Sweden is one reason why Pinterest is so great. On Pinterest you can develop photo albums of magnificent countries that were once on your bucket list to visit.

Many people won’t be visiting Sweden or other countries under EU attack anytime soon. Due to terrorism and rampant problems with immigration such as the rape epidemic, tourism has already suffered. It’s not insane to suspect that it has suffered more than is reported.

Captivating photos of the idyllic countryside or historic artifacts buried under the floorboards may be all we will have to prove to grandchildren that life was once different. Sweden and other beautiful sovereign nations in Europe are being systematically destroyed by an unelected bunch of elite thugs in Brussels.

This is why the Globalists hate our fairly elected President. He won’t cave.

7 signs that Sweden needs to be rushed to the ICU

1-Unsustainable immigration

Any flood of immigration that is more than a country can bear will implode the economy. This is actually the goal the Globalist Democrats and RINOs over here as they protest the wall, refuse to enforce immigration laws that are on the books and set up sanctuary cities.  There is absolutely no benefit to anyone other than migrants and the Globalist elite. Just ask Chicago.

The elite EU dictators have bastardized the Geneva Agreements.

The EU Trojan Horse attack is based on a lie.

The migrants are not refugees  at all. They are economic migrants. This is why we don’t have to take them either. Vice President of the EU Commission, Frans Timmerman admitted it. His statement was backed up by the EU High Commissioner who said that a whoppng 7 out of 10 migrants were not legitimate “refugees,” but economic migrants.

The migrants are hired hit men. In order to adhere to the Geneva Agreement the globalist elites cannot aggressively overtake other countries and commit unconscionable acts of war. But the “refugees” can. The rules don’t apply to them.

Clever, huh?

Another lie-these “refugees” are in fact, an invading army. Even UN statistics cite 75% as being men. Typical photos show no women or children at all. And none of them are Christians who are in dire need of asylum.

2-Terror attacks.

You’d be hard-pressed to find information about the recent string of bombings in Sweden. “PeterSweden” tweeted that there have been 9 bombings in 12 days.

The propaganda arm of WWlll by stealth-the mainstream media-is mute. They don’t want us to rally to Sweden’s defense. And they sure as Hell don’t want us to fully understand what they have planned for us.

Time  reported on the series of bombings more as a way to “debunk” any concerns. Nothing to see here folks.  No one got killed, so no biggie. They cited glowing crime statistics and even went so far as to refer to the bombings as “mafia-like activity.”

Time focused their reporting on ridiculing any concerned response as being “Alt-Right” or hysteria emanating from “conspiracy theory” sources. The implication is that a concerned response is “politicized” because of President Trump.

Unfortunately for MSM, President Trump is always proven right.

Last February President Trump spoke called out Sweden’s refugee problem and was widely condemned. Sweden’s Prime Minister responded by holding a press conference to insult him. That very same evening riots broke out in Rinkeby.

The President took  a lot  heat when he called attention to Sweden’s rape epidemic but was proven correct when Sweden’s Prime Minister was busted for lying about the rape crisis in her country.

See “Swedish Prime Minister Busted for Lying About Rape Stats”

Peter Sweden aka Peter Imanuelson is an independant journalist who, unlike mainstream media, keeps the public informed about terror attacks….

3- “The Rape Capital of the World” 

Bowing to the rape culture of their beloved migrants has struck a death blow to Sweden’s  liberties and freedom.

Swedish women can no longer enjoy walking alone at night, or even in the day for that matter. They can’t attend outdoor concerts that were once highly anticipated events due to fear of being sexually harassed and raped.

A police woman stated that virtually all outdoor rapes are committed by migrants.

4-Engineered degradation of culture.

Overtaking sovereign nations is not limited to forced immigration or bombs.

The degradation of culture is an integral part of the game plan. It weakens a society so it will  rot from within.

“Liberals” are the fruit of a cancerous culture. They comprise the idiot army who loathe their own county and become dimwitted soldiers of the Globalist elite.

The US is not the only country to have its fare share of hideous freakish “Liberals”


Islamification slips into many facets of our society, including schools, the “feminist” movement and the push to make hijabs a fashion statement.

The EU and Liberals will always lay a  guilt-trip touting ‘diversity” or “multiculturalism.” But that is another lie.

The radical Islamic population seeks to create a stronghold by forcing their will on the host population. Their takeover will be ensured as they out-breed other ethnic groups. Multiculturalism morphs into one culture-Islam.

Islamification is so important to host countries that “leaders” will turn a blind eye to children who are being brutalized by Female Genital Mutilation or abused by pedophile husbands through child marriage. Sweden has recently condoned child marriage for migrants on a case-by-case basic. It’s outrageous that there would be one single case where this would be sanctioned.

Check out Sweden’s new postage stamp …

6-Blasphemous land grabs

We withdrew from UNESCO because they officially denounced all Jewish and Christian ties to Jerusalem. They decreed that all of the holiest sites in Jerusalem be referred to by their Islamic names. Destruction of history is the MO of Islam and their Globalist pals. In Jerusalem the immense golden dome of the al-Aqsa Mosque defiles and squats on the original site of the Temple Mount.

In a similar fashion, a mosque will now be built on Halmstad-an historic battlefield in Sweden and one of the country’s most historic sites.  A mosque will be built on top of a church in  Karlstad  in close connection with a Christian cemetery.

7-No-go zones

No-go zones offer proof positive that Islamic migrants have no desire to assimilate. The zones provide military encampments enabling them to reach their goal  to destroy host countries. They loudly vocalize their intentions yet it falls on deaf ears.

These hotbeds for violence and jihadist training are army camps set up within host countries. They serve the additional purpose of keeping  the population blissfully unaware of the war brewing within their borders.

The US currently has about 24  no-go zones within 9 states that are considered jihadist training camps. Martin Mawyer of the Christian Action Network filmed an attempt to enter one of them within our borders. He claimed that European no-go zones were more friendly, but that does not seem to be the case anymore.

Snopes proved they are the worst online “fact-checking” source when they declared that the existence of no-go zones in Sweden is false.

Fact is, that there are over 50 no-go zones in Sweden . Police admit they have no control over these zones and if a suspect flees within its boundaries police won’t enter. Equally disturbing, no-go zones are separate states governed by Sharia Law.

Before these zones grew to more than 50, documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz and his  crew were attacked as they tried to film inside one of them. The story and the cover up is explained in this Fox interview…

Liberalism is cancer.

The Globalist Elite stationed in America operate within both Parties as Dems and RINOs. Their programmed idiot army proudly flaunt a ” Liberal” badge.

The manipulated ones fight on behalf of everything and everyone they claim to hate. The victory of the Elites depends on this under-informed emotionally manipulated faction of the population.  “Liberals”  fight for genocide and destruction.

Oddly they claim to hate racism but are blind to the fact that racism is not confined to white people. Radical Muslims are racist to the core of their ideology which is Hell bent on  genocide. The “Religion of Peace” refers to the peace on earth that will be attained when every infidel has been exterminated.

The Globalist Elite are banking on America being kept in the dark about the tragedy of Europe being under siege. They’re banking on people cringing and backing off when called Islamaphobe.

If radical Muslims were white but were dumped in unsustainable amounts into a unsuspecting population no one would put up with it.

If a similar, but white, migrant influx had not an ounce of appreciation and openly vowed to destroy their host country they would never be tolerated.

If the parallel universe of hoards of white migrants embraced an ideology that included practices such as rape, gang rape, bestiality, pedophilia, child marriage, wife beating, stoning, honor killing, throwing homosexuals off buildings and Female Genital Mutilation they’d all be in jail and walls would be built. Waco and the members of the Koresh cult-including children-were slaughtered for a lot less.

The EU elite thugs would be kicked out of Brussels and the clean-up could begin.

Image NPR

Don’t expect Liberals to rally on behalf of Sweden or Europe.

They equate these countries with being white, and have been successfully programmed to hate all white people and believe the world will be better off when white people are all dead. Even though many are white themselves.

So they will continue to remain as unmoved about European genocide as they have been about Christian genocide.

Don’t expect the Pope to rally on their behalf either. 

Ironically although Muslims have been responsible for Christian genocide in Europe  the globalist Pope continues to guilt-trip countries into opening their borders and welcoming more.

The Vatican embraces those who wish to destroy Christianity. Just as “Liberal Jews” align themselves with those who wish to wipe every last Jew off the face of the earth. Just as white “Liberals” call for their own annihilation.

Image Reuters

Small world.

Sovereign nations across the globe face one common enemy-the Elite Luciferians who aim to institute their New World Order “by any means necessary.”

They look upon native citizens as the enemy.  We’ obstacles, statistics, war casualties. Nothing more.

Sweden, France, Germany and other sovereign nations under attack are not separate from us. They’re not “over there.” We are united in our struggle and we all face extinction.

Countries that are under attack from our common enemy must shake off censorship and declare the circumstance for what it is- war.

An invading army stormed fences in Calais, France

The only way to defeat the enemy is to acknowledge the enemy.

It doesn’t pay to worry about being called names. Being polite  is a luxury we cannot afford. The Globalists and their Jihadist army are predators.

Predators do not appreciate kindness, generosity and a desire to help others. They view it as an easy mark-a weakness to exploit.

Sweden’s reputation for being the most generous country on earth is their downfall. All other countries, including our own, that have been infected by this jihadist migrant virus have rolled out the same welcome mat just to be nice. 

As a student of Sebastian Gorka said, “If the enemy controls what you say about them, you have already lost the war”

Calling  the enemy out does not necessarily limited to radical Muslims. They’re just doing what radical Muslims do. But they can’t do it without permission and help.

The head of the snake is the Elite unelected thugs in the EU who are exploiting migrants and weaponizing them to overthrow sovereign nations. They carry out this wargame through Globalist plants that have infiltrated governments.

We’re not Islamophobic-we’re takeover-phobic.

If only the Jews had been more Nazi-phobic. 

Your thoughts? Comment below!


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