When you scroll down the comments sections of posts about the passing of Barbara Bush you’ll see plenty of infighting.

When people see a reader post something derogatory about the former First Lady, many people jump to the conclusion that those who do not share fond memories of Barbara Bush are hateful, sick, Leftist trolls.

But it’s more possible that the comments come from the far Right.

Some people on the Right truly believe that Poppy Bush is one of those responsible for paving the way to the Globalist War we’re locked in right now. Remember his famous New World Order speech?

Jr. Bush gave a speech last October that cemented his Globalist leanings. He claimed that America is not a land of soil and blood. Tell that to our Vets.

Some on the Right are convinced that George W. and his brother Marvin had a hand in 9/11, while others on the Right still view the Bushes as sacred American icons and 9/11 “Truthers” as kooks.

However-considering all the filth and treasonous corruption and plotting unfolding before our eyes, maybe it’s time that diehard Bush fans can at least understand why Truthers and Bush bashers would be so skeptical?

Even if a person doesn’t agree with Conspiracy Theorists or Truthers, it is crystal clear that the Bushes-every last one of them-are virulent Anti-Trumpers. They have publicly sided with the Democrats and announced that they did not vote for Donald Trump. The Bushes #Resist the MAGA movement.

Based on that one point alone, is it not more surprising that some MAGAs still revere the Bushes?

Not saying that the woman ought to be disrespected in her passing. But perhaps her passing offers us an opportunity to reflect on division within our own ranks and come to an understanding that will unite us.  It’s not necessary to agree with each other. Understanding is enough. Civility is essential.

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