The self appointed maven of “fake news” plans to run for President in 2020!

An interesting candidate. Not unlike others with a seriously sketchy background. This shiny faced young globalist totally betrayed his users!

People entered the platform with the understanding that it was free in both monetary and expressive terms.

Businesses invested untold amounts of time, energy, money and manpower creating a social following on facebook. As time progressed, the rules of the game changed. The feed changed. It became “pay for play.” Businesses were forced to pay for advertising or  “boosts” in order to reach their customers.

Individuals also invested their time and energy reconnecting with friends and making new “friends.” They began with the understanding that they were free to enjoy our first amendment. There were safeguards in place. Criminal activity could be reported. Unsavory characters could be un-followed or blocked.

But he allegedly screwed his friend and co-founder Eduardo Saverin out of his share of the face book fortune, so why would he care about a bunch of strangers aka “friends?”  Globalists are not known for having a sense of fair play. Or a soul.

Then the facebook party took a baaad turn.

Mark Z became the drunken host who kicked his guests out if they didn’t side with his political opinions. He was busted for censoring posts and streams that leaned to the right of the political spectrum.  Ironically he was also accused of helping Trump to win the election. His new masters were not amused.

Like the globalist court jesters in Hollywood, he turned on the very people who created his massive amounts of wealth. He kicked them  to the curb if they had a different opinion than his own.

To make matters worse, he partnered with Google to be the judge and jury of “fake news.” The overlords of Americans’ right to express themselves.

Google tinkers with filters and search words. They ban advertising on certain sites that they deem “fake.” There’s many complaints that You Tubers are being suppressed or shut down entirely.  And in case you’ve been bedridden with your cable shut off, they’re  in a rush to block anything that has to do with “Pizzagate.”

Their pals at Twitter are following suit with censorship and the globalist agenda. They’ll allow ISIS to post all the hate they want, but people who report terrorists are banned! People who lean to the right politically or who love our President-Elect could also be shut down.

So for fascist lefties who cry out for Communism, Mark Zuckerberg could well be their favorite candidate. But let’s face it-Kanye is a lot more likable.

Anyway, once Trump makes America great again, it will amount to nothing more than a narcissistic pipedream. Eventually, like Hillary, this kid will realize that you can’t have/buy everything.

This is the danger of monopolies.

With no other similar platform in place,  businesses and individuals just sucked it up.

Fortunately there are some new alternatives out to replace  fascist social media sites. Here are some that people are opting for. It’ll take time to build, but seems like a worthy investment, since their goal is to uphold our first amendment.

You Tube Replacement


Face Book Replacement



Twitter Replacement


Google Replacement



Do you know of others that you’d like to add?  Please comment below!  And let’s share this with others who are hungry for freedom-supporting alternatives!