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Brandon Straka-Founder of the #WalkAway Movement

Brandon Straka Founder of the #WalkAway Movement &#WalkAway March on Washington. Has put it all on the line to save this country from the ravages of Globalist Democrats. (Full profile on this site)

Kind. Humble. Handsome. NYC Hair stylist. Aspiring actor. Liberal turned Conservative. Democrats’ worst nightmare. Courageous. Patriot. Not a bot. #WalkAway Founder. Human MOAB.

Brandon Straka’s #WalkAway campaign may strike the final death blow to the Anti-American Democrat Party.

The Democrat Party has been infected for decades with socialism and communism. Those revived philosophies provide bait for “Liberals” to vote for the Left’s true endgame-to sacrifice America on the altar of a One World Government.

Attempts to rig the 2016 election failed miserably. Hillary and her Globalist Masters were crushed. Democrats were not content to support our election process and properly prepare for 2020. Instead, they chose to be as Hillary stated,” a direct threat to our democracy” by launching the Mueller-led coup.

 They’ve also ignited a Civil War between fascist “Liberals” and Trump supporters, utilizing identity politics and their MSM propaganda.

The Left’s venomous hatred and violence has reached a feverish pitch.

Owned Hollywood celebs, “artists” and “musicians” openly inspire “Liberal” lunatics to assassinate our fairly elected President. Their hatred is vicious and without boundaries. Even innocent children aren’t spared as they cyberbully Barron Trump and threaten to stalk and harass other children whose parents are affiliated with the President.

“Liberals” spit their venom freely while shutting down Conservative voices. Their Globalist handlers offer them a platform while censoring and demonetizing Conservatives on Social Media, TV shows, and by altering SEO algorithms. 

Women, minorities and gay people who go up against these forces are attacked, threatened and called every vile name imaginable.

Brandon Straka (pronounced Strock) woke up and he walked away. 

Brandon watched the Democrat Party openly morph into a vicious, divisive entity. He realized he had been manipulated by the Democrats and their PR puppets in Mainstream Media. He realized he had been seduced by their lies and identity politics. He found himself aligned with people who were violent, oppressive and hate-filled. That’s not who he is. 

But he wasn’t satisfied with walking away while others were still trapped in the programmed mind-fog. His newfound mission was to set them free as well.

Brandon Straka founded the #WalkAway movement.

This keystroke of genius launched a scorching, heat seeking missile that has Democrats and their RINO plants running for their lives. 

The #WalkAway campaign is beyond epic, since it could destroy one of the two major political parties in the US.

The #WalkAway movement took off with his viral video.

The #WalkAway video could end the orchestrated Civil War and tip the scales in favor of our nation remaining intact. 

Straka was a “Liberal” so recently that he cried when Donald Trump was elected. He says he was devastated to the depths of his soul. He was indoctrinated by MSM’s constant repetition that Donald Trump was a Nazi and would empower the KKK. 

Brandon woke up to the Democrats’ mass mind control tactics. He observed that they manipulate their voter base by keeping them in an emotional state of terror while feeding them apocalyptic lies. 

He’s embraced his new extended family of Conservatives. “Conservationism is the new counter-culture. It’s actually more fun over here. And it’s actually so much more inclusive. And there’s so much more love and tolerance happening on the Right than there is on the Left.”

Brandon encouraged disgruntled Democrats to share their stories 

Brandon has become a nationally recognized leader who wants the best for others who have been misled. He invited others who have become disgusted with the core values of the Democrat Party to share their story on the testimonials page  on the #WalkAway Campaign website and Facebook page. 

Democrats whose brain and soul survived MSM indoctrination are heeding the call. However, since “Liberal” controlled FaceBook is already giving his page problems, Brandon is in the process of moving all the video testimonials to his website in the event that FaceBook would shut the page down. 

The threat has grown increasingly more serious. Brandon warned that his page is in Zuckerberg’s crosshairs. It’s been tagged as a “political influence campaign.” God forbid, but should his page be shut down, it will be up to every one of us to get the word out and steer the Left to his website and share the Hell out of his video. 

Another casualty of Straka’s war-identity politics. 

Sorry ladies, but remember-this gorgeous guy is openly gay.

‘Course if you think you’re disappointed, imagine how Democrats feel as he crushes their divisive game of LGBT identity politics.

Why was he a Democrat? Simple answer. He’s gay. 

Brandon explained his turnaround to Fox News Insider. “I think that if you’re a minority in America … there’s sort of this assumption that you are not wanted on the right,” he said. He added that he believes the left takes minorities for granted and makes people feel that President Trump’s administration is looking to “hurt” them. “If you’re a minority, you have a choice.”

Democrats fight back with their rusty artillery.

Tactic #1: Cook up a new Discredit+Smear+Conspiracy Hoax!

Democrats scrambled to discredit both Brandon and his message with a disinformation campaign.  

RT reported that the Left is claiming that Brandon is really an in-the-closet Right wing operative- a hired gun actor reading a Conservative script. “The momentum generated by the campaign has caused some to suspect that it is the product of conservative spin masters, and Straka is nothing more than an actor, chosen to read the lines. The activist himself dismisses the allegations of “being hired by the Koch brothers” or conservative news site Breitbart as laughable, saying that he was behind the script “100 percent” and drew inspiration “from the passion that I feel in my heart for what I was saying.”

Tactic #2-Quick! Blame the Russians!

Democrats have watched helplessly as their voter base is drying up. Diamond and Silk’s Ditch and Switch Now, the “Black Exodus ” and Brandon’s #WalkAway movement are unplugging the hate-filled hairball that clogs the DC Swamp.

What’s a Party to do? Blame the Russians!

The BS-borscht-du-jour labels all those who #WalkAway—Russian bots. 

For example, the Leftist Daily Beast wrote a condescending hit piece that boldy states “he got a little help from bots” without offering a shred of evidence.

CNN didn’t bother to reach out to Brandon before indoctrinating their readers with the notion that his #WalkAway Campaign has been linked to Kremlin bots.  CNN bolstered their claim with a referral to an obscure website, Hamilton 68 that brands conservative publications such as Fox and Brietbart as “influenced by “Russians.” They stated as fact, “The purpose of this now-astroturf campaign is to manipulate public opinion by creating the illusion that this is a popular movement. In reality, #WalkAway has become pure propaganda, a psychological operation.”

Let’s forget that the movement is backed up by home made videos and other testimonials of real people who explain why they decided to #WalkAway from the Democrat Party. And let’s forget that by doing so they put their lives and the lives of their loved ones in danger of being attacked by the “tolerant” Left. 

Tactic #3-Unleash the Late Night Court Jesters!

Steven Colbert, whose career was tanking before selling his soul to the NWO agenda claimed that all the #WalkAway stories were recycled stock photos.

Oh the side-splitting hilarity!

One problem: Brandon already addressed the stock photos publicly. Oh well. Why let a little thing like truth get in the way? Shout out the “comedic” poison and whisper an apology later.

Tactic #4-Send teenybopper “Liberal” heartthrob David Hogg his script!

The Left’s noodle-armed Nazi may have reduced his 15 minutes to 13 with this childish Twitter rant insisting that #WalkAway is Russian propaganda.

The wannabe activist who “rode his bike as fast as he could” straight into an active school shooting,  hypnotized his subjects by repeating the programmed buzzwords.

He then cut right through pesky facts and declared that voting for any Republican opponent is actually voting for Russia. 

Poor Democrats:( Nothing seems to be working.

 What’s truly hilarious is that as “Liberal” bloggers and publications aim to discredit Brandon and his #WalkAway campaign, they’re forced to print every word he says and show his viral video, which only expands his reach. 

One historic movement leads to another. 

In response to the “bot” accusation, Brandon is preparing to launch another MOAB- a March in DC calling upon all those who #WalkedAway to march en masse in in our nation’s capital to prove we are not Russian bots. 

The March is in the works, so Brandon has not officially announced it yet. However, this could prove to be more historic than any march in our nation’s history. That is not to diminish MLK’s March in any way. However, since our nation is on the brink of a Globalist takeover, it’s safe to say that without Brandon’s March, MLK’s could be relegated to the NWO’s redacted and censored dustbin of history. 

The #WalkAway March on Washingon and other capitals would prove that #WalkAways are not Russian bots, but real people. Real people who have been slandered by Democrats and their Fakestream Media as gun-toting rednecks, hillbillies, Nazis, racists, homophobes, Islamaphobes and misogynists.

The March will blow apart MSM propaganda and shout a collective cry for peace and love  between Americans of all colors, ethnicities, genders, religions and sexual preferences We are united in our hearts and souls, and will not be divided by emotional arsonists. 

The March offers something else-a means to #WalkAway from hate.

Brandon states that even if people  haven’t left the Democrat Party, they can still  #WalkAway from the programmed hatefulness and divisiveness, violence and divisiveness and join hands with the rest of us to give peace a real chance.

Freedom isn’t free. 

With the 2018 elections looming and a nationwide #WalkAway March slated for the Fall, Democrats will be coming after Brandon, Republican candidates and the rest of us with everything they’ve got. 

One of Brandon’s Twitter followers, Pete Holmberg nailed it.

I don’t know what impresses me more, the fact that [@usmajority] made a video that was embraced by millions, or the fact that he spent ZERO dollars promoting it! The #WalkAway movement is the real thing. True movements aren’t contrived in conference rooms!”

That said, it still takes money to ensure that Brandon can fully devote his time to the #WalkAway movement and to get the March moving. The link to support these campaigns are listed below. 

Brandon was an aspiring actor. He is now an historic icon.

In general, all it takes for an actor or actress to be successful is some talent and a willingness to lay down his or her soul on the casting couch. Some become legendary, but all succumb to advancements in the film industry, the fickle whims of fans and the bane of inevitable aging. 

Brandon is poised to offer the world something far more important than a little entertainment to take our minds off the daily grind.

His #WalkAway campaign is the stuff that history is made of.

Brandon’s epiphany may very well deal the death blow to the Globalist Democrat Party that has set this country on fire.

He is truly a Real Great American, as he has launched the #WalkAway Campaign in spite of potentially sacrificing his own aspirations as an actor.

Since his video went viral, he’s stood up against the barrage of hateful attacks, including being refused to allow to make a purchase a at a local camera store. In a recent Tweet he confessed.”I’m not gonna lie- I do feel like I have to change my jogging route every day now to avoid being Arkancided.”

He certainly deserves a little effort on our part to give him a shout-out by scrolling down to use the comments section below this post (not just on FaceBook where he’ll never see it!) Don’t forget to share your WalkAway story with him and let him know if you’ll participate in the WalkAway March!

P.S. The link to financially support #WalkAway is listed below.


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Sponsor-Support one time through GoFundMe or a recurring amount on Patreon

#WalkAway store-has great stuff like mugs, hats and this tee shirt…

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