Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby and Police Commissioner Kevin Davis admitted that their war on cops was a mistake.

Freddie Gray died in police custody in 2015, resulting in citywide rioting, vandalizing and looting. Six cops were charged. All Baltimore cops were then  villainized to the point where they all but abandoned the city.

This broken city has been a cesspool for a long time, but since the war on police began, it’s gotten worse. The homicide count this year is close to 300.

Democrat Elijah Cummings has been Baltimore’s Congressional Representative for more than 30 years. Cummings has floated his entire career hanging on the shirttails of his March with Martin Luther King. But unlike MLK  he sold out to the DNC thugs and, judging by results, turned his back on his own people. All the elected officials in Baltimore are Democrats.

Democrat city officials don’t care about their minority citizens.

See #91-103 of  “100+ Facts That Prove Democrats Are Racist Nazis”

Democrat-run cities offer proof of under-the-radar contempt for minorities who they exploit to stay in power.

For example, Democratic Mayors who fight for Sanctuary  City status choose illegals over legal  citizens who desperately need funding for their quality of life, both now and for their future. There will be no sanctuary for legal minorities there.

Those corrupt Mayors don’t care about their constituents. They’re not working for them. They’re working for Globalist interests-setting up strongholds in our country to implode the economy and house an invading army.

When “leaders” join the DNC platform to fight enforcing immigration, school choice, protecting the minority vote with voter ID laws and protecting their residents, they turn their back on their own. Ignoring the violence and other problems in their city is a Civil Rights violation

The first step to a solution is admitting the problem

Libs hate cops, guns and prayer-till they need ’em.  So now Baltimore is re-thinking its war on cops.  At least they learned their lesson and admit their mistake-unlike traitors Emmanuel, DeBlasio and Garcetti.

We need to pray for Baltimore.

Nina Simone’s beautiful, but heartbreaking rendition of Baltimore will open our hearts. This song is from the 70’s. Doesn’t sound like things have changed much in close to 40 years since Randy Newman wrote these lyrics.

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