Campbell’s Soup fired Kelly Johnston, their VP, for making a Tweet connecting Soros to the “Caravan.”

Now Campbell’s Soup is facing a boycott. But will it just be Soro’s “Liberal” idiot army that’ll quit slurping the canned slop? 

By firing their VP they appease no one.

“Liberals” are mad because Johnston criticized Satan’s favorite son and challenged their narrative. “Migrants” are just good people just seeking a better life and the racist Orange Man is being mean to them.

But wait-how could the lives of “migrants” be better in a country that “Liberals” hate, run by a Nazi Dictator? A country that,through their shiny new socialism, would end up just like the countries they’re fleeing? Anyway…

Conservatives will also be furious,

By Campbell’s Soup firing their VP, those on the Right are likely to see this as one more Conservative targeted for exercising his First Amendment and exposing The Powers That Be. 

Could Conservatives also get the impression that Campbell’s is siding with Soros? Or encouraging more consumers or cheap labor to cross the border? 

Either way, the mucky alphabet soup letters floating in muddy red water amidst a few overcooked vegetables spells nothing but trouble today. 

What’s a breadwinner to do? 

An employee can either hide their political leanings on social media or face the inevitable consequences of being busted.

That could result in turning off a prospective employer, creating a hostile work  environment, or in this case, getting fired. 

Does Campbell’s Soup have a point?

Should the VP-being higher up in the food chain-be more professional and stick to posting feel-good inspirational quotes and 150 years worth of anecdotes about customers loving their tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich?

As a VP does his behavior reflect badly on the company he works for or give the impression that his opinions represent those in the company? 

Or is he being unfairly targeted?

How many companies-like Starbucks and Nike-shove their political leanings in your face-boycott be damned?

Sure, the Campbell’s Soup VP may have signed a policy when he came on board that led to his being fired. However, do the other big mouth “Liberal” companies not have a responsibility to their stockholders to protect the bottom line? Whatever happened to fiduciary duty? 

Is it because there’s no proof that Soros is behind the “Caravan”/invasion? 

Democrats sort of painted themselves in a corner with that little rule. They destroyed the whole innocent before being proven guilty thing.

They didn’t need proof or evidence that Brett Kavanaugh was at one time a rapist and part of a gang rape train to take him down.

They didn’t need evidence to obtain FISA warrants to spy on their political opponent.

They didn’t need actual evidence to shout out dirt on then-Candidate Donald Trump-they just hired someone to author a package of vile lies dubbed a “dossier.”

Democrats and their media didn’t need evidence to push the Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax on the public, setting this nation on fire. 

Democrats are not your typical employees.

They are elected officials who call themselves “lawmakers.” Some are sore loser “leaders” who threaten ongoing incivility unless they gain the power they demand.

Shouldn’t we be able to fire them? They have clearly forgotten that they are also employees-of the American people. 

Sure, we expect them to voice their opinions. We’ve even accepted “dirty campaigns” as the new norm. But shouldn’t their calls for violence, uprisings, harassment, intimidation and shrugging off victims as “collateral damage have consequences?

Shouldn’t their refusing to disavow constant calls for the assassination of our President be reason enough to escort them out the building with a box full of their desk tchotchkis?

Why is it that it’s only OK for the Left to voice their opinions? To drum up wild “conspiracy theories?” To voice suspicions about others? 

When our nation-like other sovereign nations-is literally under attack by weaponized migrants, can anyone blame Kelly Johnston for reacting? But shouldn’t he have gotten a verbal warning or a write-up first, like most employees do? 

What’s your take? Were they right or wrong to fire their VP? Is Soros behind the “Caravan?”Will you be buying any more Campbell’s Soup?

Comment below!

PS~We can all agree that we’re an extended family right? Well I must give you a heads-up that about 7 years ago I was enjoying a bowl of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup when I noticed a horrible, squid like ganglion-looking mass of cartilage and noodles in the bowl. I was dying! I complained to the company and they offered to send me coupons. So if my descriptions of Campbell’s Soup seem a bit harsh, that might explain it. Still buy the tomato though. 

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