There is new evidence that the CIA may have had a hand in forging Obama’s long form birth certificate.

After a tireless investigation, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the head of his team, Michael Zullo held a press conference in December of last year and tore  Obama’s long form birth certificate to shreds.

Arpaio and Zullo presented “nine points  of forgery” (video link below) that indicated that the document was as phony as the 3 dollar bill President himself.

Time save alert: If you’re a birther, this is amazing news. If you’re a birther-scoffer you’ll hate it. Also-IMOwired generally links to credible sources, but  when something is breaking and/or MSM won’t touch it but it is IMO important info, I share it with transparency. For this post the primary link is Infowars. 

During the Fox 10 Phoenix presentation of Obama’s long form birth certificate Arapaio  discussed multiple disparities. However, IMO the most compelling point is that elements of the document can be moved around using a computer. That can only mean one thing. The document was computer generated and built in layers. A paper document would not allow that. 

In a  stunning new development, Infowars reports that Arpaio’s team learned that the “CIA and/or other government entities illegally hacked into Hawaii Department of Health records searching for birth records on Barack Obama.”

Revelations reported are as follows:

  • The breaches began in November 14th, 2008 shortly after he won the election.
  • The breaches ended on January 12, 2001-3 months before the White House finally released the long form certificate.
  • Sheriff Arapaio’s investigative group received hard drives from NSA whistle-blower Dennis Montgomery that contained information regarding hacks involving Obama’s birth certificate.
  • The evidence was collected from the NSA and was contained in the hard drive that would be presented before a Federal Court. Montgomery’s lawyer is Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch, formerly of Judicial Watch. 
  • Arapaio and  Zullo examined the evidence that Montgomery handed over to them and identified multiple breaches into the Hawaii Department of Health records. Due to the start-stop timing of the search it indicates that the hacking was in response to public pressure to present the long form birth certificate.  
  • The hacking trail showed data ping-ponging between Hawaii and Jarkarta, Indonesia. In viewing the IP address, Montgomery claims that the server in Indonesia was operated by the CIA at the time of the breaches.  
Seems pretty compelling.

The Left depends on people backing down from asking questions or demanding what is rightfully ours-like the proper paperwork needed to run for President. Meanwhile, most of us have to furnish proper paperwork and often submit urine samples for our new jobs.

Ridicule is a powerful weapon. The Left has been wielding that weapon with brute force via their Globalist comedic hacks and shaming people through name-calling. The derogatory name “birthers” spoken with scorn has been very effective. 

When Hillary’s campaign started the birther controversy, it was business as usual. The Left has been masterful at pinning the right-wing nutcase “birther”  label on Trump and Trump supporters while instilling amnesia on the Hillbot population. 

Ridicule is the least of our worries with the NWO demons.

Those who have dared cross NWO operatives end up in body bags-the subject of more “conspiracy theories.” They may become targets of political assassinations such as the Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax or the Pink Hat Coup. Some were targets of Obama’s weaponized IRS.

Sheriff Arpaio paid a huge price for going up against Obama. 

As Fox reported, “Arpaio was convicted by a federal judge in July of criminal contempt after being charged with violating a court order that attempted to prevent suspected illegal immigrants from being targeted by the sheriff’s traffic patrols.” He was denied his right to a jury by trial under the 6th amendment. 

Arpaio was not only convicted of contempt, he was labelled a racist for allegedly targeting Hispanics, even though he has two grandkids that are Hispanic. 

Thankfully, in spite of enormous backlash, President Trump pardoned Sheriff Joe before he was to begin his 6 month jail term. 

Arpaio is still being ridiculed for having the silly idea that his conviction had anything to do with Obama targeting him. 

Jame Fotis of Fox News was not afraid to call it out. “Arpaio’s case has been politically motivated from the beginning, when the Obama administration’s Department of Justice filed misdemeanor charges against him a mere two weeks before the election, contributing to Arpaio’s loss in his reelection bid.”

“Question authority.”

“Question authority.”Remember that popular saying attributed to the Doctor of LSD Timothy Leary? It’s been said it actually originated with Ben Franklin. 

Point is, somewhere along the line Hillbots decided they wanted to emulate or re-live the “flower child” era. But it’s all for show. They’re desperate to appear cool.

They miss the point that the 60’s was all about being anti-Establishment. Today’s Hillbots worship the Establishment.

The last thing they want is to  do is “expand their mind” by inviting debate and listening to other points of view. Today’s word and thought police ditch “peace and love” for mentally deranged shrieks and flame-throwing violence the second they’re triggered. They fight on behalf of everything they claim to hate. 

We always need to “question authority” even if it means we’ll be laughed at.

Until a document is presented that is NOT a forgery, we have every right to question Obama’s citizenship. 

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