An Antifa Manual has recently surfaced.

The pathological propaganda tool is designed to please their NWO Pimps.  The Antifa Manual glorifies the New World Order and promotes microchipping!

It’s hard to believe that anyone could be this stupid and uninformed. Thank you, College Swamps. The Antifa Manual/Manifesto was unearthed on campus at Evergreen College. Other reports claim it was dropped in Charlottesville.

It definitely appears to be written by one author, as the style is unique (as in mentally warped) and consistent. Since Antifa allegedly does not have one single HQ it could be that some loser was inspired and stayed up all night creating this prototype as a means to please his or her or prefers-not-to-say peers and higher-ups by offering a single uniting vision.

Or  it could have been penned by a CIA mind control expert-planting seeds to counteract and reverse concerns about the New World Order agenda. Or  to discredit those who fall for the hoax.

See if you think it’s the real deal. Even if this psychotic political psychobabble is proven to be a hoax, it offers truth-laden satire at it’s best. No need to discard it.

Red and Black=Blood and Soil=”Nazi-hating” Antifas=Nazis

The urine and feces hurling army of angry pajama boys and bitter thunder-thighed chicks who can’t get the hot guys are destroying their young lives fighting  on behalf of everything and everyone they claim to hate.

“Nazi hating” Antifa works on behalf of actual hard core Nazis and their collaborators. Not hyperbole. Fact.

Beginning around 2012, Obama, Hillary, RINO McCain  and Victoria Nuland collaborated with Nazi Party Leader Oleh Tyahnybok in the Ukraine. The mission was a coup and it was funded by the same  guy who sponsors Antifa-their Globalist Godfather and Nazi collaborator- George Soros.

See #77 of “#100+ Facts That Prove Democrats Are Racist Nazis”

The tiki torches were a common denominator in both Charlottesville and the Ukraine. So were the red and black colors of Antifa and their “Blood and Soil” chant that is rooted in the Nazi Party. Surely this is no coincidence.

Cover of Antifa Manual

The warning states, “Do not distribute to any cis white males Non PoC Non LGBTQ peoples a.k.a. fascists”

PoC means People of color. It wouldn’t be too surprising that the self-loathing white PJ boys would write this. But it’s a bit off that the manual was intended only for  the gay community and that they left the “I” off the confused gender alphabet soup.

The attempt to make a manual appear to be written on an old Underwood gets busted with the title being printed in “Stencil” font. The creatively staged drink stain must be from  a Starbucks double latte paid with the balance left on last year’s stocking stuffer.

Page 1  Intro and White Privilege

Intro as “the” Antifa manual. However, there’s supposedly not really any one HQ. It’s as scattered as their ability to string more than 3 cohesive thoughts together.

However, there is one supreme ruler of  the self proclaimed anti-Nazi group-George Soros-an admitted Nazi collaborator.

The “White Privilege” page proceeds to demonize the “cis white male power structure” that is responsible for all evils on earth-going back thousands of years.

It’s true most Antifa members are white males. but this is the generation that’s been programmed to hate this country, themselves, and even their own gender.

As the manual states that cis white males are responsible for the “greatest evil mankind has ever known” they cite Hitler and the slave traders of old. Yet Antifa is, in reality, tied to Hitler himself.

Aside from their Sugar Daddy Soros who is a Nazi collaborator they side with all countries and ideologies that seek to eradicate Israel and to wipe every last Jew off the face of the earth.

They also cite “slave traders of old” as if they were all white. Had they not been excused from history class to cry after ol’ Hillary lost, they might have learned that the slave traders of old often purchased slaves from black slave traders.  They may have also learned that some of the first slave owners in this country weren’t just Democrats-they were black. Oh well.  Antifa-churning colleges probably leave that part out of the curriculum anyway.

There’s also an admonishment “Never indulge any fantasy by the fascists that white men have also cured diseases, lifted people out of poverty… or any other facetious claim they make…”  Well it sure sounds stupid enough to be real.

Page 2 White Privilege

Supposedly the evil cis white males only achieved anything “though rape and plunder.” The solution? Of course! “Create a New World Order a.k.a. One World Government.” This will solve everything and Antifa and their PoC, Gay, and disabled folks will live in Paradise. The NWO will be for the “protection and betterment of all humanity.” Gosh. That sounds manipulated enough to be real. At any rate,  it does reflect the truth of who they’re fighting for.

Page 3 Creating a culture of tolerance

Here’s where it tastes really satirical…

“To create a culture of tolerance we must first eliminate all forms of hate speech..”

“Every idea critical of our way of thinking must be condemned as racist,  homophobic, misogynist, etc.”

“…When all else fails, compare someone to Hitler.”

“…Our color, my blackness for example, comes first. It defines who I am. Black first, American second. Gay/Lesbian first, little person/dwarf second, American third and so on.”

Crashing the borders

Crashing the borders  provides a means to bring in as many PoC as possible.

According to the manual, “pics of dead babies washing ashore” should be used to invoke  white guilt to bring in more refugees from Syria. That actually worked. They probably still don’t know that the viral pic of “ambulance boy” was proven to be a hoax. Their Hillary didn’t either when she mentioned it during one of the debates.

Goal-by 2117  70% of the US population should be non-white. Sounds like they’re just stating current trends there.

Page 4 Control the media.

Here the “clever” Antifa will manipulate and disguise their intentions to entice white people in the media to swing more in their favor. Doesn’t seem like that’s really necessary. Even Reuters called them “peace activists” in spite of videos proving otherwise.

Also-bash anyone on social media with “misogynist, Hitler, racist.” Mission accomplished-that’s been the MO for awhile.

The next plan is to acknowledge that they’ve learned everything about their movement  in college-so others need to as well-but even earlier in their lives. The manual encourages members to go into the teaching profession to get  to little kids.  “Teach little Tiffany not only how to read good, but also how to think and act good.”

LOL It’s hard to teach what you don’t know.

Page 5 “Believe the way we do or you’ll be fired.”

Threaten white fascists” and “cis white males” with loss of their livelihood if they speak out.  We’ve seen that in action already.

Page 5 &6 Socialization of Capital

It’s telling that the Manifesto mentions the need to fight for “single payer healthcare.” Like kids this age are all fired up about health insurance.

The Dems and  Big Pharma sure are though. It’s also in their best interests to implode the US economy and create Socialism-the dangling carrot to the NWO.

There was a great deal of ranting about health care and how once PoC  flood the country it will be easier to hold political office. Also mumbles about wars on  the media and  how evil white rich people should pay higher taxes to redistribute their wealth. Oh-and don’t let them off the hook even if they already paid reparations.

The rambling disconnect of the rant rings true. Anyone who’s had the unfortunate experience to view one of their social media posts will recognize the style.

Page 6 Speeding Up Progress

The strategy to eliminate the evil white population is to portray childless white couples as “being sexy, hip and cool.”

The author also states that abortion on demand and  “lowering the bar on access to birth control in these communities” will reduce the population.

But wait-if all white people are wealthy why would they need Planned Parenthood’s services that implement eugenics on poverty stricken neighborhoods?

They continue by saying that rich white people can  afford abortions and travel out of state if necessary. That’s a typical disconnect exhibited by the hate-addled uninformed mind of Antifabots.

Page 7-New World Order

This absurd rant promises Paradise via the New World Order.

“…a world free of hatred and bigotry where you’ll never have to be called the n* word again and where you can be as gay as you want without being called a raging dick-sucking fa**ot.  Antif ideas reign supreme and all hateful, microagressive speech is eradicated.”

This would ironically be accomplished by having the toxic hateful Antifa micro-manage every human being on earth. Because they would of course, be in charge.

They’d be equipped to tag and microchip the population. With “a wave of a wand” they could detect the entire genetic makeup of a person and decide if they were allowed to use rap-inspired variations of the n-word, depending on the percentage of African American blood the person had.

As foolish as it all sounds, it reflects the idiocy shared by all low-level corrupt politicians, Radical Islamic thugs, and other radicalized Leftist armies.  They actually believe the Globalist elite will choose them to survive, and even hold positions of power. They are naive and dumb enough to believe that those on the top of the pyramid-the most evil, white people on the planet-have their best interests at heart.

The orchestrator of this vision of a peaceful Paradise claims that Antifa is against mass murder, but it’s OK if Muslims blow themselves up for their cause-since cis white males have had such an impact on their culture. Bin Laden attacked the Twin Towers because we bombed Hiroshima. And Palestinians are “clearly victims” of the “protected class” of Jews. Huh. There’s that sneaky Nazi thing again.

Page 8-One World Government

If it weren’t for seeing Sasha Baron in action, it would seem impossible that anyone could sustain such a quirky character for so long. Page 8 is the last of the lunacy and again glorifies the “One World Government.”

The author declares that Antifa will, as it already has, spread globally.

The poverty stricken in Africa will be lifted out of poverty, as will their brothers and sisters here at home, once the wealth of the 1% is distributed to them.

OK the closing remarks go over the top.

The manual states that “those who can’t work will be supplied a stipend and an unlimited supply of opiates, marijuana, meth, and cocaine to occupy their free time.”

This either proves the document is a spoof or it could give a clue as to what type of brain crunching cocktail inspired this psychotic dribble.

If it’s the latter, we can only hope that the author continues to indulge him, her or prefers-not-to say-self into oblivion. Or gets some major help asap.

Stupid is forever

It’s sad that  Antifa youth will not enjoy bittersweet memories of summer jobs and summer love. Instead they’ll be burdened with the ramifications of a hijacked summer bubbling over with unbridled hatred toward an entire group of Americans that actually support Jews and Israel. Thanks to the school and college swamps  the indoctrinated youth is fighting on behalf of the team that seeks to destroy Israel and all Jews-the Globalist racist Nazi Left.

If they ever wake up to this reality, these will be cringeworthy memories filled with the insufferable pain of regret and remorse.

When time is gone it’s lost forever. Statues may topple but truth is eternal.

Share this and truthbomb the Leftist lies and the Trump/Racist Hoax!

What’s your take on the Antifa Manual? Comment below!


Harrisburg100 and other assorted fringe publications. Follow link for close up of pages.

Special thanks-Patti Serafine for the headsup

Special thanks to Robert Marley for the headsup and clear images