Mind Control is the only explanation for the terminally confused and bloodthirsty radicalized Left.

Rabid Hillbots were once our sons and daughters, coworkers, friends and neighbors. The younger ones were the hope of our future.

They are now the walking dead. 

There may be some cheekiness in the headline with Halloween here an’ all, but the problem is real and it’s serious.

The Antifa division of rabid Hillbots are on course to officially launch a Civil War on November 4th with a day of “Bloody Violence.”  Mainstream Media scoffs that the threat is typical Alt-Right Conspiracy  demonizing Antifa, which MSM labels  a peaceful organization. No explanation for photos and video of Antifa attacking innocent civilians-just claims that Antifa violence is a figment of our imagination.

Whether November 4th erupts into bloody chaos or not is irrelevant. We’re already embroiled in a Civil War.

The MSM programmed Hillbot zombies are an unreasonable force that will fight for America’s enemy and hand our country over to the EU on a silver platter.

The Left’s entire social ideology is based on unbridled hatred and acts of violence. It’s only a matter of time until someone is killed- like in the Charlottesville set up.

BTW-isn’t it interesting how once officials in Charlottesville were exposed for orchestrating the conflict, the  Lefts’ outrage level dropped significantly?

The mindless rotting Hillbot hoards are  limping and scuffling with a Hellish fury to fight on behalf of everything and everyone they claim to hate.

It’s taking us by surprise and we don’t quite know how to handle it. The most paralyzing aspect of it is shock. The most frustrating aspect is their complete inability to have a normal dialogue or healthy debate. But that’s a zombie for ya.

Symptoms of  the Hillbot mind control virus  include:
  • Willfully ignorant -Blind spot that include a baffling naivete regarding the Establishment. Complete obliviousness regarding the Horror /SciFi scenario of a New World Order. Closed minded-quick to ridicule others as conspiracy theorists  because their masters told them to.
  • Counterfeit Nazi-hating badge-Chronic grunts and groans about hating Nazis, yet have a starry eyed devotion to their godfather-Nazi collaborator George Soros. Clueless that the Left is the actual racist Nazi party perpetuating Antisemitism through trendy Anti-Zionism.
  • Buzzwords and psychobabble-A dead giveaway. Triggering results in vomitous spew of personal insults and knee-jerk buzzwords like racist, Nazi, sexist, misogynist, orange buffoon, cheetos, bigot, homophobe, hater, Islamaphobe and the like.
  • Addiction problem.  Addictions of choice are hate and outrage. Insatiable  thirst for the yummy 24/7 drip of Trump-hate from the Hell-nipple of their revered Mainstream Media and “comedians.” Still blissfully unaware that the Trump/Russian Collusion Hoax has crashed and burned.
  • Insatiable ego-Baited in by their ego. Two age types-either wannabe or withering flower children. Both long to be “cool” like the hippies in the 60’s. However, they miss the entire point that  the 60’s  was “anti-Establishment,” not slavishly devoted to it.
  • God hating – Snide and hateful attitude towards God. Approved religions involve Lucifer, witchcraft, paganism, atheism, the occult, the Dark Arts and the bloodthirsty cult that assaults women, children and homosexuals-Radical Islam.
  • Programmed bundling and targeting. Programmed to hate this country by bundling twisted history with a charged, self righteous emotional state. America=Racist=Bad=Must destroy. White people=Nazis=Bad=Must destroy. Straight people=Homophobic= Bad=Must destroy. Alpha males=Deliverance=Bad=Must destroy.
  • Idol worship.  A role playing doll placed on their altar can send them spiraling into teenybopper obsessed loyalty. Obama was the black Ken doll. Hillary was the menopausal Barbie doll. She came with a colorful assortment of pantsuits, kitten heels. and a couple of hideous striped bell-bottoms for 60’s hot-flashbacks. Not sure what Bernie was-maybe one of those dried apple dolls. However, not all Bernie supporters are brain dead. A lot of them were rightfully outraged that Hillary stole the primary from him. Too bad Bernie didn’t seem to care so much. Those that still like him after he campaigned for the woman who stole his primary and represented everything he claimed to hate, walk and drool among the brain-dead.
  • Confusion. Gender doesn’t really exist but a woman needs to be elected⋅⋅Gender doesn’t exist and there’s a gazillion genders- but spend thousands of dollars to become the opposite of 2 available genders⋅⋅LGBQI acceptance and rights are vital, but fight travel bans and love Islam-a religion that rapes tortures and throws gay people off buildings⋅⋅ Feminism is all about women’s rights so appoint Linda Sarsour to the movement-an advocate for  Sharia Law a”religion” that holds women hostage and practices stoning, female genital mutilation, walking in shrouds, honor killing and child marriage aka rape ⋅⋅Hate fascism while forbidding free speech, mannerisms and even censoring thoughts⋅⋅Hate racism but hate all white people and conservatives of any color or religious background-even Muslims⋅⋅Claim to want peace but justify violence because of a perceived threat⋅⋅ Care about animals but cheer the death and dismemberment of human babies⋅⋅Hate Nazis but align with those who seek to destroy Israel⋅Howl about the p*tape but give serial rapist Bill Clinton a pass. Just headspinning. Poor things.
  • Envy and entitlement. Bernie Sanders drilled home the idea that rich people are bad. Take their hard earned money and give it to others who do not want to put in the effort to make that money themselves. All white people and Republicans are rich- ignore the massive wealth on the Democrat side. Rich people are the cause of all your problems. Robbed of the American Dream, their hardship is the fruit born of seeds planted through the orchestrated death of our economy, compliments of their revered NWO plant, Obama.

The Powers That Be  exploited our culture to grow the mind control virus.


The war on free speech and the flow of truthful information is raging.

Facebook, Twitter, Google and You Tube are blatantly censoring and demonetizing conservative voices. Roger Stone was just banned from Twitter while they allow seditious Left wingers free reign. Alex Jones was just blocked from live videos on Facebook. Freedom of choice for the consumer is not an option.


Obama repealed our propaganda laws in 2012, allowing propaganda to be used against the American public. He renewed Operation Mockingbird in September of 2016, allowing FBI agents to pose as journalists.

There is not one single publication left that is not bias and opinionated. That they would still offer an “opinion” column to imply that the rest is not opinion, is a joke.

Other traditional propaganda techniques are utilized, such as repetition, neuro-linguistic programming, and perhaps most importantly-inspiring a strong emotional response to the information they convey.

Their collaboration as siblings of 6 mother corporations who control the news is easily spotted when they coincidentally  repeat the same buzzword o’ the day.

The problem lies at the head of that snake-that  powerful news outlets are monopolized by anti-american interests. They work on behalf of their corporate Globalist bosses and their DC cronies.

Question: Why was the Washington Post awarded a $600 million dollar contract from the CIA?


Probably the most powerful example of semantics is the tool that the Left has used for depopulation and some might argue-blood sacrifice. Those words include abortion, Planned Parenthood, women’s choice and women’s health.

Other words that are most unfortunate are the words liberal and progressive. These words are tragic misnomers for ideologies that represent a move toward the dark ages. A planet under the thumb of slavery and dominated by callous elites.

An important word that has not so much been misused as it is misunderstood is “Globalism.” The Powers that Be  purposely confuse the population by inferring that globalism refers to fair,open trade vs. isolationism. They don’t grasp that we are totally open to global trade and a brisk global economy.  What we are NOT for is a One World Government. They also deceive Hillbots by insinuating that nationalism and patriotism  are synonymous with bigotry and white supremacy.

The word”Liberal” is  obviously sheer nonsense as the Left is anything but liberal toward others who disagree  with them. The only way the word liberal  applies to the Left is in terms of anything goes  morality.

Word Police

You’ll say what we say you can say.

Sounds like a bad science fiction movie, but we’re already immersed in the nightmare scenario of the word police.

We are forced to endure new vocabulary terms no matter how inane, like cis-gender, gender fluid, and  microaggressions.

California just passed as law that if you refer to a trans person by the wrong pronoun, you will be tossed in jail.  A first grader in California’s Rocklin School  was sent to the principals’ office because she”misgendered ” a classmate.

It’s almost a test to see how much we’ll put up with. Maybe we should ask ourselves, How much will be put up with?

The minority  calling  the shots for the majority. What could go wrong?

TV tech.

Propaganda fed through television burrows deep into the minds of the viewer due to the “flicker rate” of the TV set.  This sounds like the stuff sci-fi is made of, but subliminal messages have been utilized in the past and were banned due to a marketing experiment by James Vicary in 1957. The claim was that when he inserted  the words “Eat Popcorn” and “Buy Coke” into programming, sales spiked.

The study was deemed a “hoax,” but if subliminal advertising doesn’t work, why do corporations clamor for product placement on movies and TV shows?

The flicker rate of the TV causes the brain of the viewer to enter the beta zone. This state of mind provides a perfect host for subliminal messaging.

Subliminal messages are especially dangerous in children’s TV programming. It’s the political Poltergeists behind the screen that we need to worry about.


Our indoctrination camps are called colleges and public schools.

College campuses have dissolved into hotbeds for anti-American sentiments, a new justification to hate Jews, and pushing other divisive agendas to foster civil unrest.

Left wing college professors are forcing their will and opinions on their students. Students are afraid of repercussions if they disagree. For example, a Texas University just chastised Alfred MacDonald, a bisexual student, for expressing concern that he could be killed in 10 Muslim countries because he’s bisexual. Ignoring mountains of evidence, including videos that he is correct, he was told those remarks would not be tolerated. 

If the Shadow Government intervening in our schools sounds implausible, remember the CIA operation that sought to infiltrate student bodies cloaked behind the N.S. A-the National Student Organization. A star player in that role was a very famous spook-Gloria Steinem.

The public schools are dumbing down the population while creating geniuses in subjects such as oral sex, and  non traditional sexual lifestyles.  Common core has become an insidious way to gather data and crush creative thinking. Children are trained what to think- not how to think.

The natural flow of human development is stifled as children are force-fed information that robs them of exploring that information would make them soar as unique individuals.

“Badass” Lefties fight school choice -prefer Globalist indoctrination camps

PSYOP Operations

PSYOP operations are “planned operations to convey selected information …to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals…Persuading rather than compelling physically, they rely on logic, fear, desire or other mental factors to promote specific emotions, attitudes or behaviors.”

Although it is forbidden to use PSYOPs against Americans, we have no reason to have blind faith that this rule is respected.

One example includes the use of PSYOP against Congressmen, including John McCain who visited Afghanistan. Lt. General William Caldwell  successfully utilized PSYOP techniques to secure more more funding

Additionally, there is no reason not to believe that their foreign Globalist pals do not aim this invisible weapon at our society.

One example of PSYOPS was The Phoenix Program that involved assassinations, mass murder and horrific torture.  It targeted the civilian population in Vietnam rather than the military forces. The program also involved PSYOPS utilizing propaganda, terrorism and playing on the superstitions of civilians, such as the locals’ belief in vampires.

The government has used the talents of PSYOP Master and Satanist General Michael Aquino.

MK Ultra

Lincoln Park in Canada was a military base engaging in cooperative efforts through Canada and the US CIA to experiment on abducted children using  MKULTRA mind control. The purpose was to develop “super spies and assassins.

MKULTRA was a  CIA program that ran from 1953 to 1973. This is a fact.

Documentation can even be accessed on the CIA website. I’m too paranoid to offer a link. Copy & Paste https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/search/site/MK-Ultra

A common technique in the MKULTRA mind control program is the sexual abuse and torture of children.  

The concept of utilizing sexual abuse and the torture of children is that the abuse forces their young minds to splinter into multiple personalities (like in the movie Sybil) The personalities become distinctly compartmentalized and can be easily accessed, triggered and  manipulated through the victim’s handler. Thus,  creating the perfect spy or assassin. This could be one reason for pushing pedophilia.

Children in Lincoln Park were  sexually abused. Many were put to death due to unsustainable injuries.

The Child Abuse Recovery website explains.

“Children in the mind control program at the Canadian base known as  Lincoln Park in Calgary Alberta, were allegedly victimized by a former Nazi SS doctor. According to a survivor, the Nazi mind control expert and three Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult members were working undercover as Canadian military personnel.”

The government would have to call in Satanic specialists to be able to harm vulnerable children in such evil ways. What does that say about our government?

Ellen Atkins claims to have been a victim of MK Ultra

Project Monarch

Cathy O’Brien, Michael Aquino…and many more

Project Monarch is another mind control program. It differs in the sense that it exploits children who were also abused through incest. The more multi generational the incest, the better the candidate for recruitment in the program.

Lt. General Michael Aquino (the Satanist pictured above) has been linked to the Monarch program by the first hand account of victim and government whistle blower Cathy O’Brien.

Cathy O’Brien testified before the US Senate.

Rosanne Barr, actress, patriot and activist posted on her website,

“On August 3rd, 1977 the 95th US Congress opened hearings into the reported abuses concerning the CIA’s TOP SECRET mind control research program code named MK-Ultra.”

Cathy O’Brien was rescued from Project Monarch through Mark Phillips, who was an Intelligence insider for the government. The two have joined forces to expose this vile program. O’Brien testified about her experiences as a  Project Monarch  victim. Among her claims was that she was molested by Hillary Clinton.

O’Brien and Phillips have tried to get the records released, but they’re all sealed in the interest of National Security. 

A blog , The Event Chronicle explains her link to Michael Aquino

“According to sworn testimony given before a US Senate in later years, MKULTRA mind-control victim Cathy O’Brien claimed that she was programmed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, in 1980 by Lt. Col. Michael Aquino of the US Army. She stated that Aquino used barbaric trauma techniques on both her daughter Kelly and herself that involved NASA technology.

 Cathy O’Brien claimed that she was a ‘presidential model’ Monarch sex slave, meaning that she was specially programmed to cater to the sexual perversions of the highest-ranking politicians in the USA.

She stated that during her time as a sex slave (which started as a child), she serviced a number of well-known politicians, including both Bill and Hilary Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney, George H.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Governors Lamar Alexander and Richard Thornburgh, Bill Bennett, Senator Patrick Leahy, Senator Robert Byrd (who she says was her handler) and Arlen Spector.”

The final bombshell from that post….

“O’Brien eventually gave testimony before the US Senate regarding the events she was forced to go through, and although she named her perpetrators, not one of them dared to challenge her or accuse her of slander.”

Both pervs boarded the “Lolita Express” to pedo Jeff Epstein’s sex orgy island

Pharmaceuticals and Psychiatry

Nazi psychiatrists utilized pharmaceuticals as a tool to replace lobotomies. It increased in popularity as a fast-track means to treat symptoms rather than the cause of mental illness. But if anyone has ever witnessed a patient doing the “Thorazine Shuffle” they would question the humanity of these treatments.

Big Pharma partnered with medical professionals and marketing. Our pop- psychology culture has weakened us by driving home that if we’re not happy every second of our lives, there is something is wrong with us. We should blame our parents for everything  and consider moving as far away as possible from our family and communities. We should indulge our impulses. We should take happy pills.

Consider getting hooked on Valium. Xanax or Prozac. Side effects be damned.

Many people who try to wean off these happy pills find themselves more depressed than if they never took them at all. They cave and return to their habit. Doctors write these prescriptions as if they’re candy. And they are candy- for their wallets, through bonuses from Big Pharma.

Valium was more popular back in the 70’s and 80’s. Withdrawals from that medication not only included deep depression and anxiety but physical pain and a loss of balance. Withdrawals could last for years.

Other happy pills such as Darvon, Alival, and Quaalude  were taken off the market.

Cylert, a drug for ADHD/ADD was taken off the market because it caused liver toxicity. Yet parents blindly trust these drug pushers with their children.

Not all government sponsored drugs come with an RX. It  has been proven that the CIA has been complicit in conducting experiments on unsuspecting victims using LSD. The CIA  also engaged (past tense?)  in drug running as a means to finance their Black Ops. There are rumblings that they have been engaging in pushing Oxycontin onto the population. There is no limit to their soullessness.

The Huffpost reported, “More than 18 years have passed since Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Gary Webb stunned the world with his “Dark Alliance” newspaper series investigating the connections between the CIA, a crack cocaine explosion in the predominantly African-American neighborhoods of South Los Angeles, and the Nicaraguan Contra fighters — scandalous implications that outraged LA’s black community, severely damaged the intelligence agency’s reputation and launched a number of federal investigations.”

Let’s not forget that the Clintons were complicit in the Iran/Contra arms and drug running operations that took place using Mena Airport in Arkansas. The boys who were killed on the track,17-year-old Kevin Ives and 16-year-old Don Henry, are thought to have witnessed planes dropping off the drugs. They  are the first known victims in the Clinton Body Count. The operation also ensnared Daddy Bush which could partially explain the cozy relationship between the Bushes and the Clintons.

Addiction is a weapon aimed to take down the population.

When people’s lives are derailed through addiction, it affects the thought process and makes them more vulnerable to outside influences. Again, it makes them less of a threat to the Establishment as their entire life is spent either in the throes of addiction and its negative ripple effects or the aftermath of having to focus on recovery and mending the past. Or they just die or end up in prison.

Ad successfully combines the war on women, children and families with the message that “happy pills” are needed to cope with daily life and pesky children.

Pop Culture

Pop Culture is a powerful influence that shapes our moods, values and  and opinions.  It has tremendous power to erode society by influencing weak minds.


The BBC offers insight on the CIA’s involvement with abstract impressionism. It wouldn’t be such a leap to suspect  they could be involved in the degradation of our society through our contemporary “art.”

“Artists” generously funded by our tax dollars, have produced images that are pornographic and normalize gay S&M and pedophilia. Other “artistic expressions” involve Satanic overtones, defiled religious images, and “art” that utilizes blood, urine, feces, spit and sperm.

“Art” from Comet Ping Pong.  But only “Pizzagate conspiracy nuts” are appalled.


Ridicule is a powerful weapon. The Globalist court jesters-SNL, Jimmy Kimmel, Steven Colbert and other B rated comics have been working overtime to bundle the image of Donald Trump with the emotion of hatred, disgust and disrespect.

Today’s “comedy.” A seditious call to the brainwashed masses

American Idol-worship”

It’s obvious to the rest of us that the childish Left is easily influenced by their Hollywood celebs, rappers and NFL kneelers. It’s embarrassing to see the Left wing groupies so easily influenced by celebs-even when they’re B-rated, hideous bloated Globalist sellouts.


One example of PSYOP is the use of music. Blaring obnoxious music nonstop was used as a form of torture in Panama, Granada, Waco and many other places. When we have the unfortunate experience of hearing Lady GaGa or Madonna, it’s easy to see the other kinds of impact that “music” has on our culture.

5 Former Presidents posed with Lady Gaga-said to be a high priestess of the NWO.  Even if she isn’t, what about “optics?”


Another way to weaken society is through fashion. Like other “art” it’s always been a chicken-egg sort of thing. But there’s been an increase in clothing that sexualizes young children. I wish this was fake news. They’ve offered padded bras for 7 year olds and PJ’s printed with humping pandas. The transgender agenda is pushed by several children’s clothing lines that “Say NO to gender  stereotypes.”

Satanic fashion is being promoted. Horns, pentagrams-the works.

It could be argued that the fashion trend making absolute jokes out of men is Satanic in its own way.  Just guessing  but, in an apocalypse “Liberals” will be rushing to hide behind the nearest “awful” alpha-male.


This method is as old as the bible itself. Amalek is the nation that attacked weakened  Israelites  as they were escaping Egypt.

Today Amalek is synonymous with the vulnerability that stems from exhaustion and self-doubt. Instilling shame and doubt is a powerful weapon to weaken the enemy.

Thus, gender confusion and weaponized words such as conspiracy theorist, racist, Nazi , nationalist and Islamaphobe  have all been successfully employed to shut people down and ignore their own doom staring them in the face.

It often seems as if they’re testing us. They openly speak about the NWO then condemn those who are actually listening to their plans as tin foil hat nut jobs.


One way to lower IQ is to shame motherhood and nursing. Nursing infants with God-given mothers milk has been proven to boost IQs and strengthen immunities.

Conspiracy shamers are quick to laugh off people worried about chemtrails but there was an actual incident during the 50’s  where our very own CIA sprayed LSD over a small French village of  Pont St. Esprit.  The entire town was instantly disabled and sent into a horrible psychotic frenzy.  So when some people worry that the tainted water supply in Flint Michigan was targeted toward that community, are they really being all that paranoid?

2:45 minute video-the CIA poisoned residents of Pont St. Esprit with LSD…

Fluoride sounds like a maybe it’s  something in the water joke but the Nazis did use fluoride in concentration camps to pacify POWs.

In this 6 minute video Dr. Michael Farley describes the effects of fluoride and interestingly-that Prescott the Elder Bush, sold fluoride (a by-product of his industry) to the Nazis for their POW pacification program. Another interesting note-90% of the component of Prozac is fluoride. Many have sounded the alarm that fluoride has the effect of calcifying the pineal gland. The  tiny pineal gland is thought to be the seat of our soul and offers us the ability to transcend our limited vision of the world. No wonder the Powers That Be  want it calcified and blinded.

Frogs in boiling water

The parable is that if  frogs are placed directly into boiling water, they’ll jump out. But if the frogs are put into tepid water and the water is gradually brought to a boil, they won’t realize they’re being cooked to death.

This perfectly describes the leadership of Barrack Hussein Obama.

As the economy slowly  tanked it created pandemic  hopelessness and despair. The American Dream collapsed into a nightmare and the remaining crumbs were handed to illegal “Dreamers.” Imported workers and an orchestrated “refugee crisis” ensured the economy would implode. Most struggling Americans were too weary to challenge the Obama Administration while others blamed everyone else but their Obamagod who created the situation.

Bernie Sanders supported that goal by spawning the perfect storm of envy, entitlement and civil unrest needed to inspire an idiot army to fight for communism and socialism and lay the groundwork for a One World Government.

Divide and conquer

This method is as old as the hills, but it’s modernized though “identity politics.”

Identity politics-especially racial division- is the life blood of the Globalist Left. Without programmed division they cease to exist.

It’s also a handy way to justify civil disobedience, distract from their own crimes and carpet-bomb the results of a fair and Democratic election with chaos.

Weaponized sexuality

Pornography and the radicalized LGBTQI movement has spelled death to traditional families. The Globalists gain power as the culture is annhilated. In addition, the push to depopulate the world is at the core of the NWO mission.

In terms of straight sex, promiscuity has been promoted at increasingly younger ages. One effect is to remove the sexual boundaries of children and groom them for pedophilia. Another effect is to inspire kids to begin engaging in promiscuous sex.

This is not meant to sound like an old scoldy nun. But we need to ask ourselves if the sexual revolution has really been beneficial to society.

Some may argue that it has had a negative impact on the stability of marriage. Monogamy is often questioned as being a valid choice. There are many websites offering matchmaking services for  “cheaters.”

If we were to be really honest and take a hard look back on our lives we might realize that years spent hijacked by hormones and the drama of casual sexual encounters often provided a way to be weakened and thrown off course.

The “sexual revolution” was a direct assault on the family. It unleashed a powerful message that it was cool and empowering for women to be as promiscuous as men without fear of becoming pregnant or ‘held back” from life by children.

Gloria Steinhem, who led the 60’s feminist movement and is still considered a feminazi goddess, was a CIA operative, which she openly admits. She fondly refers to her CIA handlers  as “liberal, nonviolent and honorable.” Chances are she may have been duped by her recruiters.

The  war on children is waged though rampant pedophilia and sex trafficking. Their psyches are broken down in public schools by “educators” teaching gender confusion via the transgender agenda, promoting the radicalized LGBTQI agenda and destroying their innocence by teaching graphic age-inappropriate sexual material. Today’s public school teachers are taxpayer funded pedo-groomers whether they realize it or not.

When a persons’ psyche is derailed through weaponized sexuality they are easily steered into lifestyles that increase the risk of depression and substance abuse. This accomplishes removing them from the “threat” category as they are confined to living a life devoted to overcoming personal problems instead of contributing to society. They often become weak and dependent on government assistance.

The victims of the transgender agenda are clearly lost souls. Their life is derailed as they obsessively focus on their genitals and their outward appearance. They’re a cash cow for the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Liberalism is a programmed mental disorder

Sadly, the only way a victim of  mind control can be cured is through a professional. Given the millions of those afflicted, that could be pricey. Plus there’s just not enough de-programming specialist to go around. Anyway, the first step of recovery is admitting you have a problem and wanting to change, so it looks pretty bleak.

We need a major miracle. God is the only one who can cure the zombie hoards.

No seriously. We’ve got to pray.  Not only have their minds and souls been infected, if the NWO Globalists have their way, we aint seen nuthin’ yet.

Efforts are well underway to use microchips, mind control  helmets, nano bots, brain wiring and genetic manipulation. We’re all at risk of the deadly zombie bite.

One DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ) program  is typically ominous. The purpose is specifically to brainwash “extremists” using technology. While they speak of extremists as being terrorists, it’s important to realize that the same people think that Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson (and anyone who’s read this far) are extremists.

Stillness in the Storm explains,

“The aim of the program is to remotely disrupt political dissent and extremism by employing “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation” (TMS) in tandem with sophisticated propaganda based on this technology. TMS stimulates the temporal lobe of the brain with electromagnetic fields.”

Nostalgia: “A Clockwork Orange.” When it all seemed so impossible

There is hope.

Many people are waking up. In the last election we saw Dems and disgruntled Sanders supporters jumping ship to get on board the Establishment-Crushing  Trump Train. Thanks to RINOs being exposed, Americans realize that the 2 Party system is an illusion and had quietly morphed into one-the Globalist Left Party.

The black community is waking up with a roar and gaining steam. That would be a nightmare for the Globalist Left since racial division is their life blood. If the black, Latino and other minority communities woke up to how they’ve been manipulated, the Globalist Elite scum would wither and die.

PS: A note about the Satanic PSYOP

As stated before, General Michael Aquino is both a  blatant Satanist and a brilliant  PSYOP master for our military. Food for thought: Many of us are freaked out by Satanists and by world events that seem biblical and apocalyptic.

This could be a PSYOP used against us.

Remember the massacre that Hillary pushed for in Waco that killed 86  Branch Davidians, including 17 children. One of the downfalls that lead to that massacre was the Koresh cult’s firm belief that they would be under apocalyptic attack by government forces.

We’ve been inundated with a lot of Satanic symbolism. It’s been building up since heavy metal first came on the scene, but it’s become very prevalent lately.

Not to imply that these are not biblical events-just saying that to remain strong we must understand that they may be manipulating us.

The shock value of Satanists is destructive when  it instills fear and dread. Part of the predator’s game is to convince the prey that they are weak and powerless while  the predator is all powerful and will follow them to the ends of the earth.

God proved in November of  2016- and ever since- that He is far more powerful than the god that the Globalists worship.

That all said, those that want to rule us all are into Satanism.

Statue of Baphomet-Satanic Temple in Detroit

Bloody “war of narratives.”

Obama’s Press Secretary said the the fight with ISIS is just a “war of narratives.”

On the surface is sounds disturbingly goofy.  But there is plenty of proof of that  our current soft Civil War is raging due to “narratives.” Propaganda, censorship, semantics and the word police fuel the Civil War of Narratives.  But another diabolical weapon in the narratives involves character assassination.

And metaphorically, character assassination involves bloodshed.

Judaism states that anything that creates negative emotion is bloodshed, such as insults that cause shame, causing blood to rise in the face. When a person’s character is attacked, especially when based on lies, the damage is immeasurable.

Another metaphorical  form of bloodshed is money.  So when President Trump’s associates and family were targeted for political reasons it has caused them great harm. Businesses who wanted to bid on a contract for The Wall were blackballed for future government contracts by elected officials.

So while we  have had our share of terror attacks that have caused loss of life we have endured other types of bloodshed. We’ve got a country torn apart due to programmed hate, largely  based on lies pushed by the media. Young lives have been hijacked. Families and friends have been torn apart.

Luciferian Elite

It is said that the Luciferian Elite engage in blood sacrifice and drinking blood. The theory is that torture is an integral part of it, since the horror and fear of the victim releases tremendous amounts of adrenaline that supercharges the blood.

Even in a strictly metaphorical sense, the elite get a thrill from creating chaos that  supercharges emotions and sheds blood through libelous character assassination, as it has with the Mueller witch hunt.

The Globalists are emotional, warmongering vampires who live off the adrenaline- charged blood of the population.

Some are said to be actual vampires, Satanists and witches.

It sounds far-fetched. We’re trained to think of the Elites as beyond reproach.

However, in the 1500’s Countess Elizabeth Bathory of Hungary was a serial killer who bathed in the blood of her young victims to maintain a youthful appearance.

Prince Charles prides himself on being related to Vlad the Impaler-the original Dracula. He jokes that Transylvania is in his blood and he has a stake in the country. It’s odd that articles report his pride about being related to the most famous vampire in history but omit that, by default, the rest of the Royal family is too.

Side note-his Dad, Prince Phillip infamously stated, “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.”

The DC and Hollywood Elite have been busted for attending  private “Spirit Cooking” dinners hosted by Satanist Marina Abramovic. She admitted that in public, Spirit Cooking is  “performance art,” but privately it’s the real deal.

Hillary recently revealed her desire to wield Voodoo dolls at her political opponents and Bill admitted that she frequented  a “witch church” for years.

Multi millionaire Sally Quinn of the Washington Post dynasty is an admitted witch who dabbles in the Dark Arts and believes her hexes are responsible for the deaths of three people. Forget remorse-she wrote a book about it.

Jimmy Savile (left below) was a big pal of the royals and it’s believed he procured victims to satisfy their lust for pedophilia. It was discovered that he was a serial pedophile who violated disabled children and had sex with corpses. He was a wizard who followed the teachings of Satanist Aleister Crowley.

The Baroness Phillipine de Rothchild’s favorite necklaces are images of Baphoment aka  Lucifer aka Satan.(right-below)

Dr. Evils… but without all the charm.

These are the people who already rule the world through our financial systems, our media, our government and the arts and entertainment that define our pop culture.

These are the people who seek complete and total dominance of the planet and our individual lives. They are soulless and remorseless so they sleep well at night.

This ain’t no just-for-Halloween thriller. The Globalist vampires and their Hillbot  zombie hoards are the real deal. Being shocked is a luxury we cannot afford.

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