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Border Children: Are Democrats Protecting Child Traffickers?


The insane and weak Democrat Platform got some new blood recently, thanks to border children who are separated from adults who choose to break the law and enter the US illegally.
The Party who loathes the institution of the traditional family suddenly cares about families being separated at the border. The Party who cheers the torture, dismemberment and murder of preborn infants suddenly cares about border children who are separated from their parents.

Trouble is, this new ploy to bolster the America-Last Democrat platform is unraveling faster than a Walmart sweater.

The first blooper was blasting a photo of border children lost in cages.

The photo was taken in 2014-the Obama years. Oops.

A Democrat just busted the ploy and points to Obama.

The Daily Caller reported that “Democratic Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar admitted Saturday that the Obama administration attempted to cover up the child migrant crisis occurring at the Souther border.”

Nancy Pelosi is inciting riots, which used to be a crime.

“I just don’t even know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country, and maybe there will be when people realize that this is a policy that they defend,” she said. “It’s a horrible thing, and I don’t see any prospect for legislation here.”

Uh. Maybe because thanks to President Trump, people are too busy working to answer Craigslist ads for part time Soros-funded gigs. But an uprising protesting Democrat policies that brought about and continue this nightmare? Some Americans might show up for that one.

“These kids are being ripped from their mother’s arms!” they cry.

It’s been quickly pointed out that we have no way of knowing if these kids belong to these adults at all. Over the years it was commonplace for adults to bring children with them to take advantage of our immigration policies.

And of course, there’s the whole infant being ripped out of a mother’s womb retort.

Last but not least, as Bill Mitchell pointed out…

“Do Democrats really want children held in detention with adults? Since these “families” are undocumented, how do we know they are families at all? How do we know those “parents” aren’t really child sex traffickers?”

And that brings us back to the discovery of what appeared to be a pedo-camp.

That theory was immediately “debunked.”

“Debunked” even though the FBI was not called in to investigate.

“Debunked” even though the camp was discovered on land belonging to CEMEX, a company who partnered with the Clinton Foundation in Haiti.

“Debunked” even though there was a “rape tree” on the site-a tree with handcuffs placed low enough for a child to reach.

“Debunked” even though the hole in the ground was only big enough for a child to fit through.

“Debunked” even though those who sized it up as a pedo camp are honorable Veterans who are literally experts on the subject.

“Debunked” even though without a serious investigation, local police couldn’t rush in fast enough to bulldoze what may have been an entire crime scene.

What exactly is the reason the Democrats #Resist the Wall?

They claim it’s compassion, but there’s nothing compassionate about imploding our economy through unsustainable immigration. There’s over a hundred thousand homeless people in California alone. (if we trust the count) How does importing more help them?

They claim it’s because they’re not racist. But how is allowing people to push their way in front of the line fair to those who went through the process? Is it not racist to imply that all immigrants are illegal? Or that their Latino base appreciates illegal immigrants? Is it not off-the-charts racist to assume that by siding with MS-13 they’ll garner the votes of all Latino Americans?

Are they so enamored with MS-13 and violent drug cartels that The Wall represents tearing the bloodthirsty, tattooed gangstas from their warm, loving breast as they alleged happened with one of the border children?

Are they so enamored with the flow of deadly drugs crossing the border? The answer may be yes. The Deep State has a history of dealing drugs to fund their Black Ops.

Are they so enamored with the idea of human trafficking, including sex trafficking of children? Given the rampant pedophilia and child porn epidemic the answer may be yes to that as well.

Even if all these scenarios appear to be a bit way out there, isn’t the end result of their policies the same?

The only thing worse than pedophiles is those who support them.

When FBI Director Christopher Wray responded to the scathing IG Report to list the FBI’s accomplishments, he said, “This year alone, we’ve recovered 1,305 kids from child predators—some as young as 7 months old.”

However, that number may refer only to the FBI. In March through May, “Operation Broken Heart” busted 2,300 pedophiles. The silence of the Leftstream media regarding President Trump’s war on pedophiles is deafening.

So if they really care about children as they say they do, wouldn’t they do whatever is in their power to ensure their safety?

Would they encourage parents to risk their kids’ lives through taking a perilous journey-often bumping into MS-13 gangs who rape, kidnap and blackmail migrants crossing through “their” turf? Would they ignore the possibility that the children may not belong to the adult in their charge at all?

If they really cared about children, would they #Resist anything that could prevent these atrocities instead of working with President Trump to negotiate a solution?

If they really cared about children, they’d see to it that parents and children who are separated by death at the hands of illegals would never happen again.

BTW-why do they never cry for Kate Steinle or Jamiel Shaw?

Your thoughts? Comment below, not just on facebook…


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  1. Comments lost during transfer. On 6/18/18 CyanLocomotive wrote ” The Dems have no concern for these kids. They are being used as pawns on several levels. Plus, the issue takes away from the damning FBI IG Report.”

  2. Comments lost during transfer. On 6/18/18 OrangeCocktail wrote ” In the end cover ups, lies & stupidity will always be revealed.”

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