Need to put a smile on your Monday? These responses to the Ben& Jerry’s invitation to name a new ice cream are hilarious!

Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben& Jerry’s ice cream opened up a carton of whoop-ass crunch on himself when he tweeted,

“Yo, internet! We need ur help to come up with 7 amazing flavors for 7 amazing up &coming progressives who could be headed to Congress in Nov. To sweeten the deal, Jerry&I will personally make a small batch of each of the winning flavors. 

Cohen then offered a link to MoveOn-an organization heavily funded by world renowned capitalist traitor George Soros. 

The Ben& Jerry’s brutal backlash is sure to make the Left double down on efforts to censor Conservatives.

IMO-Here’s the cream of the crop:

•Socialist Sundae, Communist Caramel, Marxist Mud Pie, Heavenly High Taxation, Totalitarian Turtle, Authoritarian Apple Pie and Regulation Ripple are my 7 flavors for your regressives.

•How about “Maxine’s Harrass Mint” available at restaurants, gasoline stations, and department stores?

•How about “I lose, I scream!!!”

•Ask the Venezuelans what stray dog tastes like and name it after Cortez.

•Benghazi Berry, Traitor Truffle, Dead Vet Velvet Cake

•Snowflake Sundae, I Identify As Pie, Believe All Walnuts (Sometimes), Socialist S’mores (w/out the marshmallow & chocolate because you had to give them to someone who didnt earn them), Chocolate Pay For My Home & Healthcare Chip, Open Borders & sCream, PedoFudge Chunk.

•Rocky Road to Ruin

•Ellison black-and-blueberry. Beaten, not churned.

•Tutti False Accusation Frutti? Repeal the Bill of Rights Raspberry? Open Borders Blueberry? Tax and Spend Tiramisu? America is a Force For Evil and Must Be Destroyed and Rebuilt as A Socialist Worker’s Paradise Peanut Butter?

•“Better Put Some Ice(Cream) on That” POTUS 42 Flavor

•New York Rat Bite Swirl Chicago Lead Surprise San Francisco Fecal Fudge Baltimore Riot Raspberry Detroit Crack Crunch

•Well you simply MUST have a Black-eyed-Karen flavor since @moveon endorsed Keith Ellison yesterday! What a great way to brand what you believe in!

• 1) Venezuela melt down, (melted expired ingredients) 2) Dossier (collection of fake stuff) 3) Feinstein Asian spy (smells fishy) 4) Double dark unemployment 5) Apple turn over server (everything inside deleted, just an empty cup) 6) #WalkAway Crunch 7) 2A crackdown nutty

Some Twitter users didn’t offer up a name, but nailed Ben&Jerry’s sorry socialist a**es to the wall with these tweets:

• It’s like you don’t realize your Ice Cream business was possible due to CAPITALISM..

• The ice cream will be free, right? Everyone is entitled to ice cream but not everyone can pay. That would be very progressive of you.

• Hi Ben, I watched a video where people in Caracas Venezuela were looking for food to eat in rubbish bins. Can you send millions of your ice cream to them please? Also millions of Dollars so they have medicine for their sick kids?

• Is this a joke? Try using healthier ingredients in your junk food if you’re really worried about the healthcare system, people, or our environment.

• Make a flavor to celebrate my lifestyle or I’ll sue for discrimination.

Seriously, what happened to businesses having a fiduciary responsibility to their stockholders? 

It’s not like Ben& Jerry’s is the only game in town.

Unlike Social Justice Warrior Starbucks where many consumers are hooked on having their coffee a certain way, it’s easy to find alternatives to Ben& Jerry’s. Many Twitterers gave free press to their preferred brands. 

Do you buy Ben& Jerry’s in spite of their mixing politics with ice cream? Do you have an alternative you prefer?  

Muted Mango Twitter Tango? 

Funny, but it seems there hasn’t been any more activity on this tweet for the last couple of days. Do you think Ben may have decided to “mute” any more responses? 

To see the original tweets and more, click here…. IMOwired offered up “Globalist Sellout Swirl.” Why not add your own? I’m sure Ben Cohen will appreciate it!

How ’bout we do a little experiment? Let us know when you made your suggestion. Then we can check it out to see if it was “muted.” 

PS-Do you find it odd that when you punch in “Ben and Jerry memes” on Globalist Google images, it’s pretty much all lame Leftist memes? 

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Ben Cohen -“Take Back Congress Flavor by Flavor” Tweet