“The media is the unaccountable fourth branch of the government”


Ben Stein was interviewed on Fox and pummeled the media!

Breitbart reported,

During Saturday’s “Justice” on Fox News Channel, former Nixon and Ford speechwriter, actor and author Ben Stein said that mainstream media is acting as the “supreme power in America right now,” adding that they are trying to cut President Donald Trump “down to size.”

“The media is the supreme power in America right now, and they are trying to cut President Trump down to size, and they’re using the judiciary as one of their pawns,” Stein told host Jeanine Pirro.

“The media is the unaccountable fourth branch of the government,” he continued. “They can make up sources and have them go down in the history books as great journalists. They can make things up.”

Watch the entire interview…

The media’s blab grenades just keep blowing up in their plastic faces.

It seems like every day they’re being busted for at least one fake news story. But lying and smearing and twisting  are all they’ve got in their arsenal.

They’re stretching their last thread of credibility to the breaking point.  Fact is, we’ll never be able to trust any of them again.

Looks like Fox News has been hopelessly compromised.

We were warned that it would become more left leaning after Roger Ailes departed. Suspicions were validated as a CBS Affiliate in Fargo allowed Chris Berg to uncover Fox’s connection to George Soros.

Suspicions were further aroused when Fox  aired a thoroughly vile interview with Megyn Kelly and James Alefantis after the shooting at Comet Ping Pong.  It was clear at that point that Fox was pushing for suppression over investigation.

Another nail in their credibility coffin was thanks to Bill O’Reilly. He loudly proclaimed  Pizzagate as nothing more than fake news that spurs violence.

Anyone familiar with Pizzagate can’t help but notice that CBS’s Ben Swann was the ONLY MSM source to cover the story without shutting it down as “fake news.”

So with CBS stepping up to the plate with the two pieces they aired, does that mean they can be trusted, or that they’re going to become more trustworthy?

As long as all our Mainstream Media sources are owned by the same 6 corporations mostly linked back to the Rothschilds, they should all be taken with a grain of salt and a heavy dose of Breitbart.

When no one was looking our anti-propaganda laws were repealed in 2013.

This swung the door wide open to allow propaganda to be used against US citizens.

President Barrack Hussein Obama officially legalized Project Mockinbird. This CIA propaganda tool  was first utilized in the 50’s.  He revitalized it last September, allowing FBI agents to pose as journalists.

Obama stated that the fight against ISIS is just a “war of narratives.”

That mindset and philosophy certainly sheds light on the globalist approach to enslave the general population thorough fake narratives. Alex Jones knew what he was talking about when he created the tagline There’s a war on for your mind.

It also clearly explains the  establishment’s unrelenting attacks on alternative media. The free flow of information is their worst nightmare.

It provides powerful ammunition in the form of free flowing information. The one weapon that can topple the powerful elite and their globalist agenda.

Information destroyed their “in the bag” election, and their grip on the country.

Sadly, MSM programmed attack dogs are still operating under the blue flicker of hypnotic suggestion and false information. Add to that a manipulation of their most primal emotions and you’ve got the snarling, vicious brain dead zombies on the left.

It has been said, If you control information you control their minds.

Lots of swamps to drain!

Which swamp do you want to see drained first? Comment below!