The numbers in the “Caravan” have swelled. The critical mass of Black Conservatives is growing too.

Check out these images of Don Jr. and  David Harris Jr at a gathering of young Black Conservatives! 

Could this type of visual image have broken Democrats into a stone cold sweat?

Democrats, their media and their “Liberal” idiot army have tried desperately to shut down Candace Owens, Kanye West and others, but it’s not working. In fact it’s backfiring. Could this be another reason they’re crying for Open Borders aka importing illegal votes? 

Most people agree that the “caravan” is a ploy to upset the midterms. Democrats are banking on powerful visual images of the human shields-women and children placed in the front lines-being turned away, or having children “ripped from their mothers’ arms.”

Have they worn out all their playing cards? 

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David Harris Jr. twitter page

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