MSM is gleefully touting the Profiling “Project” report about Seth Rich. You have to wonder why.

A group of students from George Washington University calling themselves the “Profiling Project” analyzed the cold criminal case of Seth Rich’s murder. They believe the murder was not a botched robbery. Aaah-validation! Oddly enough, the mainstream media is thrilled with the “Profiling Project” report about Seth Rich.

Departing from their usual  MO to bury any report about his murder, the MSM cherry-picked this report and blasted it with bold headlines.

It’s easy to see why.

MSM anoints these college kids as the go-to Seth Rich experts.

Check out the cred they’re getting from ABC News in the video below.

Note how Scott Taylor dismisses all investigative work done up until this point as “all the talk of conspiracy..” He also boldly states that “The Profiling Project is really the only entity out there, other than the police themselves that are conducting any kind of evidence-based investigation. And I have said from the start that the only thing we will follow is the evidence.”

Yet isn’t it odd that as reported in The Daily Caller,  the “Profiling Project “received no special access to any materials, evidence or persons and due to case sensitivity, conducted only informal, limited interviews. The bulk of [their] report is based on statistics, prior research and Logos.”

Page 10 of 45 in the PP report stated that they “did not have access to police or lab or medical examiner records. ”

So pretty much the same evidence the citizen investigators relied on.

It wasn’t just MSM that picked up the story without careful examination.

Breitbart, Daily Caller and other Right-leaning media reported on the Profiling Project with no level of skepticism implied. IMO they were blinded by the joy of having Seth Rich’s murder taken out of the “robbery gone bad”  BS file.

Headlines everywhere tout “Independent Report.” What is that supposed to mean? Outside of law enforcement all the indie investigators were independent.

The report states the following:
  • It was not a robbery gone bad.
  • His murder was not a random homicide.
  • It was probably the work of a serial killer or a hired killer.
  • Seth’s killer is out there still, roaming the streets.
  • The group found another surveillance camera that pointed to the scene of the crime.
  • Best for last?  Breitbart reported, edited for emphasis) “These factors lead the team to conclude that the theory of Seth Rich’s murder as a “random robbery gone bad” is “not likely.”  They also conclude that other theories of his murder, including “Killed by Clinton Directions,” “Killed for Leaking DNC Documents to Wiki-Leaks,” and “A Hit Team” are also unlikely.”


Well how ’bout that. The whole DNC angle is off the table.

Move along folks. Nothing to see. We’ll take it from here. Trust us.

What the report left out.


One of the key elements in any crime is the motive. The motive for the DNC to murder Seth Rich because he leaked the Hillary-damning emails that led to the Wikileaks dump is powerful and compelling.

Donna Brazile.-Chair of the DNC. Her attempt to interfere with the investigation is highly suspicious and hammers home the DNC/Wikileaks motive angle.

Brad Baumann. His ties to the DNC as damage control spinmeister coupled with his bully approach to shut down all investigations is also suspect.


The report cites an investigative technique attributed to James McNamara that says that everyone has 3 lives. A public, a personal and a secret life. The PP claims they could not access Seth Rich’s secret life. Which of course, would be of vital importance to shut down “conspiracy theorists” tying him to Wikileaks.

The report bemoans the tech-based obstacles.  Seth Rich’s Twitter and Facebook accounts were deleted, so they don’t have access into the window of his “secret life.”

That’s an odd wall to submit to. Unless they plan to investigate those accounts more in the future, because they may be discover-able.*

For one, they can at least try to access archives and other information by contacting those social media platforms.*  Although those platforms only retain posts for a limited time, it’s worth a shot. Plus Twitter “made every public tweet findable.” The process of scrubbing them is laborious and could leave a trail to the scrubber.

As much as they’d like to believe/pretend that once something has been “deleted” from the internet it’s gone forever, any decent geek worth his or her salt will tell you otherwise. An article from Make Use Of claims that “nothing gets deleted from the internet, ever.” There’s got to be a way.

Funny that the report mentions the social media accounts but neglected to mention anything about the missing laptop* that was said to contain evidence of communications with Wikileaks. Surely, that would be the ultimate window into Seth Rich’s secret life.

Investigate the “investigators.”

Jack Burkman is heading the group. He had offered a $105,000 reward to find Seth Rich’s murderer.

According to The Publicity Agency he is “a leader and organizer of the anti-Trump movement.” He’s also a DC insider. He’s founder and president of JM Burkman & Associates, LLC  (the #1 lobbying firm in DC).

In March of 2017  Fox5 reported that Jack Burkman  Said that the “murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich is linked to Russian operatives.”  

Fox 5 reported (edited for emphasis)

“A republican lobbyist says he has new evidence that links the murder of a Democratic National Committee staffer to Russian operatives. …

I was approached by a guy who styles himself as a former U.S. Intel officer. I quizzed him. I think he’s credible-you never know the motive of people. But what he said is basically this-that Seth Rich discovered that the Russians had been hacking and therefore the Russian government did away with Seth.”

Hmmm. Unnamed source. Blame Russians.

Thing is-we now know that the government-and the DNC knew about Russian hacking back in March of 2016. So either Burkman was being naive by swallowing this Russian spy novel story or he was helping to feed a new narrative to the public to explain away Rich’s obvious murder. And blame the Russians.

Jack Burkman also provided a new excuse to explain why the DC police weren’t forthcoming. He claimed they’re afraid the murder investigation will hurt the DC Mayor’s bid for reelection.

He also made an odd claim that the DC police were much more cooperative when Donna Brazile was still DNC Chairwoman even though it was Brazile who pressured PI Rod Wheeler to stop “snooping around.”

What are the investigators’ credentials?

That they’re students and alumni of George Washington University?

GWU is described as Liberal and “hostile to conservatives.” One student in a college forum stated, “It is so very liberal. If you are even leaning moderately I would think twice about this school. Actually, it is so leftist Communism, Socialism, and even Anarchism are taught and praised in many of its classes.”

Soros spends 400 million in colleges and universities across the US. We’ve seen what has become of our college swamps.  Soros had given a number of grants to GWU through his Open Societies Foundation. In 2002-$96,000. In  2011-$250,00. In 2012-$200,000.In 2011 The Open Society Institute held a conference specifically for GWU.

I dunno. Can this report really be considered “independent?” 

The Serial Killer theory makes zero sense.

Where’s the pattern? Oh yeah. There isn’t one. 

P.13 of 45 makes a wild jump that the offender may be a serial killer based solely on the signs that the killer had killed before.

P.18 of 45 states that Seth Rich did not fit  the profile of other DC murders because he was white.

They further state that “As one of only a very few non-African descent victims in 2016, Seth’s homicide was clearly different than the bulk of 2016 homicides.

But let’s say it was a serial killer anyway.

Oddities and inconsistencies.

The report states ( p.11 of 45) that the killer likely used an unregistered firearm but that the scene was “sanitized” and no bullet casings were found. If the gun wasn’t registered why would the killer(s) stick around to pick up the casings? How would an entire crime scene be “sanitized?” (The report later states that the offender may have used a traceable weapon. (P.12 of 45)

P.14 of 45 poses the question, “Did the offender choose the scene to minimize the chances of being disturbed? And answers “Probably not. Crime appears to have happened in the middle of the street.” Seems like that would contradict the idea of a serial killer who planned a murder in advance.

P.14 of 45 states that the offender planned a murder since the offender brought a gun to the scene. It then states that the victim’s routine probably did not account for the crime. So that would  flip flop back to randomness and sloppiness.

P. 24 of 45 states “No theory presented is supported by data, prior research or logos.” How is that superior to “conspiracy theories?”

P. 26 of 45 provided a clever way for the investigators to sandwich in a  DNC-connected disclaimer. In seeking to conclude if Seth may have provoked his own murder in reaction to a robbery, the metaphor to reach the  answer”NO” is  interesting. They state, “Seth’s father Joel Rich sheds some light on how Seth most-likely would have behaved when confronted by a robber when Joel notes, “Seth would not go outside the system” when asked if Seth had leaked DNC materials.”

What they’re reaching for is that if you’re being robbed it’s “in the system” not to resist. They conclude that Seth did not resist because his father said his son wouldn’t go outside the system  to leak dirty DNC secrets to Wikileaks…

Whatever it was, it had nothing to do with the DNC!

P.28 of 45 addresses the theory “Killed for Leaking DNC Documents to Wiki-leaks”

They threw the DNC connection out the window based on the fact that Seth Rich did not die at the scene. They cite that if DNC/Wikileaks were the motive, it would have involved a professional hit man. And they conclude that  no professional would accidentally leave their target alive.

They also state that in order to totally close out that theory they’ll need toxicology reports to confirm that Seth was drugged, which according to them, would mean it was a professional hit.

Really? Are all victims of professional hits drugged first? Never heard that one.

P.29 of 45 addresses the theory “Killed by Clinton directions (Clinton Death list) for leaking DNC documents to Wiki-leaks”

They use the  same reason for canning that theory as the one above. Lousy hitman, no evidence of drugging available.

The theory on p 29 of 45. “A  Hit Team.” Again-lousy hitman, no evidence of drugging available.

P. 30 of 45. “The Russians Did It.”  Lousy hitman. No evidence of drugging available.

It’s interesting to note that the date of that Russian  report was June 20, 2017. The Russian/hacking/collusion hoaxes had crumbled by then.

Another question “answered.”

P. 32 of 45 offers a reason for the improper investigation of the crime scene.

Although Seth was shot twice in the back-his injuries didn’t seem all that serious or life threatening, so he “was not urgently transported to a hospital.”

Responders say Seth didn’t even know he was shot. Huh. But the responders knew he was shot. Don’t people who are shot twice in the back normally get urgently transported  to the hospital?  That’s not comforting.

They also say that because Seth wasn’t dead yet, the area was not treated as a crime scene as it normally would be, according to standard procedures.

OK. So he was shot twice in the back. He was still alive. He was leisurely driven to the hospital. So the location was not considered to be a crime scene.

That is convenient. But puzzling too. If it wasn’t treated as a crime scene, how did they reach the conclusion that the crime scene had been sanitized? 

Brad Bauman

Why isn’t Brad Bauman throwing a major fit over the “Profiling Project?”

According to Burkman, when he was setting up a reward to solve Seth Rich’s murder, Bauman had been attacking him to the point where he was going to get a “cease and desist” order. But Bauman’s response to this report seems a bit mild.

Newsweek reported,

Bauman, the family representative, says, “The family hopes that the general public takes the findings at face value—valuable experience in research collection and report writing for students at George Washington University—but in no way should [it] take any findings contained within as new, credible or otherwise lending credence to conspiracy theories surrounding the circumstances of Seth’s death.”

What happened to the ol’ Brad Bauman who was angrily blasting others for investigating Seth Rich’s murder?

According to UK Daily Mail, it was Bauman who axed  family PI Rod Wheeler out of the investigation. Wheeler had created a major stir when he said that a police insider told him that he had seen emails to Wikileaks on Seth Rich’s laptop. He sent Wheeler “a cease and desist letter threatening legal action.” Wheeler recanted.

What happened to the message that the Rich family was furious with anyone who wanted to help to find and bring their son’s murderer to justice?

P .35 of 45 speaks about “re victimization.” Many people were puzzled that once Brad Baumann arrived on the scene the family didn’t want to receive whatever help they could get. But beyond that- a new  guilt-trip-the  “re victimization” card was played to shut down anyone seeking answers. Even Sean Hannity.

But since when does a murder investigation get shut down  because it’s upsetting the family members of the deceased?

The propaganda machine must be thrilled

The report points the finger away from the Hillary campaign. It provides cover for the DC police. The indie investigators and journalists are discredited and told to go back in their corner. And now that the Russian hoax has crumbled it provides feigned ridicule for that theory (that Burkman had touted as early as last March).

The University-approved branding discredits all the indie journalists and citizen investigators who have been working tirelessly to do the work of paid professionals and to seek justice for Seth Rich. Now their conclusions can be chalked up to being  politicized “amateurs” or “kooks.”

Disclaimer time. 

It’s not the intent here to totally trash the Profiling Project. I’m lying-it is. But maybe I’m totally wrong.

Maybe they’ll do a great job. Maybe they’ll find the missing surveillance tapes and find out who’s been deleting Seth Rich’s social media accounts. Maybe they can explain who deleted Seth Rich’s Panda4 Progress Twitter account and how Kim Dotcom knew that Seth went by the moniker “Panda.”

All I’m saying is that we can’t afford to be naive. We have to keep thinking for ourselves and keep investigating. 

MSM and the DNC desperately need a way to explain away Seth Rich’s murder. No one is buying the “robbery gone bad” spin. And the story is not  going away.

So it has to be acknowledged. But only to a point. Admit that it’s real, but discredit everything else. Send people on a wild  goose chase-directed as far away from the DNC, Wikileaks, and the Russian/Collusion cover up hoax as possible.

You can tell how I feel about this report. What do you think? Comment below!

*I may have missed the info in the report and/or may not know what their future plans are for following through.

PS. I’m in good health and am not going to commit suicide.


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