Law enforcement and the CIA have had their asses kicked by 4chan!They busted a masked Antifa terrorist.*

Last weekend an Antifa terrorist assaulted Sean Stiles, a Trump supporter. The unexpected assault bloodied the victim’s head and made him so weak that he had to lie down. The disturbing assault can be seen at 0:17  below.

The poor guy. The sound of that crack was dreadful.

Police in Berkeley refused to come to the aid of Trump supporters. The insanely hypocritical “Antifascists”  were free to assault anyone who had an opinion  different than their own. They wielded  weapons such as bottles, pipes and pepper-spray. Stiles’s attacker chose a bike chain.

Yet there was no coverage of the assault in Mainstream Media. The crime seemed like it would be one more violent Antifa attack to remain unsolved.

We’ve got alternatives.

We’ve got alternatives to mainstream media to investigate and/or report on issues that the “professionals” choose to bury.  We’ve got  alternatives to keeping our fairly elected President safe. Alt-body guards in Bikers for Trump  stepped up to the plate to guard him during his rallies and the Inauguration. Soon, thanks to school vouchers we’ll have alternatives to the public school swamps.

Now we’ve got an alternative Investigative Agency!

4 chan’s abilities rival the FBI, CIA, and Scotland Yard.

The 4chan  site has been described  as a hacking site, a meme generator and a forum. Posts automatically expire after anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

The anonymous group is also apparently a hang-out for some geniuses who possess  mad detective skills that rival our top military intelligence. Then again, it’s anonymous. Maybe some of them actually are professionals.

Anyway, the investigative group is  referred to as 4chan /pol/.  They’re also called “weaponized autism” due to their patriotic savant geekiness.

Last May Leftie Shia Laboef flew an anti-Trump flag for the third time.

La Boef’s flag, He Will Not Divide Us,  flew in an undisclosed location.

Breitbart reported 4Chan’s amazing skills. It’s well worth the entire read.

The third location for “He Will Not Divide Us” was not disclosed by LaBeouf following disruptive incidents at previous exhibitions. However, by analyzing flight contrails and even celestial navigation, users from 4chan managed to pinpoint the new location in under two days.

The flag was found in the middle of the night and taken down. It was replaced with a MAGA hat and shirt. Truly awesome.

4Chan used their skills to ID the masked Antifa assailant…

Turns out he’s a  San Francisco State Professor!

He’s a Diablo Valley College philosophy professor, Eric Clanton.  Another hit of hypocritical irony- not only is he part of this “anti-fascist” domestic terror group, he teaches ethics.

One of the Left’s  favorite stereotypes about the Right is that we’re all stupid.

However, the 4Chan (/pol/) patriots just blew that one outta the water. They quickly invented their own facial recognition system to ID this violent criminal. Here’s some  images  that show the process that  4chan  used…

4chan IDs Antifa attacker

Below is a raw image…

4chan ID's antifa attacker\

Their analyzed image below…

4chan IDs antifa attacker

In addition to the facial recognition, 4chan tracked down his height, weight, workplace  and dating sites.

Hopefully this “professor” will be fired and do some serious jail time.

Antifa needs to be designated as a terrorist organization.

The media needs to stop treating this violence like it’s no big deal. What kind of a country are we living in that we have to worry that if someone finds out who we voted for or what we support we’ll be viciously assaulted? What’s it going to take?

Another thing we need to demand is that laws about masking the face in public need to be beefed up and instituted on a federal level.

That will be another delightful Dem backfire, since  they’re trying to convince us to mindlessly accept the  burqa.

Not an option.

BTW-where is all the disavowing  of Antifa violence from the Democrats?

If you find some, please share it below!

*I  promised to be diligent and transparent about sources. The story  about the professor being  ID’d is not yet on mainstream media, but on more fringe publications.There are many videos and images available that lend a lot of credibility to their having ID’d him.  More will be revealed. Word has it that the victim, Sean Stiles, will be pressing charges. I wanted to put  this story out because it’s fascinating.  And if it’s all proven true, it will be a major SHAME on MSM for not picking it up. We already know that they’re not expressing much outrage about  Antifa violence.  Do you think this story and all the images ring true? Comment below!

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