More hatred and race-baiting. Thank you “Black Lives Matter.”

Breitbart reports,

“Black Lives Matter Global Network has partnered with advertising agency J. Walter Thompson New York to push a new “buy Black” campaign.

The initiative, complete with a link to a map of black-owned businesses, was posted to the Instagram account blklivesmatter with an accusation that the “Black community is under attack.”

Sad thing is, that the “Black community is under attack.” But not by who they think.

It’s under attack by “Black Lives Matter” and their globalist pimp-masters. When George Soros funded the rioting that resulted in looting, vandalism, violence and the cold blooded murder of police and civilians, black lives did not matter to him. He didn’t care about their personal safety, whether their lives were hijacked due to incarceration or the destruction of their souls when they committed heinous crimes.

He cared about one thing only. The destruction of America. His objective was not to make progress within the police department. It was to create civil unrest. Willing participants were the self enriching, celebrity race-baiting pimps in the black community, such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

This may seem like a great way to create hatred and division.

It’s probably what the Soros-funded BLM crowd is hoping for.

But let’s not fall into that trap. Let’s say, Good! It’s about frickin’ time!

Civil rights trailblazers as far back as Booker T. Washington have encouraged people in the black community to open their own businesses and for members of the community to support them.

If BLM thinks their idea is sooooo original or sooooo cool, they need to have some respect for their predecessors. These were people who had to overcome very real and seemingly insurmountable odds, yet rose to great heights, such as Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall.

Their personal success and their leadership was due to many factors, such as a strong spiritual foundation, a thirst for knowledge, and personal integrity and dignity.

The civil unrest and flames of hatred that have been fanned under the Obama administration seem to have set back all the strides that had been made. Fortunately most of us see the game and aren’t buying into it.

No one disputes that there wasn’t room for progress. But to react to lingering issues with the police by resorting to looting, vandalism and cold blooded murder does nothing to advance a cause. Unless your cause is globalism. The globalist elite finance, manipulate and exploit vulnerable members of the community to serve their purpose. Black lives don’t matter to them. They’re just a tool to serve their purpose.

Without useless soul sucking hatred it’s actually a great opportunity.

People in the Korean community have employed this method of mutual support for decades. If you were to visit Koreatown in LA you’d see a vibrant network supporting one another. Make no mistake-there is no hate or spite involved. They are very friendly and welcoming to those outside their community as well.

There’s also similar cooperation and support in the Hindi community. Many new citizens arrive and find new friends, neighbors, and investors waiting for them. And you’ll see the same thing in many other minority communities.

The same concept is used when we “buy local,” support a cause through thrift shops, buy fair trade, Made in USA, cage free, humanely raised, made by vets, union made, etc.etc.

It’s a lesson we can all learn from. That’s the way it was back in the day. People helped each other out. We all benefit from strong and vibrant communities. We all benefit from helping each other. It would be great to support this idea and see increased success.

Tragically, it may be doomed if it’s shackled with BLM’s unbridled hatred and fed for the sole purpose of empowering the global elite.