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Brandon Straka Launches #WalkAway March on Washington! Be There!

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#WalkAway Founder Brandon Straka formally announced the #WalkAway March on Washington!

Brandon Straka’s#WalkAway campaign has been an epic game-changer, earning him a well deserved place in our nation’s history. He’s taking it a step further with a #WalkAway March on Washington!

The March promises to be an unparalleled historic event. Yes. Unparalleled. Because if we don’t defeat the Open Borders Democrats, Martin Luther King’s March on Washington will have been for nothing and his Dream will sink into the mire of revamped history. 

UPDATE: There’s some live feeds on You Tube, but finding images of the March turnout is rough. Looks like MSM doesn’t want to touch this story and/or Google is burying it. Seriously-even when I type in WalkAway March today-or Fox News, nothing comes up. Got one from Breitbart. It’s already after 3PM CA time. They’ll probably cover it once they’ve figured out how to give it a negative spin. 

See full post “Media Blackout: Today’s #WalkAway March on Washington”

You can check out the live stream and FF as you wish on You Tube here…

Since we can’t rely on Demstream Media, thankfully one participant, “Mike Nificent” took this video that captures the crowd Walking Away here….

Here’s a video of last night’s gala. David Harris Jr. knocks it out of the park. Check it out here….

President Trump gave Brandon Straka a shout-out on Twitter. Tweet here…

The March will trample Democrats and their propaganda machine.

Brandon Straka is not only a Trump supporter and a burned-out Democrat, he’s openly gay, crushing the Democrats divisive tool of identity politics.

He tears down Democrat lies about Conservatives by affirming that we are a highly diverse and supportive community, bonded together with love for each other and our country.

His viral video inspired many Americans to #WalkAway from the Democrat Party and share their testimonials. 

Democrats are terrified of Brandon Straka. Solution? Lie and deny.

Democrats panicked when they saw their voter base #WalkingAway from their divisiveness, race-baiting and violence.

Counterpunch? Blame the Russians! Yes, they dismissed those who #WalkedAway as Russian bots. That’s right. Even when testimonials were on video. 

As Brandon pointed out, the Russian bot ploy is just another way to silence and censor. And he’s having no part of it. 

The #WalkAway March on Washington will turn over the DC swamp rock and shine the light of truth on wriggling Democrat maggots and their “journalists.” The March will expose their festering lies and hatred for our country and our citizens. 

Americans who are #WalkingAway are not bots. They are real Americans who are fed up with the Democrat agenda. 

Brandon explains on his WalkAway Campaign DC March GoFundMe account:

Today, July 10th, I made a major announcement that we are going to organize a nationwide #WalkAway March!!! This is a march to show the world that Americans will not be taken down by hate, lies, rage, division, hostility, and deceit. We will #WalkAway from all that divides us. This nationwide #WalkAway March will be a movement of peace and healing. Please help contribute to the success of this undertaking!!!

His GoFundMe account details the expenses of the #WalkAway Campaign DC March as well as ideas to fund-raise and volunteer. (link below)

View the full video of his formal announcement on Facebook here….

We cannot let the media scoff at a weak showing!

It has never been more true that there’s power in numbers!

Please do whatever you possibly can to be there-to be part of a collective force that will reveal the truth and bust the Russian bot spin!

It’s important to note that this experience is not about showing up for a fight. Hatred and violence is what the Left stands for. The powerful image of so many Americans making the decision to #WalkAway will inspire others to do the same. This March promises to be filled with more love and camaraderie than we ever thought possible.

Show them that we are not Russian bots. We are Americans. And many Americans are in fact,  #WalkingAway from the hate-filled American Globalist Party aka the Democrat Party. 

Details about the event

Talk about awesome-the March will begin at the DNC and end up in front of our nation’s capitol. Brandon stated that this route will have participants literallywalking away from the Democrat Party! Love it!

There will be constant updates about the rain or shine event-speakers, events, travel recommendations and the cost of the gala dinner and Sunday brunch on the new website There will also be updates on how to organize local events for those who cannot make the trip.

But here’s the scoop so far:

The timing:

It’s a weekend event from October 26-28. It’s no coincidence. Brandon openly admits that it was planned to “make a huge impact on those midterms that are coming up.”

The invitation on the #WalkAway March website states:

Arrive on Friday, October 26th and have dinner with us. We’ll have the March and rally on DC on Saturday, October 27th, and have brunch on Sunday, October 28th.

In the Facebook video announcing the March, Brandon emphasizes that if you can’t make it for the full weekend, the most important day to be there will be on Saturday for the actual March (normally just about a 20 minute walk) that will be followed by a rally. 

Speakers TBA

The event will feature some high-powered Conservative speakers. Although they’ve already affirmed they’ll be a part of it, Brandon wisely stated that until they’ve “signed on the dotted line” he’ll wait to announce. Follow him on social media and bookmark his website for updates. (links below) 

How to contribute
  • Download Gary Humble’s amazing song-I’m an American. 

Gary Humble has promised to donate a large portion of the proceeds from his song to the #WalkAway Campaign. He goes solo on the facebook announcement video, but you’ve got to hear it with the back-up music in all it’s glory. To hear a sample and pay just $1.29 for a download click here now….

  • Volunteer

Brandon says he’s going to need loads of volunteers.Keep checking for updates to find out how you can help. 

  • Shop!

When you buy assorted merchandise, such as mugs, tees, or a hat, you not only get some cool stuff, profits will fund the campaign and the March. Links are below and are listed on the Buy Real Great American business directory.

As Brandon pointed out, if you plan to be part of the March you’ll want to be wearing your #WalkAway gear. He’s fully aware that October will probably be chilly, so there’ll be long sleeve tees and cozy hoodies available soon. 

  • Donate

You can imagine that putting together an event this big is going to cost a ton of money. Please donate whatever you can. Different options are listed below. 

  • Share share share share share this event to infinity!!!

Let everyone know about this event asap! It’s essential that the showing for this March is UGE! 

  • Keep checking in

Remember, the new #WalkAway March website will offer all kinds of updates and new merch.

  • Plan your trip now!

Make it happen. Commit. Get best deals on advanced reservations. Get your friends and family to do the same. 

  •  Share your ideas!

If you have input on best deals for accommodations, or group travel ideas, pleasedon’t just comment on Facebook. Scroll down below this article and use the comments section so people outside your Facebook group can benefit. Thx:)  

Like Real Great Americans/IMowired on Facebook!

Sources and Links

WalkAwayCampaign-Brandon’s website

#WalkAway March website

You Tube-subscribe to his channel

Twitter-Brandon’s Twitter page



Facebook-full video of #WalkAway March announcement

Sponsor-through #WalkAway website


Patreon: set up a one time or recurring amount

#WalkAway store-has great stuff like mugs, hats and tee shirts

Download Gary Humble’s “I’m an American” song (just a little over a dollar)

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