There’s 182 more Cohen tapes that could backfire on the Dems and their Fakestream Media

Democrats and their PR pals in Mainstream Media are thrilled about a  “gotcha” tape recording they feel is a sure bet to bring down President Trump. In the recording,then-Candidate Trump and his Attorney, Michael Cohen discussed the purchase of porn-skank Stormy Daniels’ “tell-all” article in order to bury it. As if anything uploaded online could be deleted. Anything remotely pornographic is all over sites like fuckvideos.xxx in an instant once put on the net.

It seems that Cohen presented the tape to Mueller in exchange for some mercy. Mueller is squeezing Cohen into “confessing” that President Trump knew all about Don Jr’s meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya in Trump tower. 

“Liberal” buzzkill, Democrat Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, quickly pointed out that the Cohen tape contained no evidence of a crime. Although their wannabe MOAB tape is undoubtedly a dud, Democrats are drooling at the prospect of more tapes being released. 

There’s 182 more Cohen tapes out there.

Rudy Giuliani claimed that the Cohen tape was tampered with, and it certainly seems so. The tape will be examined by a forensics expert.

He also says that of the 182 more recordings out there, President Trump is only heard on one. The others contain many recordings between Cohen and reporters. Now why would Cohen record conversations between himself and reporters? 

Giuliani wants them all published. Why? 

A Twitter thread from a “conspiracy” master known as @_Emperator Rex_is worth sharing and well worth the read. 

Credited to “SJ,” the theory is that the Cohen tapes will expose the Fakestream media once and for all. How?

The thread is summarized and edited here:

 •If Giuliani is to be believed the 183 Cohen tapes are exculpatory of Trump.

 •The tapes involve #FakeNews reporters being recorded.

 What was Cohen’s role -really? Remember: Trump came into office knowing that his campaign team-and then his transition team…was being spied on.

 Trump also knew  that fraudulent info had been used/leaked to start a counterintelligence operation against him that would continue once he took office.

 How did he know? On  Nov 17, 2016, hero Admiral Rogers visited him in Trump Tower to tip him off.

 Some believe he knew before that, having been tipped off by @GenFlynn.

 This knowledge  created huge opportunities for Trump to take immediate defensive measures with grand strategy to take down those involved in treason and sedition.


 Trump is a great believer in revenge. He prizes loyalty, above all. Like it or not, he is vindictive. He seeks to destroy his enemies. There are rumors that he keeps a secret list of enemies. 

E.Rex points to this Tweet from 2013:

•Trump uses different techniques to take down his enemies.  

•Those who’ve been keeping notice, will have seen the #TrumpCurse striking many since Nov 8, ’16. It does seem that those who go up against him are destroyed.

 •Another group he WILL destroy: his media enemies.

 •MSM frauds criticize Trump for being so vindictive, while at the same time defending criminals who were hell-bent on destroying Trump and his family.

 •MSM was undoubtedly conspiring in the effort to destroy Trump and his family.

 •Now- Michael Cohen: 

•Cohen has recorded 183 tapes, 1 with Trump, 182 with others (many with anti-Trump reporters). These were recorded from August 2016, on. That’s all we know.

 • The narrative-again, 100% plausible-is that Cohen is in hot water over a taxi cab medallion scheme, uncovered by Mueller’s SC and referred to SDNY. He’s been indicted.

  •Less plausible – the libs think Mueller’s flipped Cohen and ‘we got Drumpf!’. LOL

 • Mainstream headlines blare, “Cohen’s fight to survive makes him dangerous.” Michael Cohen ends his week in the news with serious claims about the Trump Tower meeting.

 • If that were true, Mueller has spent a lot if time and energy to flip a witness, who is even less credible than Comey. Cohen would be torn apart under cross-examination. He’s a TOTAL DUD. Mueller knows that. 

  •Consider this scenario- since 2016/2017 the media slaves are at new levels of #TrumpDerangementSyndrome. 

  •They’re DESPERATE for anything that can take down Trump.

 • In their arrogance, they ALSO think they have Trump in their crosshairs. Comey, Yates, Brennan, Clapper a- all the bad actors – have blood in their nostrils.

  •That makes them GULLIBLE. And SUGGESTIBLE. Trump, always alert, sniffs opportunity.

  • A plan emerges – get Cohen behind enemy lines. His cover?

 • The disaffected loyalist, furious that he’s been left out of the Trump administration.

 • ‘Rumors’ start seeping into the #FAKENEWS offices about Cohen’s fury.

 • Then, a call. Say to Maggie Haberman. From Cohen.

 • Trump : GET INSIDE.

  •Haberman (or any reporter on Trump’s list) takes the call. Cohen : ‘I want to meet.’

  •Ask yourself : how many will meet him?


 • Over the next few months, Cohen meets with many, repeatedly. Earning their trust. He shares information, but nothing that damning on Trump. 

  •BUT they share information that damns them BIGLY.


  •Along the way, he drops that he has TAPES. Of Drumpf talking about paying off porn stars, for example.

  •Haberman & Co can’t believe it. Trusting Cohen, they disclose even more information that incriminates them. 


  •Of course, word about the tapes flows through to Mueller, or his creepy little chihuahua, Weissman.

  •They dig up evidence against Cohen. It’s not hard : Cohen’s dodgy taxi scheme has been known for ages. 

  •They refer it to SDNY. Boom : the raid.

 •  #FakeNews goes into overdrive. Headlines shout, “Why the Raid on Trump’s Lawyer is a Big Deal.”

  •Tapes seized! The evil Drumpf is going down! INPEECH!’

 • Trump expresses anger. Cohen, playing the role assigned to him PERFECTLY, declares that he is free of Trump, a man redeemed!

 • Then the Trump tape is revealed.  ‘This will be the moment that the Drumpf goes down!’


 •And then, only this morning, Giuliani reveals the existence of…another 182 Cohen tapes. 

  •NONE with Trump on them. 

 • MANY (if not all) with reporters. 

 • Every reporter who spoke with Cohen thru 2016 & (mostly) 2017 FROZE in terror, this morning from the headlines, ” Giuliani: President Trump Has Recordings of Dozens of Journalists Discussing Him With Michael Cohen…

 • Was Cohen used as a spy as part of a genius-level sting operation, stretching way back to 2016?

 • IDK. But it’s plausible. Why would a man who has flipped record reporters like that, without telling them?

 • If he’s flipped, he wouldn’t need to. Right?

 • You know that Trump is a great student of Sun Tzu.

 • One of his 5 classes of spy was the ‘surviving spy’, who is sent into the enemy camp to gather secrets & survives the ordeal. 

 • An explanation from Tu Mu, an ancient Sun Tzu commentator:

 • ‘Your surviving spy must be a man of keen intellect, though in outward appearance a fool; of shabby exterior, but with a will of iron. He must be active, robust, endowed with physical strength and courage; thoroughly accustomed to all sorts of dirty work, able to/..’/…endure hunger and cold, and to put up with shame and ignominy.’

 • Sound familiar?

 • 24 hours ago, I was sure Cohen had betrayed Trump. That may still be the case.

 • But after Giuliani’s reveal, my gut is telling me something totally different.

  •Prediction: none of this will work against Trump.

 • Quite the opposite. It’s Trump’s media adversaries, who appear to have been worked.

 • Whatever Cohen has done, his tapes are going to expose Trump’s #fakenews enemies.

To view the original threadclick here….

Popcorn time indeed!

Who needs Hollywood when we’re watching the most amazing reality show in history-produced by God and hosted by President Donald Trump?

What are your thoughts on this? Will the tapes take down President Trump’s enemies in the media? Will they be outed as the propaganda rags they are? Will the Left care? They were unfazed by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas undercover videos that exposed media bias and willingness to publish lies for ratings.

Will they ever get the memo that they’ve been hoodwinked? 

Comment below!


Thread-EmperatorRex-contains links to news sources

Twitter-Emperator Rex Twitter account

Daily Caller

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