An Army Memo dictates that soldiers must share showers with trans soldiers, even if the transgender soldier still has all the original “equipment.”

According to a series of training materials entitled “Tier Three Transgender Training,” soldiers will be thanked and respected for serving our country by having their privacy invaded by a soldier who suffers from the mental illness called gender dysphoria. Soldiers must share showers with trans soldiers even if they still have their original genitalia intact.

The Daily Caller reports,

According to the training, soldiers will be allowed to switch their gender markets without undergoing any kind of transition surgeries or physical changes. There are two crucial elements needed for transition.

First, a doctor must state that the soldier is stable in their new gender, and second, the soldier has to change their gender designation on a passport or birth certificate. Once that’s done, the soldier must “use the billeting, bathroom and shower facilities” associated with their new gender identity.

… An additional bullet point notes that females need to prepare themselves for encountering individuals who are listed as female, but still have the physical genitalia of males. The same applies for men who encounter women transitioning to men.

The training emphasizes that the onus on modifying or adjusting behavior is on the natural-born men and women, as opposed to transgenders.

The transgenders don’t have to modify their behavior at all.

All the uncomfortable adjustment falls on the shoulders of soldiers who don’t have the mental illness of gender dysphoria. Since when does the army cater to the fragile whims of one soldier at the expense of the others?

No surprise that it was under Obama’s administration that this toothpaste was let out of the transgender tube. Then-Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter repealed a ban on transgenders to serve in the military.

Our current Secretary of Defense James Mattis just put a 6 month freeze on recruiting transgenders for the military.

See “Mattis to Recruiting Trans Wannabe Soldiers: Not Now”

Let’s hope and pray  Defense Secretary Mattis does the right thing and says NO to trannies in our military. It’s bad enough that the rest of our culture is being bullied into humoring people with this mental illness, including our children.

Our soldiers don’t deserve this form of sexual harassment while they’re risking it all to serve our country.

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