

  6. Janine

    Thank you for your service and Rest In Peace my wonderful dad Robert G Smith who served in WWII

  7. Jean Goncalves

    God bless our military men and women! We owe them so much.

Comments appreciated!

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