DHS and the FBI declared Antifa a Domestic Terror Organization way back in  April of 2016.

Rack one up for Chris Christie-New Jersey had declared-loud and clear-Antifa a domestic terror organization through their Office of Homeland Security. But apparently all states should have done the same. And politicians and MSM shouldn’t have praised them as “Peace Activists.”

See “New Jersey Declared Antifa a Domestic Terror Organization”

This raises some interesting Q’s :
  • Why did DHS and the FBI allow Americans to be so chronically upset that they were compelled  to create petitions to declare Antifa a domestic terror organization when it already had been?
  • Why didn’t members of Congress who had access to this kind of information not come forward when Antifa first started rioting and assaulting innocent Americans?
  • Will politicians who defended Antifa be charged with aiding and abetting domestic terrorists?
  • If “respected journalists” had done their homework they would have known this instead of calling Antifa peaceful activists. Were they lazy or complicit?
  • Why did so many politicians, including Paul Ryan, align themselves with Antifa?
  • Why was all the pressure on President Trump to disavow White Supremacists but there was no pressure for Dem and RINO politicians to disavow Antifa?
  • Why didn’t anyone from DHS or the FBI come to President Trump’s defense when he took so much heat for calling out Antifa’s violence?
  • Will Mayors who gave “stand down” orders to cops dealing with Antifa violence be charged with aiding and abetting terrorists?
  • Hillary, Loretta Lynch, Robert Reich and others won’t admit it but they  knowingly egged Antifa on with their calls to take their #Resistance to the streets. Will anyone ever be charged with sedition?
  • Will George Soros be charged as the head of a domestic terror organization, since he funded Antifa? Has he funded them since the DHS and FBI quietly declared Antifa a domestic terror organization?
  • Will Tim Kaine’s losery son Linwood now be considered a terrorist? He was arrested in May of last year-one month after Antifa was declared a domestic terror organization. The Washington Times reported that little Linwood “was among a small group who put on black clothing and covered their faces prior to the protest. Other members of the group are accused of setting off smoke bombs, tear gas and fireworks.”
  • Will President Trump ever receive one single apology?

Sure, most of these are rhetorical, if not downright silly  questions.

But on the plus side, the Feds are now tracking Antifa’s every move. It’s not for no reason that Antifa claimed to have no one HQ, but operated as isolated groups. However, if it can be proven that they were, in fact, organizing with groups in other states and overseas it could be a whole new ball game.

  • Globalist Dems and RINOs colluded with Antifa-a terrorist organization- to bring down the US, just as they do with BLM and Radical Islamists.
  • MSM “Journalists” who either did not do their homework or who were colluding should not be allowed in the White House to attend press conferences.
  •  Amazon’s sales of black jackets and bandannas are going to suffer a slump. Pathetic Pajama Boys and fat obnoxious Antifa chicks are going to have to get some real jobs.

What do you think? Was it a case of ignorance or ignoring? Comment below!


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