Christian. Wife. Mother. Patriot. US Supreme Court Bar Member and Attorney. Author. Pundit. Unifier. Beautiful. Kind. Powerful.

A successful Chicago attorney and  frequent guest on Fox News, Brunell Donald-Kyei tears apart the monster of Democrat identity politics, displaying courage, knowledge and eloquence.

After voting for Barrack Obama, Brunell realized she was hoodwinked. She became one of the first high profile Black women-and a Democrat-to voice support of President Trump while exposing the Democrats’ deceptive messaging.

On Fox, Brunell fiercely challenges the Left’s Trump and all his supporters are white supremacists narrative.

Brunell called out Nancy Pelosi and the DNC. “They can’t talk about racism. Look at all the token Blacks in the Democratic Party. Many of the youth in our inner cities are under these Democratic regimes, suffering and dying, so I don’t want to hear anything about any racism till the Democratic Party addresses its racism.”

After Charlottesville, the Left was in a big photo-op, violence-inspiring rush to tear down Confederate statues. The destruction of public property was justified using the America is a horrible racist country pass.

Brunell blew the covers off the Democrats’ smokescreen war on inanimate statues. She warned that if we allow our history to be ripped up, the Constitution is next. She also stated that it was nothing more than a means to call attention away from their own empty promises and a platform with no message whatsoever.

“…you’re worried about monuments and statues when you have living, breathing, children in our inner-cities dying, going to prison, standing on the corner selling drugs because they don’t have jobs. I mean come on.”


Courage and grace under fire.

As we’ve seen, Black Conservatives who support Trump are met with vitriol from the Left. It takes a lot of guts to go up against these supressive, vindictive bullies.

Aside from outright name calling and threats, derision toward her has been expressed in other ways. On Fox News Live Democratic Strategist Brian Benjamin mocked Brunell with a snide laugh and and a hohh boy as she opened with “God bless you and God bless America.” However, she ignored the taunts and blew him away with the truth.

She was attacked when she escaped the Democrat mind wardens.  In response she tweeted,  “Don’t attack me 4 leaving the Dems they did not keep promises 4 better schools, jobs or investment in poor areas! Attack Dems Establishment!”

Why is Brunell Donald-Kyei such an accomplished woman instead of a programmed victim? 

Millions of minorities have been duped into falling prey to the Democrats’ subliminal racism that implants the victim chip under their voters’ skin. The lethal side effect is a life burnt up with hate, rage, blame and despair.

Why didn’t Brunell give up? She’s had it as tough as anyone-and more than most.

The description of her book, “Travails of an Innocent Child” provides ample reason for most people to submit to a lifetime membership in the victim club.

“Brunell Donald-Kyei watched at 10 years old as her mother was stabbed to death in their home. She overcame being a ward of the State of Illinois, homelessness, sexual and physical abuse to attend law school and eventually became an attorney.”

A further description of her challenges and victories are found in the author’s bio:

“Home in Aurora, Illinois Brunell Donald-Kyei graduated from Aurora West High School in June of 1993.

In August of 1993, Brunell enrolled in Northern Illinois University. It was, at times, a difficult four years. Financial problems and homelessness were her most serious problems. She received little to no support from her extended family. She reached out to her former pediatrician Dr. Phillip Jacobson for support and with his help Brunell emerged victorious! She graduated Northern Illinois University June of 1997.

Because it had been Brunell’s life long dream to become a lawyer, she enrolled in John Marshall Law School in August of 1998. On June 17, 2001, she completed her course work at John Marshall Law School and went on to pass the Illinois State Bar Exam on October 2001, on her first attempt!

After passing the Bar, Brunell’s first job as an attorney was at George C. Pontikes and Associates Law Office. She worked there from April of 1999 to February 2, 2002. On March 11, 2002, Brunell became an Assistant State’s Attorney for the State of Illinois. She remained employed at the State’s Attorney Office until January of 2003. On February 10, 2003, Brunell joined the Law Office of the Cook County Public Defender until January 2, 2009. Brunell has been in private practice since January 2, 2009 as a criminal defense attorney.

Brunell ran as a Democratic Lt. Governor of Illinois Candidate from August 2013 to March 2014. Brunell was admitted to the United States Supreme Court Bar on February 22, 2016.

Brunell loves working with young people and has shared her time with them as a motivational speaker for elementary and high school students. Brunell Donald-Kyei is married to Rashid Kyei and has four children.”

Apparently you can’t be a victim and a success. You’ve got to be one or the other. Brunell Donald-Kyei chose success.

“One nation under God”

Brunell aims to educate, inspire and lift up all Americans. But masks of deception must be ripped off first.

In one interview she points out the foolishness of unvetted immigration and open borders. She warns that terrorists don’t spare anyone due to their ethnicity. “They see us as Americans. And the sooner we see each other that way the better.”

As for addressing accusations of racism towards Muslims she states, “I don’t know one good Muslim that has a problem with Donald Trump saying Radical Islamic Terrorism because they are sick and tired of the stain that comes on the religion when you have this minority, this few, that’s ruining it…for the entire religion.”

She addressed immigration while destroying the Dems’ chronic stereotyping of Hispanic Americans. “Legal immigrants are tired of fighting illegal immigrants for jobs just like Americans are tired of fighting illegal immigrants for jobs.”

“We’ve got to stop thinking as black and white and purple and Arab. We have to start thinking as Americans.”

Brunell is a formidable opponent, armed with exceptional intelligence and an ability to craft a winning argument. Aside from possessing those traits, how is it that she doesn’t come across like the typical obnoxious pundit or snarling feminazi?

Probably because she’s fighting with love in her heart.

She loves God, her family and our country. Being a devout Christian, she is centered in her faith and able to be free of the trappings of ego, duplicity and unbridled ambition all too common in the Democrat dividers.

It took tremendous courage and conviction to be among the first Black women to publicly support Trump. Brunell has been a trailblazer in leading the way for others to break free from the subliminal shackles of the Democrat Plantation.

In doing so, her message is always clear-we are all one family, one community. We are all Americans.

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