James Farmer Jr, an army veteran died from a vicious attack to save a teen who was being assaulted by a homeless man.

The 62 year old army veteran served our country. Thanks to the failing policies in the US he became homeless. He also paid the ultimate sacrifice here at home.

James Farmer should never have been homeless. And his murderer should have been in a mental institution. This should not have happened.

ABC 7 Denver reports,

A 62-year-old man is being remembered for a selfless act during the last moments of his life. James Farmer Jr. was beaten to death when he stepped in to help two teens in downtown Denver.

Farmer was honored during a memorial service where the teens and their families remembered him as a hero.

The teens were walking in the area of 24th Street and Curtis on June 16 when a homeless man began attacking them. Eighteen-year-old Aidan Brown’s injuries were so severe he had to get staples in his head and was left unconscious.

“He surely would’ve died had he not intervened,” said Wes Brown, Aidan’s dad.

Farmer was sleeping in his car when the attack happened. He stepped in and the suspect, DeJuan Stamps, began beating him.

“No one is surprised that he stepped in the way he did, which I found amazing and I wish I could thank him personally,” said Brown.

Farmer and Stamps were both homeless. The attack happened near the Saint Francis Center, where Farmer would go to get help during the day. Stamps was banned from the center for his behavior.

Staff members at Saint Francis knew Farmer well and said he was always willing to help others.

“That it was something that we weren’t surprised to hear that James had done, that as a veteran that he took helping people seriously, and he was the kind of person that would step in,” said Andrew Spinks, Development Director for the Saint Francis Center.

He said Farmer was in Denver trying to find work and his family lives in Seattle. According to Spinks, Farmer was trying to get back on his feet and planned to get married soon.

It is by design that our resources have been squandered on failed policies, illegals and an orchestrated implosion of our economy.

Thanks to these policies and government-sponsored crimes, such as Obama and Hillary’s State Department looting our coffers of trillions of dollars, we are all paying a heavy price. For some it is a hardship they can ill afford.

Many veterans are homeless. Our city sidewalks are cluttered with the homeless, many of whom have severe mental illnesses. Our mental institutions are a dim memory, as many were shuttered decades ago.

The tragic death of this hero drives home that we are fighting a war that has been waged on our country through the Leftist Globalist agenda. One of their most powerful  weapons has been the purposeful implosion of our economy. Another powerful weapon is that they’ve conditioned us to get used to all of it.

Now the world has lost a man with a heart of gold.

James Farmer’s family will suffer the loss of their loved one. They knew that he was struggling to get his life together.

The teen that he saved will not only live with the traumatic memory of having been attacked, but also the knowledge that someone sacrificed their life for him. It’s hard to imagine that burden.

Praying that this hero’s death won’t be in vain, but will perhaps stir some awareness and ultimately, some change to all these issues. Thank God President Trump is stepping up to resolve these problems as they effect Veterans.  Hopefully he will create more mental health facilities as his policies improve our economy.

May this selfless hero, James Farmer Jr. rest in peace.

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