Amazon employees have come forward to confess that they pee into bottles for fear that taking an actual bathroom break will get them fired.

But don’t worry. The dogs that are allowed to come to work with Amazon slavesemployees are treated like royalty.

Some of the staff’s comments as reported on Breitbart:

For those of us who worked on the top floor, the closest toilets were down four flights of stairs…”People just peed in bottles because they lived in fear of being ­disciplined over ‘idle time’ and ­losing their jobs just because they needed the loo.”

“[Targets] have increased dramatically. I do not drink water because I do not have time to go to the toilet.”

“The target grows every year. I do not have two more legs yet to make the 100% to pick, where you actually need to run and go to the toilet just during the break.”

Other employees even admitted to not drinking water throughout their work shift for fear of having to use the toilet.

Last year, another undercover investigation revealed that Amazon warehouse employees were worked to exhaustion, causing employees to pass out at work. Even though the warehouse staff had resources to make their job easier. The warehouse staff have been provided comfy shoes, high ladders – (for example, here are some similar ones available on Platforms and Ladders) and an iPad to scan the items. Amazon has been advised to give their warehouse employees extra breaks.

“Their toilet breaks are timed, and the (reportedly disgusting and ill-maintained) toilets are over a quarter mile away within the vast complex… Inactivity at the station is timed, even for those breaks, so employees are often forced to keep themselves from even going to the bathroom, lest it take too long.” A decent business would allow its employees to take bathroom breaks whenever they’re needed without them needing to fear repercussion for doing so. Most large businesses supply their employees with high-end restroom facilities, some even complete with Industrial hand dryers that filter 99.9% of bacteria so they don’t spread illnesses around the workforce.

Amazon was recently granted patents for employee wristbands, which would “pinpoint the location of warehouse employees and track their hand movements in real time,” while also telling employees where to go.

This is a window into life under the oppressive thumb of the New World Order elites. This is what the Leftist Idiot Army is fighting for.

When someone on the Right sounds the alarm to a programmed Leftist zombie about the New World Order agenda, they respond with Tin Hat ridicule. If they do comprehend that they’re being warned of a One Global Government they shrug it off with bizarre naiveté.

Somehow the programmed Left imagines world leaders and corrupted government agencies to be the bastion of integrity and benevolence. They seem to believe that placing the well being of the population into the hands of a few unelected elite officials is going to end well for them.

In the next breath they rail against rich white people- who would actually head the One Global Government-as being the cause of all the evil on earth.

Amazon has been in President Trump’s crosshairs lately.

President Trump called out Jeff Bezos’s deal with the US Post Office. The Post Office is being crushed by the deal they cut with the bald headed devil while Bezos is raking in an unimaginable fortune.

Like other online retailers, Amazon also profits by crushing local competition because they don’t have to charge sales tax to customers.

What happened to Teddy Roosevelt’s monopoly busting?

You’d think that monopoly-busting would be one part of history that Sanders-fans and rich-white-man-haters would seek to restore.

Have businesses like Amazon and Facebook become too big to fail?

In the past, Big Box retailers and malls gobbled up towns, destroying Main Street retailers. They were in expansion mode and felt they were invincible.

Then it was their turn-online shopping has all but wiped them out. Chain stores and malls across America have become abandoned-eerie monster carcasses looming within the towns they destroyed.

Is Amazon invincible? As towns bid for an Amazon warehouse to settle in and enslave their residents, what would happen if Amazon tanked or moved out?

Are these mega monster businesses too big in terms of political clout?

Bezos owns Washington Post-one of the most notorious anti-Trump, pro-Hillary pro-Globalist publications out there. John Podesta’s on the payroll. WaPo received a $600 million dollar contract from the CIA. Why are we footing the bill for our own destruction?

Bezos just passed 100,000,000 Amazon Prime subscriptions. Do people really understand the long term expense of free shipping?

This horrific, inhumane snapshot of human beings being treated like pre-robotic placeholders should provide a wake up call that would rouse even the most programmed of zombies. Whilst workers in Amazon’s warehouses feel they are being treated unfairly, delivery drivers may argue that they have a better deal. Amazon’s fleet of drivers enjoy flexible hours and fair pay. However, some people don’t want to work for Amazon. This is understandable as some of the reports can make the company seem like they mistreat their workers. If people did want a delivery job, or a job in the transportation industry, they could consider using Tenstreet to find better employers and job opportunities. However, Amazon are normally looking for drivers.

Are you hooked on Amazon? Would you have the stomach to boycott or pull back? How disappointed would you be if we had to pay sales tax on internet sales to level the playing field for local businesses? Do you feel that Amazon is enjoying too many perks at taxpayer’s expense? Are you concerned about the unchecked powers of monopolies?

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