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Browder Funneled $400 Million from Russia to Hillary? Did Putin Lie?

The Left is setting the internet on fire with the hysteria-du-jour-the Trump/Putin summit.

The sky fell again when President Trump met with President Putin.

By averting nuclear war and negotiating peace and better trade deals, President Trump is not only unpatriotic, he’s guilty of treason!

Because President Trump demanded to see the “hacked” server that’s gone missing and didn’t blindly embrace our intelligence agencies who’ve consistently obstructed justice, lied under oath,and likely conspired to rig an election and launch a coup. it’s time to dust off the call for impeachment! 

But who are these people who cry treason?

Aren’t these the same people who cry for open borders, aim to abolish ICE, and destroy our great cities by offering sanctuary to illegal aliens, drug smugglers, human traffickers, MS-13 and terrorists?

Aren’t these the same people who worship Obama who told outgoing President Dmitry Medvedev that he’d “have more flexibility after the election?” 

Aren’t these the same people who idolize Obama and Hillary who created, armed and funded ISIS? 

Aren’t these the same people who didn’t bat an eye when Hillary gave Russia 20% of our uranium in exchange for Bill’s speaking fee and $2.3 million dollars donation to the Clinton Foundation?

Did President Putin “lie” about Hillary?

The Leftstream Media was quick to debunk President Putin’s MOAB claim that Bill Browder, Co-founder and CEO of Hermitage Capital, funneled $400 million dollars from Russia into the Hillary campaign. 

The Washington Post implied that perhaps V.Putin was playing chess with President Trump.

The WaPo claims that Putin mentioned Browder, to call attention to the infamous Trump Tower meeting when Don Jr. met with Kremlin-linked lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya to learn about dirt the Russians had on Hillary. The meeting veered into the topic of adoptions and the Magnitsky Act which passed to retaliate for the murder of  whistle-blower Sergei Magnitsky.

Bill Browder, Magnitsky’s business associate,  was instrumental in funding the act which imposed sanctions on those believed to be responsible for Magnitsky’s murder. Russia retaliated by banning US-Russia adoptions. 

MSM and Bill Browder claim that Putin’s accusation is a big fat lie. That Hillary never received $400 million from Browder or anyone else. 

According to WaPo, Putin’s reference to Bill Browder is a winky-wink to the American public, to let everyone know that President Trump was eager to work with Russians during the election. 

Browder rails back that a Putin associate profited from the financial fraud that Magnitsky uncovered and therefore Putin should be questioned. So why would Putin put himself in that position?  

So it seems that would negate the WaPo theory. 

But the other connection could tip the scales back in favor of President Trump

Bill Browder whined that Fusion GPS was hired to do a smear campaign on him. The person who contracted Fusion GPS for his smear campaign is the same lawyer who tried to set up Don Jr. in the Trump Tower meeting.

Is that another reason Putin may have brought him up? Fusion GPS is the same company contracted by Perkins Coie to run a smear campaign on President Trump. Fusion GPS contracted foreign agents in Britain and Russia to create the phony Pee Pee Dossier to interfere with a US election. 

But we’re supposed to believe that Putin’s statement indicates that Trump colludes with Russia? 

Could there be another explanation? Could Putin simply be telling the truth? 

What would Putin stand to gain by collaborating in the destruction of President Trump at this point? Does he believe Mike Pence would sell us out?

Wouldn’t it be funny if President Putin was right about Browder donating $400 million to Hillary?

Why would he lie about such a thing in front of the entire world? Would he want to look stupid or untrustworthy?

Would Hillary be so stupid as to log $400 million dollars directly into the books? Has no one heard of money laundering and offshore accounts? 

Is it time to follow the money again? 

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