For some reason this story hasn’t made it into mainstream headlines yet. Republican Omar Navarro’s body guard was stabbed nine times after a political event!

Republican Omar Navarro is running against race-baiting Trump-hating Maxine Waters. He must be doing something right to have provoked a violent attack. Tony Foreman, Navarro’s body guard was stabbed 9 times by two thugs.

Note: Since I broke this story it’s gaining traction in the media. Infowars and Gateway Pundit are running with it. We have to wonder why it’s being buried or ignored? Updates as they happen….see latest below.

They’re now in jail with on a million dollar bail.

It is unclear if the attack was motivated by Tony Foreman’s affiliation with Pro-Trump Navarro, or simply because he’s white. Or both.

This urgent tweet is from Omar Navarro’s verified Twitter account.

It was followed by this tweet and pic…

More information was found on The Red Elephants and a “Wesearchr” post to raise funds for Foreman’s medical expenses:
  • The attack occurred Saturday, June 17, 2017 in Santa Monica, California.
  • Foreman is an Oathkeeper, and proud pro-Trump patriot.
  • Antonio “Tony” Foreman was almost stabbed to death by two Armenians, who called him a “cracker”.
  • Foreman was stabbed a total of 9 times .
  • The last thing Tony heard before he blacked out was “You’re getting the shank, white boy.”
  • Tony had just left a bar in Santa Monica, where he was celebrating a day of successful pro-Trump activism in Los Angeles.
  • The police detective in charge of the case believes that the attack was “racially motivated.”
  • The attackers have been arrested and are in jail. Bail set at a million dollars.
  • Foreman may need more surgery — he already had a 12-hour intensive operation – as well as rehabilitation. He has no medical insurance.
Navarro is no stranger to being targeted by Leftist terrorists.

As stated on his website,

“On February 28th Omar, a Latino Trump Supporter, was himself attacked, yelled at through a bullhorn and called an “immigrant cracker” by protesters at a Cudahy Town Hall calling for Cudahy to be a Sanctuary City.”

The violence from the Left must be addressed. It is time to call them out for what they are. Domestic terrorists.

As more info comes in, this post will be updated.

This is the link to Tony Foreman’s fundraiser on  WeSearchr

Prayers for a speedy recovery for Omar Navarro’s friend and bodyguard, Tony.

Update as promised.

Looks like Tony Foreman is awake and feeling better. This recent tweet from Omar Narro’s verified Twitter account shows him visiting Tony in the hospital.

OK FINALLY! The story is making it into MSM.

Omar Navarro speaks to Fox5LA

Update as promised.

Unfortunately this is a blood boiling update.

B-list actor Seth Rogen mocked Tony Foreman as he lie in the hospital after being stabbed 9 times because of his political beliefs.

Supposedly the “joke” is because spoiled rotten Seth Rogen thinks it’s funny that Foreman can’t afford health insurance. The elitist snot aligns with the Party that feigns compassion for people who are struggling, but if they’re white, there hearts turn to stone. If they’re Trump supporters they literally hope you die.

This is disgusting. The Left is SICK. Spoiled Hollywood “Liberals” are SICK.

Best update yet! Tony is getting better!

Praying for a full and speedy recovery for Tony Foreman!


Omar Navarro website

Omar Navarro verified twitter account.


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