There’s a breaking Seth Rich update that could shed some more light on his assassination and could end the Russian hacking scam for good!

This new Seth Rich update could totally rock the world.  An IT expert who uses the name “The Forensicator”  has concluded that the DNC files could not possibly have been downloaded from a remote location-such as Russia.

The expert concluded that the speed of the download indicated that it was too fast to be anything but local.

It could not have been Romania. It could not have been Macedonia. It could not have been Russia.

As always promised, I strive to offer commentary with sources and links to traditional, credible news sources. When none is available there is transparency.  This information is breaking-as in groundbreaking. It seemed worth posting. Those who follow the Seth Rich story will understand.

The following bullet points break down all the updates as reported in the Gateway Pundit
  • The documents were copied on July 5th-5 days before Seth Rich was murdered.
  • The speed of transfer makes it inconceivable that the DNC docs could have been copied from such remote locations such as Russia.
  • The calculated transfer speeds for the initial copy were too fast to be supported by a remote internet connection. The transfer speeds indicate a local (LAN) network was used.
  • This completely discredits both Guccifer 2.0 and Crowdstrike’s report alleging Russian hacking. (As you recall Guccifer 2.0 pubished the files under the title “NGP-VAN.”  Crowdstrike was the company (with ties to Russia) that was “allowed” to view the DNC computers. The FBI and the CIA were not allowed to access the computers. They backed off and allowed this 3rd party company to investigate the matter and file a report.
  • This local download speed coupled with the use of a USB drive indicates that the person copying the files had physical access to a computer connected to the local DNC network.
  • The use of the USB drive left evidence of a time stamp-placing the creation of the copies in the East Coast Time Zone.
  • The USB time zone stamp indicates that the person who copied the files was located in the Eastern US-not Russia.

Note-The Gateway Pundit also mentioned receiving an odd email from a “White Rabbit” who posted many torrent links to what” may be a big smoking Gun re: DNC hack/Russia, etc.” However, when I checked it out on Twitter one person said the links contain viruses. So that will need to be weeded out. Will update.

This could blow the lid of the Russian hacking hoax.

Hillary and her DNC thugs must be freaking.

It’s a crazy world today. We’ve got indie journalists and investigative reporters out there doing what highly paid “journalists” should be doing. We’ve got indie investigators doing what law enforcement ought to do.

Instead, the puppet professionals shut down and bury investigations.

It’s a bit early to see if any of this info pans out, but  it is hard to dispute that these are well researched observations and logical conclusions.

Why didn’t the FBI or CIA notice these aberrations?

Oh that’s right. They weren’t allowed  access to the DNC computers.

The thugs at the DNC like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and John Podesta didn’t let them  inspect the “hacked” computers. Our top intelligence agencies meekly backed off and put political criminals  in charge of our national security.

Today is the anniversary of Seth Rich’s brutal assassination. May he rest in peace. Praying that his murderers will be brought to justice.

What do you think of these findings? Comment below!


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