When snitchy Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill) tattle-tailed that President Trump called certain countries “shitholes” Democrats spiraled into a self-righteous Sh*tstorm. 

The President allegedly made the “shitholes” remark during a  meeting with Congressional leaders to discuss our immigration policies.

President Trump asked why we’re bringing in so many people from shithole countries such as Africa and Haiti. Haters felt his remark was directed at skin color rather than the reality of the unforgivable conditions their citizens of color endure. 

Ironically all the feigned outcry may have been based on a misquote or yet another lie. The President denied saying it an no one else in the room heard him say it. On the other hand, Dick Durbin has a history of lying and exaggeration.

A random  precaffeinated thought~we’ve endured pink kitty hats and vagina heads because of the Dems’  fainting over 11 year old p*ssy tapes. Will the sanctimonious  “Liberal” sh*theads don round brown hats in protest?

The racist card. 

The Dems and the hatestream media had a field day when Dick Durbin squealed on the President. With the Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax blowing up in their face, it provided a whole new reason to yank out their beloved  racist  card. 

President Trump never said he didn’t care about the people from shithole countries or that as long as they don’t hate America, he wouldn’t help them. He simply does not want America to turn into a shithole.

For a Party so deeply immersed in the social cesspool of vulgarity, they sure get prissy over a single word uttered by Donald Trump.

The truth about shithole Haiti hurts

So are the Democrats seriously suggesting that countries with chronic poverty, no plumbing, ramshackle housing, rampant child sex trafficking, cannibalism and other severe problems are not shitholes?

“Liberals”  get their collective cross-dressing panties in a bunch about the word “shithole,” but could care less that their revered Clinton Cartel raped the shithole country of Haiti where children literally eat dirt cookies to survive.

As with all crimes against children, the Left remained mute about the discovery of a UN Peacekeeping mission operating a child sex trafficking ring in Haiti.

They are not one bit curious as to why Monica Peterson, who was investigating  the Clintons’ involvement in child sex trafficking in Haiti, turned up dead shortly after her arrival. It’s one thing to believe the death of the young woman is part of a “tin-hat pedogate conspiracy,” and quite another to ignore that she was investigating the reality of rampant child sex trafficking in the little shithole country. 

The Left ricicules “conspiracy theories” that link possible Clinton ties to the suicides of both musicians, Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell. Bennington, who many believe to be John Podesta’s son, and his best friend Chris Cornell both “committed suicide” before they could reveal information they had that linked Podesta and the Clintons to pedo rings operating in Haiti (see link to related posts below) 

Ugandan Backfire

While many African leaders claimed to be offended, the President Yower Museveni of Uganda blew the Democrat narrative that President Trump’s shitholes remark make him a racist.  To their disappointment, the Ugandan President gushed over our fairly elected President:

“America has got one of the best presidents ever,”

“I love Trump because he tells Africans frankly. The Africans need to solve their problems, the Africans are weak.”

“America has got one of the best presidents ever,” Museveni said Tuesday…I don’t know whether he was misquoted or whatever. But he talks to Africans frankly. In the world, you cannot survive if you are weak.”

Rwandan Backfire

When we think of African shithole countries, Rwanda immediately comes to mind due to the horrific 1994 Rwandan genocide. Under the leadership of the Hutu majority government, Hutu militia brutally slaughtered the innocent Tutsi, Twas and moderate Hutus. They hacked off limbs with machetes.  Children were not spared. Rape was used as a military tool. 

As with typical shitholes, the country is rich in resources and corruption. According to the World Economic Forum:

“..while poverty has fallen rapidly, more than 60% of the population still live on less than $1.25 a day. One of the fastest growing economies in Central Africa, Rwanda notched up GDP growth of around 8% per year between 2001 and 2014.”

That said, the Rwandan President seems open to “racist” President Trump’s help for his citizens of color. The Daily Caller reported that during the Davos event, the President Paul Kagame praised President Trump.

“I wanted to thank you for the support we have received from you, personal, and your administration.  And we’re looking forward to also working with the United States at the level of the African Union, where we are tightening out reforms of the African Union, so that we get our act together to do the right things,” Kagame said to the president. “I thank you very much.”

Hopefully the remark referred to working as sovereign allies to defeat our common enemy-the Luciferian elites Hell-bent on creating a One World Government. 

The Democrats show their racist colors.

The Left prefers to profess outrage because President Trump is honest about  third world conditions. They pounced on the opportunity to label him a racist. 

However, when it is fully acknowledged that such conditions are horrific, inhumane and often due to corruption, it shows concern for the victims of shitholes. The victims are people of color. A racist would be apathetic to those conditions. 

Racists like the Clintons and those who cover for them.

Racists like the white elite globalist scum who cash in on those countries’ resources while enslaving citizens who manufacture products and mine precious metals, minerals and gems.

But let’s not use one powerful word that would blow the covers off that game. 

American Shitholes

We’ve got plenty of shitholes in this country too. Most of them are Democrat-run and/or due to their policies. Many who suffer and die as a result are minorities.

Yet Democrat-induced misery and suffering is not worthy of the Left’s outrage. We’re still waiting to hear one peep of concern about the body count in Chicago. 

Their eagerness to add to the suffering of struggling minority communities by importing bodies-for-votes underscores their callous racism. 

Minority backfire

The growing support for President Trump  from the Black community is a game changer. They’re waking up to the Dems considering them to be disposable as the “compassionate” Party puts the needs of illegals above theirs.

A recent poll shows that the majority of American Hispanics agree with President Trump’s stance on illegal immigration-including merit-based immigration.

The Democrats are so racist they truly believe that the Black and Latino communities are stupid and will continue to be manipulated and exploited. 

The groundswell of support for Trump from the Black and Latino communities is the Dems’ worst nightmare. Thus the frantic push to keep their illegal votes intact-at the expense of American minorities. 

When it is so obvious that Democrats put their own lust for power above the safety and well being of American minorities there is little question that once again, the accusation of “racist”  points straight back to them.  

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