Bikers for Trump thundered into Georgia over the weekend. Saturday they protested CNN. Sunday they knocked on doors for Republican Karen Handell.

Karen Handell is running against Democrat Jon Ossoff in a tight race.

The Hill reports,

“The race for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District has the Republican and Democratic candidates less than 2 points apart ahead of Tuesday’s contest, according to a WSB-Landmark Communications poll.”

Democrats have been desperate for their candidate to win.

He almost did. The first election held had him dangerously close to the 50% mark that would have prevented this runoff race and secured his victory.

The Democrats have  financed him with close to 30 million dollars. What has been newsworthy about his funding is that most of it has come from out of state.

Bikers for Trump went door to door to campaign for Karen  Handell . Their collective appearance and powerful and eye-catching. Although, it did look like they could do with some of the TheCheapPlace.com patches for their jackets. Kidding aside, the support they have shown for the President shows a conviction and a desire to make a difference.

Chris Cox, the founder or the biker organization, felt that the effort would be more than worthwhile. Most importantly it’s a way to support President Trump.

Cox  also wants the message out there that the fake news narrative that people have turned their backs on the President is dead wrong.

He also wants to convey the message that Bikers for Trump are ready, willing and able to be deployed to fight for America. In fact, many of the bikers are Veterans.

The Washington Times reports,

“For his part, Mr. Cox is looking to win a public relations game, and is eager to spread the message that are Bikers for Trump are not the lawbreakers portrayed by Hollywood stereotyping, but their blue-collar workers and military veterans are an untapped resource that Republicans can turn to over the years to come.”

It was a busy weekend for Bikers for Trump and for Atlanta.

Saturday they attended a “Fake News Protest” at CNN.

Fox 5 Atlanta  reports,

“Dozens of people protested peacefully outside of CNN headquarters in what was called a “Fake News Protest.”It was organized following a shooting on Wednesday aimed at GOP lawmakers at the Congressional baseball game.”

Chris Cox stated, “This is the beginning of a new movement. We the people are rising up and we are saying, enough, and we are prepared to meet the Left on the streets, if neccessary, to fight for our President. Can you imagine what would have happened, and the outcry, if the Tea Party activist behaved like we are seeing many of the radical Left behaving.”

Breitbart quoted Bikers for Trump Chris Cox,

“…in our opinion there is no way to measure this level of journalistic malpractice. CNN exemplifies vigilante journalism.”

See “Breaking News! Fox: Republicans Targeted and Shot at GOP Baseball Game”

The Dems are hungry to fill seats. But does it matter?

With the Republicans holding the majority in Congress, it’s still the ruthless, bully Democrats running the show. Their #resistance movement to oust our fairly elected President is not only brazen interference with the 2016 election, but also destroying our election process altogether.

The Globalist Left has waged war on all of us. When votes don’t matter anymore, when the electoral college doesn’t matter anymore, there is no America.

The Dems think that they can impeach a President because they don’t like him, or because their candidate lost. If only we knew that was an option eight years ago.

We’re all wondering where  the Hell all the elected Republicans are. We’re wondering why they have not had the back of our President who is out there slaying the many headed dragon alone. Their impotent silence smacks of complicity.

Ted Cruz said it best.

“We have a majority in the House, we have a majority in the Senate, we have a Republican as president, how about we act like it?”

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