VP Mike Pence’s bunny Marlon Bundo signed a book deal! (caution-this post may be too cute for some readers)

The children’s book tells the fluffy tale of an average day for our Vice President in the White House. It’s written from the perspective of the VP’s bunny-bun, Marlon Bundo who follows around his “Grampa” Mike Pence.  Awwww.

The Pence’s daughter, Charlotte wrote the book. VP Pences’s wife Karen is actually an award winning illustrator, so she’ll be doing the artwork for the book using watercolors.  IMO it looks amazing!

The announcement was made last Friday on Instagram…

“A Big Announcement for my Friends! Coming to a bookstore near you on March 19! Mom wrote a children’s book about me and Grandma painted beautiful watercolors in it, too! In the book, I follow Grampa around all day, as a BOTUS should, while he goes about his duties as Vice President! Also, Mom and Grandma are donating a portion of their proceeds to charity! Check out my Instagram story for more info (and to pre-order)! (Next time I do a book signing, I’m going to practice my paw print beforehand! Don’t worry, it was bunny-safe ink ☺️)”

The announcement was accompanied by this pic of BOTUS sealing the deal…

Soft and soooo sweet in all respects.

The Pences are major animal lovers and have many pets. Marlon Bundo was actually a bit of a viral social media sensation before getting into the bunny book biz.

It’s supposed to hop on the shelves next March.

CNN reported, “a portion of the proceeds will benefit A21, an organization focused on combating human trafficking, and two art therapy programs, a key aspect of the second lady’s platform.”

Wow. Even CNN didn’t have a bad word to say. That’s the power of bunny magic!

OK-enough cute stuff…

Let’s take some wagers. How will sales compare to….

  • Al Gore’s Climate Change book that has already been outsold by TWO books debunking climate change by the same author.
  • Hillary Clinton’s  “What Happened” that was on clearance the second it hit the shelves. She made headlines with her whining and signing event-in Costco’s jumbo toilet paper aisle.
  • Chelsea Clinton’s children’s book “She Persisted.” A book featuring lovely role models who overcame the hurdles from all the rotten men in society. Role models like  Fauxcahontas Warren, Oprah who said all white people must die, and Sonia Sotomayor who “would have bashed [Justice Antonin] Scalia with a baseball bat.” She’s being sued for plagiarism. See “She Plagiarized. Writer Sues Chelsea for Ripping Off Book.”
  • Globalist-Gobbler Michael Moore’s Broadway show was created to “take down a sitting President” though satire. He may not find his abysmal  ticket sales funny but Trump supporters sure do. See ” Globalist Sellout Michael Moore Targets Trump in One Man B’Way Show”
Isn’t it great that the BOTUS book is coming from the Pence family?

That way we can rest assured that it won’t be about a gender confused bunny who thinks that “multiply like rabbits” is offensive, sexist, misogynistic, white cis-male hate speech, so he/she/whatever puts on a bandanna mask from the dollar store and a puffy black jacket from Amazon and sets fire to MAGA hats, smashes the windows of local Starbucks, pepper sprays the elderly  and stabs innocent police horses to protest. Or something like that.

How do you think Marlon Bundo’s book will do? Comment below!


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