Husband. Father. Actor. Model. Patriot. Legal Italian Immigrant. Running for Congress in the 26th District in California.

Let’s just go ahead and say what needs to be said-if looks would be the deciding factor for who’d win the seat for California’s 26th district, Antonio Sabato Jr. could crush any opponent. It wouldn’t even be a fair fight.

Now that that’s out of the way, what else does Antonio Sabato Jr. have to offer?

He personifies the American Dream

Antonio is the son of Antonio Sabato and Yvonne Sabato. His father is Italian and his mother is Czech-born and Jewish. His Mom escaped the Russians in the Czech Republic. Her Dad was a Czech aristocrat and her Mom is a Holocaust Survivor who escaped Auschwitz. Many family members died there. However, Antonio didn’t learn of his Grandmother’s heritage until he was a teenager. It’s quite common for Holocaust Survivors to resist speaking about their experience because secrecy ensured their survival.

Although this piece of his identity wasn’t revealed to him until that point, he considers himself to be an Italian Jew as well as a Christian. He openly speaks of his faith in God.

Antonio was born in Rome, Italy. His family migrated here, when he was 12 years old. Since then he’s realized the American Dream with a lucrative career as a model and actor. At 6’1 the handsomely chiseled Antonio landed many modeling gigs, most famously-the Calvin Klein underwear line. He’s starred in many roles, and is best known for playing the part of agent John “Jagger” Cates on General Hospital.

But what could possibly prepare him for the role of Congressman? 

There’s a lot more to Anthony Sabato than his looks. He’s a MAGA candidate all the way. He’s  fighting for the life of this country. He fights to put America first and supports our military, our Veterans and our Second Amendment.

He’s fought hard to strengthen the MAGA agenda and has done so at his own peril. He endorsed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, and spoke at the opening night of the Republican National Convention to support him.

Antonio has been rough on Obama, calling him out for being a Muslim and terrible for the economy He said he’s seen the “country take a bad turn” under Obama and said, “I believe that he’s on the other side … the Middle East.”

As a result of criticizing the Left’s Obamagod and speaking out in support of President Trump, Antonio has been Blacklisted in Hollywood. His agents and managers all left him. The jobs that he had lined up disappeared into thin air.

Sorry to link to The View, but you’ve GOT to see this interview…

During the interview he was able to get across the point that just as his family had been targeted by Nazis, he too, was targeted by “Liberals” in Hollywood because of his support for Trump.

The View’s Coven sought to discredit him because he had (gasp) the audacity to “propagate fake news” by calling Obama out as closet Muslim, but Antonio held his own. The NeverTrumpers proceeded to challenge him regarding his push for The Wall, since after all, he’s an immigrant…


Antonio has put his entire career on the line to defend this country. This is precisely the kind of courage and selflessness that we need to represent us.

The Democrats’ absurd platform includes raising taxes, opening our borders, protecting MS-13, embracing Hamas, dismembering and murdering pre-born infants, and siding with countries and ideologies who seek to destroy Israel and wipe every last Jew off the planet.

That said, it’s tempting to just check off all the Republican candidates at the ballot box. But would that bring peace of mind?

We’ve discovered there are RINOs wallowing in the DC Swamp, partnering with Dems on a seek-and-destroy mission to unravel the foundations and laws of our country. More to the point, they’re seeking to destroy America and hand her over to- as Dems and RINOs have openly called it-The New World Order.

Voting for Anthonio Sabato Jr. will be the easiest and most effective political statement for those who want to further the MAGA agenda and keep America intact. He’s already proven himself by ditching his Hollywood cronies and future paychecks to support our President and our country.

We are all connected. 

One of the silver linings to all the chaos  since the last election cycle is that we’ve become more involved in our elections, even at the local level. We’ve come to realize how very connected we all are. How dependent all states, their courts, laws and policies are upon one another. We’ve seen States’ Circuit Judges derail the MAGA agenda and place our entire country in grave danger.

So even if you don’t live in the 26th District or in California at all, it is vital to support and promote all MAGA candidates. They’ll all be partnering in DC to keep us headed in the Right direction.

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