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Another Female Teacher Arrested for Having Sex With Students. Funny?

Lorene Goline, female teacher from arkansas arrested



Jess Lorene Goline is a perpetrator of the epidemic of female teachers arrested for having sex with students.

In a story reminiscent of a plotline from somewhere like, the married 25 year old female teacher from Arkansas was arrested for having sex with four students. Two of them in one day. Because only one was under 18, there will be only one criminal charge.

Fox reported the following:

  • Goline contacted the students via text message, which became more and more sexual in nature.
  • One of the students stated Goline texted him and asked him to go to her apartment, where they later had sexual intercourse.
  • Another student said Goline picked him up, then drove him to her apartment where they had sex twice.
  • Another student also visited Goline’s apartment that same night.
  • A third student told Arkansas State Police that Goline sent him sexually explicit texts, including a photo of herself in undergarments. The student said Goline commented on “how good he looked in class,” and “texted him that she would like to have sex with him but he was too young.”
  • Goline went to Principal Matt Wright’s office crying, while he was in the midst of reporting the situation to the Arkansas Crimes Against Children hotline.
  • When Wright asked if she had any inappropriate contact with students, Goline allegedly said, “I’m not going to lose my husband,” but added, “We had sex.”

Since the IMOwired post listing these incidents state by state there have been many more high profile arrests in the school swamps.

See “State by State 2017. Sexual Abuse by School Staff. Which State Had Zero?”

Eric Owens of The Daily Caller thought it was real funny.

Incredibly, he’s their Education Editor. My response was something to this effect…

“It is very tempting for a lot of people to laugh about young men being preyed upon by “cougar” teachers. Yet we are horrified when male teachers molest students.

It’s not in the best interests of kids for us to maintain this double standard.

It’s not the “good ol’ days” where a guy could just high five his friends because he “banged the hot teacher.” These women, who are overstepping their professional bounds, betray the trust of parents and their employers.

They also betray The Association of American Educators Code of Conduct which states that educators must make “a constructive effort to protect the student from conditions detrimental to learning, health, or safety.”

In addition, not all of these “cougars” are so cute. Some of them are downright hideous. I make this point because being preyed upon by some revolting teacher is not the stuff that happy memories are made of.

Some young boys are sodomized by these vile female predators.

If that’s not alarming enough, not all boys react the same way. Some have been bullied by classmates. Others were suicidal after their encounters. On a couple of occasions, vulnerable boys were brought into the homes of sick female predators in a “foster” situation in order to service their sexual needs.

There is no way to know what the long term consequences will be for these young men. It may effect their self esteem, their attitude towards women in general, and possibly their relationship with their future wives.

These selfish women have no concern for their victims or their families. There is also no concern for their own husbands, children and families.

I get that these kind of stories may appear sexy when presented by professionals such as the people at, but in reality these teachers are sick and selfish.

I’d just ask that those who are tempted to make a joke out of this give this epidemic some serious thought. Because it has serious and sometimes tragic ramifications.”

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The Daily Caller-joking about it.


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  1. Matthew Ford

    I was abused and nobody took me seriously. Catch 22 was everywhere! Slapping a girl for bugging you or doing things to you after your keep telling her to stop, is wrong. But if a girl gets upset at something you said and slaps you… that’s okay???

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